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  1. Hi GM Lance, For the moment, its necessary to reserve its date for events "Valk" so that you teleports us. Is it just for the beta or 1 NPC will be implanted so we have more flexibility? What are the prerequisites to unlock the Bazaar NPC?
  2. Thx GM Lance for garden instance, it was cool !

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Glad you enjoyed it! o/

  3. What is this place: 'Elysian Garden'?
  4. I am shocked by the ranking of the Headgear contest x_x

  5. The event will end on Saturday around noon as last year or really at midnight on Friday?
  6. ONG Save the children was attacked yesterday in Afghanistan x_x

  7. Holiday finally !

  8. Hello Talonians, Aperitif - Puppa fried Makes: 3-4 servings Prep: 5 mins Cook: 35 mins Ingredients: - 100gr mozzarella - 10 slice of bacon - 1 turkey breast - 1 puff pastry - 1 egg yolk Directions : Step 1 Stretch the puff pastry on a table (if possible bigger than the pastry) then curve two big rectangular (you are free to change the shape) it should be big enough to contain the mozzarella. Super impose them to make a chausson. With a fork (or fingers for students which cannot afford a fork
  9. Or sometimes you have a space after the code, so you copy it in a notepad and you copy
  10. Hello GM Lance,

    Is it possible to put the Hopping Rabbit Costume (colors black / gold) in a future monthly box?


    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      We'll certainly bear that in mind for future monthly box releases! /ok

  11. Yep but 35 days shorter than last year
  12. Hello GM Lance,

    I have a question on TRo, is it possible to have the flying bat costume with the daily slot machine or it was just halloween machine ? 


    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Salute Epiz! Yes, the flying bat costume is a seasonal exclusive for Halloween. /ok

    2. Takhui


      Okay, is there at least a costume in daily machine hehe ?

    3. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Maybe. It's all part of the mystery! /shy

  13. Aegir Armor now drops from Kraken and Aegir Cloak now drops from Red Eruma rather than the other way around.

    It's the opposite, no?

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      The database displays the previous values.

  14. Welcome #GM Lance

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Thank you good sir! o/

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