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  1. Dual Dagger with Thanatos viable?

    You can just buy a Holy marching hat (x2 damage with holy element) . If you want optimize you can put a Bloody Knight card (+400 dps BK card). Nothing if you are poor and swap with LHK after proc of aspersio.
  2. 2018 : Takhui Shopping !

    Up need : 2 Wool Scarf 500k.ea
  3. Gossip Raven Quest

    I see Gossip Raven in all the Champion guides to tank, new players do how to reach this stuff ? You have to put the quest at an event so everyone is on the same level
  4. Ragnarok @ 2K or (possibly) even 4K IN FULL SCREEN!

    I have a problem on the sanctuary and quagmire, an idea to solve it?
  5. 2018 : Takhui Shopping !

    Up, need a bris[sting] too
  6. Pure Esma Soul Linker Guide

    Oki, you can with a SL to farm draco and tatacho, it's pretty easy.
  7. Pure Esma Soul Linker Guide

    Do you manage to kill the kasa and frus ?
  8. 2018 : Takhui Shopping !

    Edit : +10Mace[Dracula*4] bought for 84.5M Now I search a Evangelist[Dracula*3]
  9. S> Bacsojin Card / Alice Doll [Incubus] / Bio Set

    Edit : Soul ring and 1 Memory book sold
  10. S> PVP Gears

    MP for +10Mace
  11. ONG Save the children was attacked yesterday in Afghanistan x_x

  12. S> Bacsojin Card / Alice Doll [Incubus] / Bio Set

    Up I cracked and made a +7 NSFM[1]