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  1. En Taro Adun

    Returning Player

    What class do you want to play as?
  2. En Taro Adun

    Where can I level?

    Try Stings or Stalactic Golems(claymore trapping). Both good drops, but claymore is more fun to do, for me at least.
  3. En Taro Adun

    Submit review for a chance to win something

    I think it would motivate players to submit reviews if they can have a chance to win something in-game. E.g. One forum account entry can be sent for a weekly draw for a chance to win something like costume headgears, talon coins, etc.
  4. En Taro Adun

    GM Event Calendar

    Just a suggestion if we can have a calendar that shows schedule of GM Events (e.g. MVP vs MVP). I would definitely log in even if its early morning for MVP vs MVP