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  1. Takhui

    Add costume to event item machine

    Hi Talonian, I would like to add others costumes who are account bounded in event item machine, see below : http://prntscr.com/lzfeon Thx
  2. Takhui


    You can buy them with eden coin
  3. Takhui

    [closed] Dragon Vest [1] ASPD+3%

    Dragon Vest [1] ASPD+3%
  4. Takhui

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Add : Oxygen Bottle [1] ID #21114 / Monsters OGH Modify damage for +10 main gauche (totally false). Is there still someone who manages this tool ?
  5. Takhui

    Cooldown Crystal Eden Quest

    Hi Talonian, It will be better that the cooldown for Energy Crystal quest reset at midnight server time . Takhui
  6. Thx GM Lance for garden instance, it was cool !

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Glad you enjoyed it! o/

  7. Takhui

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    What is this place: 'Elysian Garden'?
  8. I am shocked by the ranking of the Headgear contest x_x

  9. Takhui

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Add this monster : Amdarias
  10. Takhui

    B> Essence of hunter x4 (closed)

    B> Essence of hunter x4
  11. Takhui

    Halloween event

    I hope this year the monsters maps will open 24/24. Last year i had test the vanilla map and unres map one time . I was really disappointed
  12. Takhui

    End game Combo Champ Build?

    you can find some info on this topic