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  1. Takhui

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    The function "item data show" doesn't work on this calc : https://calc.talonro.com/?caDbLbibHaRbvaMababAnaawAehDaTcMaae5ehHaaaaaayjhLwihLwDeFgWiNgwfjbHfMaafMaaeegeajkkkfakffabkkaaaaaaaabaaadEaabajaaaaaaafaaaaaHbFaabcwcxcBcC Same for change monster x_x
  2. Takhui

    Sinx Transformer :)

    It doesn't laugh (EDP lv 5 ahah)
  3. Takhui

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Yep auto attack, thx for explanation
  4. Takhui

    Clothing Palette Pack

    Hi, Is it possible to allow us to test the new Hair / Clothes palettes at Anne Stylist ? Thx
  5. Takhui

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

  6. Takhui

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    I doubt that this is not done in a few seconds, you have already done a good job to update everything. quick question: besides the damage (min, average, max), there is a number in parenthesis. What is it?
  7. Takhui

    Sinx Transformer :)

    Not yet but a ME sinx would be cool
  8. Takhui

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    Is it possible to add : - a line with the average hps (Sniper card) ? - add many monsters for see your flee decreasing and your dps with a baphomet card ?
  9. Takhui

    Sinx Transformer :)

    Yep @howrah but it isn't logical !
  10. Takhui

    Sinx Transformer :)

    I didn't know the bug of QS and T, do you know if the GMs are aware of this problem and if they plan to do a few things. For monocible, I use a Mes [DTT] + MG [DQsIcIc] (optional for monsters with high def i use ice pick [Doppel]). I already switch on the good armor / garment according to the map. Brisigamen poodles, I used to be really safe because it's a build test and if I take too many mobs it could quickly be ingerable. I have the other brisingamen except Osiris. I try a calc with your ideas without sword because too much limitation on the elements with the Red Naght Seiger. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43CjDEOQEAUBW8lwpQ6w4UqJCrDnXvCu8O7w63Dt8KJwobCrDjCvcOlFCbCmSnDhyPDk1HDmcOSYcODCMKCFwkEw7M9RsOfwpcGw4MQU0wYwpIBWWXCusO1WMOlPMO2OcOLMgdxwql6wo0FwqjCmcKIScO5w6BTw6sSdGzDsBce Other option for armor card : Loli ruri (heal lv3 = 594hp) or Rybio ?
  11. Takhui

    Making a abby paladin leecher 2 billion budget

    You can maybe take Imperial Guard (link) / Imperial Spear (link). When equipping [Imperial Guard]+[Imperial Spear] at the same time: [Grand Cross] damage + 20% When equipping [Imperial Guard]+[Imperial Spear]+[Imperial Feather] at the same time: [Grand Cross] damage + 5% Formula GC : Damage is (100+40*SkillLV)%*(ATK+MATK)*holy_property_fix per hit
  12. Can you give us a recap of everything in figures, to better visualize if it's worth it or not?
  13. Takhui

    Sinx Transformer :)

    Hello guys, It's time for me to see other sinx gameplay, so I started a sinx vampire, here is the build I'm aiming for : Future Build Curently, i have an +7OA BDSS in place of +10MG BDSS : Curently build We can see that I'm still far from 190 aspd and the damage was almost divided by 2. I'm aiming for these concepts: - 2 weapons (no shield) - a good regeneration related to my damage (goal : to spend zero meats). - enough HIT - without kaahi / blessing - dual account authorized just for endow my weapons I have several questions: - is the build viable? For now, I can farm bibilan 5 and scaraba hole dun01 easily if i'm not crazy, I aim precisely more damage to either survive better or shorten the fighting because the mobs of scaraba have a lot of life. - does the left hand do the double attacks? I hope you understand what i'm trying to do.
  14. Takhui

    need some opinion and solution :D

    The DM and DV are easy to have (quest for the DM, drop for the DV) and offer a nice bonus to fight against several monsters at the same time. Otherwise you can also use the set Bayani (armor and garment), very good stats. You have them in Port Malaya. Others optionals items: Diablos armor, skin fragment proxy
  15. Takhui

    Is this a good SinX DD build?

    More or less http://prntscr.com/gstk2v