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  1. Takhui thats a list of a completely different type of account bound costumes. The only thing you had to do to get them was to click on the calendar and paste it into the game NPC. Those in the Event Item Machine are those which have been earned by hours and hours of questing. While I do like some of the more easily obtained costumes and wouldn't mind having more of them, I wouldn't be surprised if this topic gets a Declined rating.
  2. Sniggy

    Vend Shops

    The mall appears to be void of vendors. Do you think we can return our number of vending shops back to 3 from the current 2? Its sad to see so few vendors in the mall and I have oh so many hoods and things to sell. Thanks
  3. If you go back a few pages you'll see that a Global Kafra was requested and which they are working on. It was not requested for every single item you own but for the "Account Bound" items which are accumulating in our kafras. I'm sure when they finally are able to roll it out you'll be able to deposit some other items as well. I'd love to be able to put all of my eggs into one kafra.
  4. Sniggy

    Hammer of the blacksmith

    Now you know why its expensive. Eden gears are wonderful but are not meant to be utilized for your entire gaming life. Its time for you to go create an Apple of Archer or Pirate Dagger if only to see and do some usual quests. Enjoy the game!
  5. Sniggy

    Disable Branches

    That is permanent. This has been asked many times. To disable them simply because its a popular farming map is just silly. I do agree that they should be disabled on the maps newbies go to. But the mob is quickly dispatched as soon as they report it on !main. Or they just find another map to level on as the mobs close to towns generally have the same mobs.
  6. I've always wished for this ability, but if its to much trouble. Its not a biggie. *waits for global kafra*
  7. Sniggy

    MVP Defense

    MVP is MVP and Ice Walling will always be a part of it. Because you can tele getting stuck on your entrance shouldn't be an issue and I've not seen the IW being abused for that purpose this year like it was last. That said, I do agree with you about the tickets. There are several who go only to smash the boxes and get the tickets. Leaving those who are playing the game as intended to get nothing. And yes the HPs doing defense get even less. I'm not sure how to remedy this other than to reward everyone on the map 1 ticket for each kill of the enemy, only to be rewarded to those who have been active (like how bingo calls people). I realize this might lead to cooperation between the teams to just not bother to defend but then it would be more like the dungeons.. right? Hum.. not a perfect solution. The other thing is the temporary costumes. At least one player has the opposing teams costume and so is able to blend in and cause havoc while others simply remove them and then demand to be resurrected. So we would like to ask if we may have icons like in WOE so they can't be removed. Someone else suggested that we be able to see our sides HP bar.. but that would just be a nice addition. Thanks for a fun event! 😊
  8. Thanks for this. We'll see how it goes. Less than 2 years anyway I think.
  9. Sniggy

    search NPC

    (Though then we could probably make a wiki page listing all the items and which NPC's sell them as a group project) This has already been done see.. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db
  10. I was just re-reading the Oct News searching for the end date on the Old Glast Heim instance and found none. Is this to be a permanent instance or just for Halloween? I support whats already been said in this thread. The numbers really need to be adjusted. Not only in the spells required for the cards but also for the weapon/items drops. Thanks for listening.
  11. I can't say that this is worth the time and bother of our beloved programmers. There are many other things I'd like to see done first *cough* global kafra *cough*. The truth is you don't need to reset them, just slide some other skill into the F key slot of the "actual" kick or "use" kick which effectively removes the prepare kick since you can no longer replace it.
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