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  1. Sniggy

    BlueEllie Wedding

    I was so upset when I found I would likely have to miss your wedding. I hope you didn't mind my foam stuffed dummy stand in's. Love you both, and very sorry I wasn't able to attend. It sure looked like a lot of fun! After reviewing some of the screenies I've noticed that blue 378 is a very popular color.
  2. Yep you heard me. I got married today. My father is so proud he never thought he'd be walking me down the isle. Well it was just an RO marriage but what can I say. I invited all of the bingo clan and everyone else that was awake. Unfortunately with our 24 hour server many friends couldn't attend. Those who did had lots of fun. I know I did. I want to thank my GM Friends who attended and and all of those who wanted to. I love you all. For those of you who missed, here are some of images from my wedding album. I'm sure there are other photos to follow as I didn't take any until it was half over. I blame he photographer. We all know Azul loves his moose man (sorry I hadn't taken a screenie of them.. ) but just love men. This is what happened. Now I do love the men, but they were a little.. egotistical for me. So I requested some snow bunnies instead. Which of course triggered marriage advice from Azul about the mating habits of rabbits. They were very well trained rabbits and lined up beautifully for the photo op. But then our time was up, the party was over and the clean up crew was coming in to remove the left over food and dirty dishes. Actually I included this pic so that everyone could see themselves but also because Azul thought that when he'd removed the disguises he had removed our wedding dresses but this image shows that he hadn't. I once again want to thank everyone who attended, gifted and otherwise contributed to our wedding day bliss. With special thanks to GM Azul, Haru, and Mikzie and Phoenix for taking time out of your day to attend. You really made our special day, more special.
  3. Sniggy

    The Eden Group

    I'm sure easy access to the Manuk and Splendid fields were intended to be accessed through the Midguard Camp but unless you have completed the "Onward to the New World" quest, "New Surroundings" quest and the "Nidhoggur's Nest - Attitude to the New World" quest you have to transverse man_fild02 and 01 to reach the NPC.. a terrifying experience. Is it possible to gain temporary access?
  4. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    To trigger the stickers and get the other costumes you only need to give 1 item (that is if you'd already donated plenty) The same goes with the grave of Po's wife. If you find he's not giving up the Frozen and Crimson Roses then just take a few Pretty Flowers to offer and READ what it is he wants on the grave, read the text.. its specific. The pretty flowers might even be enough to trigger the ending dialog like it was for the food for the poor starving puppies.
  5. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Raze thank you so much for your post. Without it I'd have never gone back to Po to collect the Frozen Rose Costume. I've also given 1 more skel-bone to Yen and now have the Puppy Ear Hat Costume. Thanks again Cassidy for all of your work in gathering the initial info and organizing our posts.
  6. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Po gave me Rose of Crimson Costume (I had taken the love route)
  7. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Well-Dried Bone and Rotten Meat is a yes. The items I had marked as not working were just things I thought a dog might enjoy, I mean a bone is a bone and what dog wouldn't like a bear foot. Thanks Cassidy for keeping this up.
  8. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Oh thanks Master I'd forgotten to mention that part. I had given only skel-bone's and was getting "thanks you've done enough for now" dialog, so to see if a change in items was needed I gave 500 rotten meats but was give the same dialog. So now I wait and wonder if there are other hidden NPCs that we've not yet discovered.
  9. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    I got the Puppy Headband with 20 stickers and was giving 1k skel-bone at a time. 500 skel-bone / rotten meat = 5 stickers monster feed = does not work meat = does not work Do not work = Human Skull, Skull, Bug Leg, Grasshoppers Leg, Mane, Bear's Footskin I am up to 100 stickers, she says I've helped enough for now. So while I'm sure there are more costumes to be had, they aren't through her or am I/we waiting for something else to happen now?
  10. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Does that mean its something thats open now? Or something we need to wait for like the flowers?
  11. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Oh! Thats nice Yokoro! Yes I hope the GMs fix it so we can have on all accounts!!! <3
  12. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Po speaks of the grave of his wife behind Pront Church. For the Flowers on the Grave, I gave 1 to 5 each time. Always say that you want to put some down, even if you've donated enough of that type. To remove an item from his donation list, just remove it from your inventory. Then he won't ask if you'd like to leave any. Items needed, Beautiful Flower, Witherless Rose and Frosen Rose. Wei says.. go to Magician's Academy in Yuno and ask their Sages to help. They requested Bijou one of each color, so yellow, red, green and blue. Name of invading mob > Skoll Problem: While I was doing the Invasion quest portion Han was bitten, which seems to have cancelled my invasion quest. I was to enter Magma Dungeon to talk to the mob NPCs but they won't talk to me, nor will Po's dog. It seems that Han is more important to them then the Invasion. I wonder is this a glitch? I have 2 questions: The Baby Skoll Egg is it able to be collected by each account like the Love Birds Costume is? 1k of skei-bone is 10 heart stickers. Does anyone know what the heart stickers are for yet?
  13. Sniggy

    CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Your guide is fine so stop apologizing. Its impossible to know all of the quests in day one. Meanwhile.. Wei says.. go to Magician's Academy in Yuno and ask their Sages to help. They requested Bijou one of each color so yellow, red, green and blue.
  14. Sniggy

    Christmas | Holiday Celebration Event!

    I am this year! And thanks for the response. <3
  15. Sniggy

    Christmas | Holiday Celebration Event!

    As my post was deleted from the suggestions section I'll happily repost it here. It has to do with the marbles and the cheapo Santa who's bag always seems to be empty. It appears that he only has 10 gifts for each day, and if you aren't on at the proper time you have no chance in obtaining one even if you do have the correct marbles. (They were gone in 5 seconds) There's nothing posted to suggest that there is a limit although I agree with the 24 hour cool down to allow others to have a chance this does little to assist those who are working or sleeping. My suggestion was simply that Santa has 10 gifts in his bag to go with each of his announcements. Was that such a horrible thing to suggest? I am enjoying the event don't get me wrong about that but this one aspect is certainly in need of adjustment. Note: Kudos to the ability to collect all account bound items on all accounts.