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  1. Takhui


    Before we could first make the selection then spam enter key but now we have to be careful of our selection, bringing more frustration. As I am not the only one getting this feeling this is why I wrote this suggestion Sorry if this was wrongly expressed at first... Old screen : http://prntscr.com/owjmqm
  2. Takhui


    Taking mount for 1 week x4 is more cost effective than taking it 1 month (Oo).
  3. Takhui


    The new interface of Kafra is far from optimized and practical, I propose that we put back the old choices that were more direct.
  4. Takhui

    Custom aura

    Oki so can you create an NPC who offers some aura ?
  5. Takhui

    Custom aura

    Is it possible to have a guide for make custom aura ? My old aura miss me so much... thx GM
  6. Takhui


    You can purpose an card with an effect which remove the 3/4 HP requirment (the best slot is armor i think). Edit : other idea more in RO spirit Assassin class [armor card] Add a 3% chance of auto casting Venom Splasher lv 5 on an enemy when the user deals Physical Damage. [Base Agility >= 77] Add a chance of auto casting Venom Splasher lv 5 is increased to 9%.
  7. Takhui

    Exp in summer race

    the quests do not give exp currently in summer race, it would be nice to add it.
  8. 1) Enchant deadly poison (70k zenny) for some Minorous nightmare, rich guys 2) Turtle General with Baphomet doesnt work 3) Kaahi with auto attack build i think it's not really good, you run out of mana quickly.... 4) You don't have 190 aspd with your OA (malus aspd axe)
  9. I had do a post last year with some builds dual daggers :
  10. Takhui

    Delete old mailbox

    I always click on the old mailbox, can you delete it?
  11. Is it possible to add #main #market #recruit by default in the "Whisper list" ? http://prntscr.com/olqenp Tak'
  12. Takhui


    It's true that I did a little rush on this request, I wish that the names of categories is written as in the previous version.
  13. Takhui


    Put the writing back like the old version. It's so ugly now .... http://prntscr.com/oijcy5
  14. Takhui

    Dual Dagger Sinx

    The Sinx surely has an Ice Pick and an enchantment, hence the high damage
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