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  2. IGN: -Himitsu- I hope I made it ;A; I was so busy I almost forgot mine.
  3. Thanks for the event and hard work GM Team.
  4. Happy 8th Anniversary TalonRO! *A* Thank you for the hard work. .......mm. ....I actually spent 3 hours looking for Gold Porings yesterday... (I walked from Prontera to Morroc to Payon to Alberta, then GH to Geffen and back to Prontera lolol) /heh And I only found one (Morroc field) and got a TalonRO cake.
  5. Wow this is so nice! Q_Q I love the story of this and it was such a great read. /lv Good job sir. Thank you Aikochin! ;A; Yuren said the same thing, my female HP is just a little distraction. lol And no, why would you do that?! *tickles* Thank you Moo! I cannot keep a pet in my apartment right now so my pets in RO are like my rl pets /sob I'm glad you liked it. /thx XD Thank you! All beginner-acolytes did that at least once. /heh
  6. IGN: -Himitsu- Pretty huge and cheesy image ahead. >.< I hope this is a valid entry Q_Q Happy Hearts' Day to everyone! Valentine's Day isn't just for couples... It's for every heart that loves. /ok Hope you like it. /lv I put numbers on each panel cause the texts outside make it look like more than 6 Q_Q *hides*
  7. This is so cute! ;A; /lv and funny I had to watched it again XD Good job! :>
  8. Wow. Q_Q These are fantastic designs! I can't even find the words to describe how I feel right now, I just love how you can mix certain physical features of different animals together perfectly and still come up with an awesome looking creation. The poses of Talone highlighted different features of his design which is simply adorable. These. Are. Just. Amazing. Aide and Moo you sure are on a different level why did I even join lol Q_Q Good job /lv
  9. Good job and good luck to everyone else joining this contest! /lv Your ability to design characters using certain themes/concepts are really admirable. It was hard for me to decide on a theme, it took me days and still none... T-T I would like to come up with an original design but I am not good with that, as you can see. /sob Nonetheless, I enjoyed making these two. @Aireanne, I like that you included a story/description to your entries! It made them even more interesting. I personally like Butterflir and Ubaste's design. /no1 I love that sleek design, looks so elegant *A*
  10. I decided to finish my entry before the busy week begins. T_T I hope you'll enjoy it. Happy Holidays to everyone. IGN: -Himitsu- pretty huge image under the spoiler I hope my story makes sense... /sob
  11. Congratulations mendics and to all of us! Thank you so much for this contest. ;__; I am so excited to meet my Deviling pet soon xD I really am. Too bad the new screens won't show in my client Even after patching. I am running Talonexe (the one with the -1sak extension) since I can't run the game normally... Really had fun with this contest, once again thank you to everyone. /lv
  12. Try going to this location: TalonRO → data → texture → effect If you don't have the "effect" folder, make one and extract it there. I hope this helps. I had a problem with this, too. And my friend taught me this. Thank you so much for the hard work to make this event possible. I can't wait to log-in TxT But first... Gotta patch my client x_x I'm sure a lot of players will be very busy these coming days. Thank you again! *A* Happy Halloween to everyone!
  13. That's a bit too early to say xD But thank you so much. I kind of think maybe I overdid it. /heh It was my first time making a "complete" drawing (characters+background) using only one-layer (except for the shiny effects) and the next thing I know I was so into it I kept on adding stuff. I hope it doesn't look too crowded. I also forgot to put a space for the log-in box x_x Yours is lovely, too. The simplicity of the overall composition is enhanced by the style you used to draw the details in your entry. The ambiance and contrast of black, gray, yellow and white look really nice to the eyes and it looks clean. Nice entry as always himitsu! Thank you mendics! I really admire your use of perspectives and how you can draw from different angles. I am really bad at those... I tried to use "perspective" in my entry but somehow I feel like I messed up somewhere XD Only shows how much practice I still need. Aireane! You finished yours, too! Yay~ I love the way you drew those Gibbets! The colors look soft and their faces are adorable. However, I think that that zombie-pose is win. Talk about attitude XD Adorable chibi from you as always. IGN: Jhyla You know what I like the most in this drawing? That left-most one! It looks awesome. It does look creepy and very fitting to the Halloween-theme. Seeing that image alone is enough to remind me of how this monster actually moves---which is really creepy yet at the same time amusing. Using an Incarnation of Morroc[?] as subject in your drawing is unique. Not something that we see often. *A* Anyway, good luck to all of us!! For now, I will keep my fingers crossed for that Deviling pet. T_T /lv /thx
  14. Lovely entries! I'm hoping to see more. *A* That pixel art one is so unique/refreshing and cute! I love the details and the dancing Jakks /lv Here's my entry: Dead Branch Party~ You have no idea how long this one took me because I tried to do a lot of stuff for the first time. But I had fun so it was worth it. IGN: -Himitsu-
  15. Thank you GM Kuma! Those trains of fangirls and fanboys were awesome. Too bad I wasn't part of any but it was fun to watch them go in circles xD I'm sure the others are already working on their submissions. *_* I'm excited to see what the others have in store for us. Thanks Aireane! I like yours, too. The colors are vivid and make the panels livelier. Those dancing people are funny LOL /heh Good luck to all of us participants
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