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  1. You can add : - Red flamme Whip - Electric Wire - Angelic guard - Electric Eel - Foot of the Sea Witch - Odin blessing - Elder branch
  2. You can take the avatar here : https://forum.talonro.com/staff/ or do a contest GM emote.
  3. I added maps of Port Malaya. I'm going to restart an another project ... See you soon
  4. Can you add summer item (oxygen Bottle, swimsuit etcc) thx man !
  5. Hi GM Lance, For the moment, its necessary to reserve its date for events "Valk" so that you teleports us. Is it just for the beta or 1 NPC will be implanted so we have more flexibility? What are the prerequisites to unlock the Bazaar NPC?
  6. Takhui

    Calc TalonRO

    Hi GM, Can you add Oxygen Bottle, Swimsuit, news cards Malaya in calc TalonRO ? Is there too a lot of monsters missing ... I think people on the Github are no longer present on TalonRO so it would be possible for a GM to be assigned to this task?
  7. Takhui


    Before we could first make the selection then spam enter key but now we have to be careful of our selection, bringing more frustration. As I am not the only one getting this feeling this is why I wrote this suggestion Sorry if this was wrongly expressed at first... Old screen : http://prntscr.com/owjmqm
  8. Takhui


    Taking mount for 1 week x4 is more cost effective than taking it 1 month (Oo).
  9. Takhui


    The new interface of Kafra is far from optimized and practical, I propose that we put back the old choices that were more direct.
  10. Takhui

    Custom aura

    Oki so can you create an NPC who offers some aura ?
  11. Takhui

    Custom aura

    Is it possible to have a guide for make custom aura ? My old aura miss me so much... thx GM
  12. Takhui


    You can purpose an card with an effect which remove the 3/4 HP requirment (the best slot is armor i think). Edit : other idea more in RO spirit Assassin class [armor card] Add a 3% chance of auto casting Venom Splasher lv 5 on an enemy when the user deals Physical Damage. [Base Agility >= 77] Add a chance of auto casting Venom Splasher lv 5 is increased to 9%.
  13. Takhui

    Exp in summer race

    the quests do not give exp currently in summer race, it would be nice to add it.
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