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  1. Malangdo enchantments at pvm calculator

    Good idea but the calc isn't managed by GM's
  2. B> Brooch[0]

    Up !
  3. DG Champ Cheapest Gears (i think)

    90+43 = 133 ? so multiple of 10 ?
  4. Black Friday Costumes

    It was most the opposite of black friday, no ?
  5. Stalker with lvl 10 waterball

    You can go to splendide and take water ball lv9 on Naga
  6. Holiday finally !

  7. Kaho Quest

  8. Anubis spawn rate

    you approve this suggestion so that your rerolls can be lv 99 in record time -1 don't change game !
  9. B> Brooch[0]

    B> Brooch[0] 700k
  10. Is this a good SinX DD build?

    More or less http://prntscr.com/gstk2v
  11. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

    Last ring ==>> Help !
  12. Is this a good SinX DD build?

    For fun, killed quickly Maya why not but otherwise I don't find it very profitable to use 1 EDP (75k) to win an Elunium (10k).
  13. B>> Ring[0] (Closed)

    Up Up Up
  14. Restriction merc in Hugel

    It really gets anything to Hugel with the merchants. Can you expand the restricted area? thx