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  1. :( The Admins refuse to even look at the problem I have ;_;

    I miss you, RO mum :(

    1. GM Boreas

      GM Boreas

      I looked at your problem and even responded. Just for the protocol.

  2. I know this guide is a bit out of date with the locations of the NPCs but the ingredient list is most likely accurate. We have new colors of the Nekomimi Capes, you can search them in the Dressing Coach but only by number, here is what was found. 21333 - black 21334 - green 21335 - blue 21336 - ice blue 21337 - lilac 21338 - pink 21339 - white
  3. Suggestions for Shadow Tag for next year.. may we have a kafra next to the doctor? We are always in short supply of.. supplies. . and may you change the portal so that we may re-enter the event when we DC or realize we forgot something we needed or need to change characters? .. can't say I understand why you would have a restriction on the portal. Thanks
  4. It shouldn't be possible for me to be considered AFK when I was still hitting when it died. And it happened twice that I saw.
  5. Sniggy

    Event Item Machine

    I never used the word disappearing in my post so I'm not sure what your asking. However my only other thought was to add an option [button] that allowed us to delete items from the machine ourselves. But that would take more coding so I didn't suggest it.
  6. Sniggy

    Event Item Machine

    The Lutie Machine is wonderful in that it allows you to collect account bound items [costumes and eggs] on all of your accounts during specific quests. The only problem is that once it has 20 costumes/eggs its full.. they don't rotate off the bottom. Which means the costumes we won last year were never added to the machine and any new ones will not be added. The machine was introduced just over 2 years back with the Christmas 2016: The Popogrinch Steals Christmas, That was a very fun event that use old timers remember but our Event Item Machines are full. Can you put in a rotation so that old items fall off? Or just delete the last 10 with each event? Thanks!
  7. Odd bug in MVP defender, feel free to move this post to Bugs if you want but I know you're tracking this thread. I entered MVP defender with only kaho on and was assigned the purple. Fought as purple jester for a good 10 min until another house mate asked why I was on the wrong team. I relogged and got the pink/orange wig on reentry.. the color remains the purple hue while the hat is clearly the wig.
  8. Valeyard I agree with the AFK as to strict and would like to add that the HP amt for the Troopers should be reset once the team has lost. Instead it just keeps growing and growing... which sort of defeats the sense of competition. Your comments in the Guess the Number have been said in years past and as its the same for all.. nothing really needs to be changed there, it would be nice but its even for all houses and players.
  9. I often leave Shadow Tag bleeding and with or without proper gears have died in the hallway outside. Could you put a doctor there for us? Thanks!
  10. Sniggy

    Default Showname

    Oh I changed it on mine long ago, I'm talking about new players. So they should have a clean install and folders. If you think its already been done than perhaps its just something that needs to be checked on. Thanks Seiren
  11. May I say that the msg at the entry to every portal is a little annoying? It takes up 4 lines of text which quickly pushes off personal or even important messages especially when you are moving map to map. Lets take a look at what we have. Allow all party invitations < not very important as its really easy to just say no. Equipment info open to the public < for some people I guess this is important but why not just have it on log in? Automatic Feeding Off < This actually prompted someone (many actually) to ask how to turn it ON.. so this is really just a bad idea as they might just go and find a program to do so. To this one I say, lets not prompt bannings. You're now in the #map channel for.. 'blah blah'.. < does it matter when you can just use the #Map? Sorry its just becoming a pet peve and you know no one (okay hardly anyone) is reading them. Thanks for your attention. Snigs 😇
  12. Sniggy

    Default Showname

    I was helping a new player the other day and they asked me a question that made me realize the /showname still wasn't fixed on the log in page. If its the technical "Normal Font Displayed" you can more easily read the char names but you can't see their guild name nor party name. Can you please uncheck that box for everyone so that when they first load the game the default is the type 2? That way beginners don't have to "realize" there's information missing from peoples names and then try to figure out how to fix it. Thanks
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