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  1. IGN: Lake Disappointment Challenges: Process: Finished design~!! Lake: Feeling Cute Might Kill Something Ari: Your party is dying Lake: Shhhhh this is about me not them
  2. IGN: Lake Disappointment IGN: Sans J Undertale @Bazinga Story: Fight Me Original Screenshot:
  3. Thank you GMs and Congrats to the other winners~! I look forward to future contests ❤
  4. Lake Disappointment First up: a tour from our favourite band the Monastery in Disguise~ And some Puddles with their fans~ And finally, the photographer, Lake Disappointment himself! Now for the original shots
  5. My one and only for the month!! Ign: Lake Disappointment challenges: Mikzie (TamTam witch but I guess it's hard to see. Its ok if that don't count c:) Haziel (Orange, Blue, Black, Orange, White of different shades. Colours also attached)
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