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  1. Takhui

    Bio4 access

    Since Iduna solves all the problems, GMs will it remove the access quest Bio4? #Troll
  2. One thing for auto attack : Mono DPS : Turtle general card Multi DPS (Bapho) : Incant Samurai card
  3. Takhui

    NO KS on MvP

    If it's normal for everyone, well, leave it that way! I find it shocking but let the asura the full power
  4. Takhui

    NO KS on MvP

    Hi GM, I want an rework for "!noks" because champions kill this game. Exemple : http://prntscr.com/nvljng This guy has no fair play and he has spoiled my evening I thank him!
  5. Takhui

    Byorgue card

    It seems to me that the GMs had to create cards on the Bangungot Hospital monsters so this would be an opportunity to make one for the ninja or SL.
  6. Takhui

    Byorgue card

    Hi, It would be nice to change the byorgue card script to allow classes such as soul linker and ninja to be eligible . No need for profs and wizards because they are sufficiently well balanced at the moment thank you for considering my suggestion 😎
  7. Hi Talonian, I would like to add others costumes who are account bounded in event item machine, see below : http://prntscr.com/lzfeon Thx
  8. Takhui


    You can buy them with eden coin
  9. Hi Talonian, It will be better that the cooldown for Energy Crystal quest reset at midnight server time . Takhui
  10. Thx GM Lance for garden instance, it was cool !

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Glad you enjoyed it! o/

  11. What is this place: 'Elysian Garden'?
  12. I am shocked by the ranking of the Headgear contest x_x

  13. Takhui

    Halloween event

    I hope this year the monsters maps will open 24/24. Last year i had test the vanilla map and unres map one time . I was really disappointed
  14. The event will end on Saturday around noon as last year or really at midnight on Friday?
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