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  1. B> Sigrun mid [0]/[1]/[BK]

    B> Sigrun mid [0]/[1]/[BK] Pm offer
  2. Is this a good SinX DD build?

    More or less http://prntscr.com/gstk2v
  3. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

    Last ring ==>> Help !
  4. Is this a good SinX DD build?

    For fun, killed quickly Maya why not but otherwise I don't find it very profitable to use 1 EDP (75k) to win an Elunium (10k).
  5. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

    Up Up Up
  6. Restriction merc in Hugel

    It really gets anything to Hugel with the merchants. Can you expand the restricted area? thx
  7. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

    still 2 mp me
  8. Time on chat

    The GM's can't modify chat
  9. Weapons for AD

    From memory I had an enchanted Byeollungum
  10. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

  11. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

    Up! Need 4
  12. TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Hello Talonians, Aperitif - Puppa fried Makes: 3-4 servings Prep: 5 mins Cook: 35 mins Ingredients: - 100gr mozzarella - 10 slice of bacon - 1 turkey breast - 1 puff pastry - 1 egg yolk Directions : Step 1 Stretch the puff pastry on a table (if possible bigger than the pastry) then curve two big rectangular (you are free to change the shape) it should be big enough to contain the mozzarella. Super impose them to make a chausson. With a fork (or fingers for students which cannot afford a fork … ‘ve been there, no shame) try to create a big ravioli or chausson and check that it is properly closed. Transform the chausson in super sayan mode with the egg yolk. Step 2 First visit in the oven for15 minutes in grill mode at 200°C in order to get a crispy shell, be careful to not burn it like your skin on the beach! After ward cover it with the thin slices of bacon that you prepared. Second round in the oven for about 20 minutes (200°C in convection mode if possible) Hop, Good job! Bonne dégustation on a terrace or on the beach with your friends, and do not forget to give a try to the coming cocktail. Paupers Cocktail (Dex-3, Int-2, STUN, SLEEP) New cockail available in September patch that will offer IRL effect of alcohol excess: - Lime - Gin - Soda - Schweppes agrum - Sirup or peach/abricot liquor Spicy Peco Peco clafoutis : Makes: 4-6 servings Prep: 20 mins Cook: 1 hour Ingredients: - 1 carrot for decoration purpose - 25cl milk - 40cl whipped cream (not sweet) - 6 eggs - 2 heavily spicy chorizo - 4 chicories/endive - Pepper - Breadcrumb cloating - Optional : Butter the dish Directions : Step 1 Cut the chorizo in small slices Cut the chicories in a small piece (it should not be bigger than the chorizo) Meanwhile in a salad bowl, mix together 6 eggs , 25cl of milk then add the whipped cream and some pepper Step 2 -Deploy the chicories in the bottom of the dish like a fluffy bed then add the chorizos on top of it. Once done you can pour the wonderful mixture you prepared. Step 3 For the final touch, sprinkle some breadcrust on top of your dish in order to obtain a crispyring result A table ! Et bon appétit! Dracula smoothie : Ingrédients : - Raspberry - Blueberry By Epiz'
  13. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

    Need still 5 !
  14. SinX stat build and gears PLS HELP :)

    I saw that you have base of SinX stuff, it's a good point! Two options are available to you in SinX: The first one, you really choose to play katar and there you'll have to change your headgears and weapons. The rest is good. You have to aim in headgear: the Valk helm [Gryphon] and mid agi+ 1 [Gryphon] so at the beginning what you can do is keep your Kaho and build your mid slotted (700 fragments, juperos items, crystal mirror on mavka + 1.3M + Gryphon card = 13.5M if you farm all the ingredients or a mid agi +1 Bloody Knight 21M). The BK mid can to be resell very well after to take your Gryphon mid. In Katar, you'll have to take elemental katars (fire, water, earth) 1.5M not slotted/6M slotted without cards or keep your bloody katar ^^ After that, you can invest in a Special Jur [4]. No fan of this katar in PvM but good with cards 20TC it remains a good weapon with good damage. Last step, when you have finished your special jur with Doppel x2/ Turtle general cardx2 (80M) ... you can sell it when you have a big contribution (90M of side) to buy a Twin Fang (175M). The dual daggers: The most useful in PvM to be able to make 95% farm, MVP (Mes + GTB, Icepick + Excal, Mes + MG ...). You keep your kahos and your mid (you'll get a mid agi+ 1 Bloody Knight or Stormy Knight but in your case it's not a priority). You buy a + 7Mes to 2-3M and a +10MG to 1.5M max (the market is flying at this time for no reason, so spam !market to 1M for MG). Your job is to become autonomous fast, for that, it will have to invest in 2 doppel on Mes. Then 2 Incantation Samurai on MG Then Turtle General on your Mes Then Turtle and Queen Scaraba on your MG It gives you : Mes + 7 [D.D.T] and MG + 10 [T.QS.Is.Is]. You can resell your stuff and bought for +/-30M more your Twin Fang or stay in dual dagger. Other variants: Ice Pick [0/1] + GTB or Ice Pick + Excalibur I play sinX since a long time, my resent is that dual dagger is more effective (auto attack). Edit : SinX are mainly in auto attack, mode where you do the most damage in solo. Afterwards, with buffs like the Soul Link you can make Sonics Blow or on some maps (Geffenia or Sleepers map) you can use the Soul breaker.
  15. SinX stat build and gears PLS HELP :)

    What's is your cards on Katar ? your lvl ?