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  1. :( The Admins refuse to even look at the problem I have ;_;

    I miss you, RO mum :(

    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      I looked at your problem and even responded. Just for the protocol.

  2. Suggestions for Shadow Tag for next year.. may we have a kafra next to the doctor? We are always in short supply of.. supplies. . and may you change the portal so that we may re-enter the event when we DC or realize we forgot something we needed or need to change characters? .. can't say I understand why you would have a restriction on the portal. Thanks
  3. It shouldn't be possible for me to be considered AFK when I was still hitting when it died. And it happened twice that I saw.
  4. Odd bug in MVP defender, feel free to move this post to Bugs if you want but I know you're tracking this thread. I entered MVP defender with only kaho on and was assigned the purple. Fought as purple jester for a good 10 min until another house mate asked why I was on the wrong team. I relogged and got the pink/orange wig on reentry.. the color remains the purple hue while the hat is clearly the wig.
  5. Valeyard I agree with the AFK as to strict and would like to add that the HP amt for the Troopers should be reset once the team has lost. Instead it just keeps growing and growing... which sort of defeats the sense of competition. Your comments in the Guess the Number have been said in years past and as its the same for all.. nothing really needs to be changed there, it would be nice but its even for all houses and players.
  6. I often leave Shadow Tag bleeding and with or without proper gears have died in the hallway outside. Could you put a doctor there for us? Thanks!
  7. OMG! These are GREAT! I was grinning the whole way through! Let me just start at the top! Eva my darling, I totally loved your purple horse! Puddles.. wow.. I really liked your design esp with the Lune flying along with the witch.. hahaha. I Need FOOOD! Wow that blew me away. I was in love with the textures. How ever did you get it to look like you had actually hand painted it? Chaos.. I think you'll get a lot of votes if only for the posturing of your Bios.. haha Skarn.. very nice! The hanging dolls from the spooky tree.. haha made me laugh! Graytea I
  8. I am this year! And thanks for the response. <3
  9. As my post was deleted from the suggestions section I'll happily repost it here. It has to do with the marbles and the cheapo Santa who's bag always seems to be empty. It appears that he only has 10 gifts for each day, and if you aren't on at the proper time you have no chance in obtaining one even if you do have the correct marbles. (They were gone in 5 seconds) There's nothing posted to suggest that there is a limit although I agree with the 24 hour cool down to allow others to have a chance this does little to assist those who are working or sleeping. My suggestion wa
  10. how come no one follow you when you are most lovable player on here? x.x

    1. Birdies


      is it between wanting to be valued and honoured, and searching for human connection?
      acquaintances are easy to come... by definition... and personality seems immutable under normal circumstances.

    2. Sniggy


      <3 Kysiric

      Happy Holidays!

  11. May I ask what is the contribution method? Credit cards if so which ones and paypal? My friend trying to use paypal but she can't get it to work. Its not supported?
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