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  3. 132


    1. Yuren


      ( ̄■ ̄;)

  4. large.Nheki.png

    For @Nheki <3 Thank you for joining my small art raffle. I hope you'll like it! /kis 

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    2. 132


      Just a little bit of sparklies! XD Hahaha <3 I'm glad you do!! /thx 

    3. +Karen+


      Holy mother of God! This is adorable /lv

    4. 132


      Thank you Karen!! /kis 

  5. kez

    I like the new banner :)

    1. 132


      Thank you Kez! It's an old drawing I found in my folders. ;A; /kis

  6. Hi Rivaille! I sent you an email about two weeks ago. Please check it out. ^^ I will be waiting. Thank you!

  7. *eats himi chan* :D

  8. IGN: -Himitsu- I hope I made it ;A; I was so busy I almost forgot mine.
  9. Sheishei is baaaack! *tackles* /lv Missed you.

    1. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      Not reaaaally baaack D: but I am lurking around as always Q v Q *gets tackled,nuzzles* Missed you toooo Naonaooochiiii! Q v Q /lv 

  10. 132


  11. Thanks for the event and hard work GM Team.
  12. こんばんは。ちょっと気になってますが、日本の方はいらっしゃいますか?何か月前に「アルベルタ」で何人かの日本の方に出会えて今はもう見かけられないのです。ゲームの中にどこによくおられるのですか?(;´・ω・)もしよかったら、語り合いましょう。よろしくお願いします~(*´▽`*)

  13. 8D Your DP! /heh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahah!! /shy

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    2. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      EHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE 8D "innocent" 8D

    3. Aryll


      I have yet to see this NSFW BL art. I will not rest /fsh 

    4. Knightess Vee

      Knightess Vee

      Aww D: Aryllbby I'll link it to your skype

  14. Himi-chan I just wanted to show you this!


    1. 132


      Ahhhhh Koss! This is too adorable. I watched it over and over hahaha! Q_Q What a cute shark.... /lv Thank you!

  15. Koss!! Your little bear dropped by Splendide I was AFK XD I kinda got into watching  this Free! OVA I forgot to alt-tab. /heh

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    2. kossploss


      aaahhh I haven't, most of the anime I watched are shonen and seinen! is it good though :>

      I popped by to ask for your facebook so I could credit your artsu and also for more BL manga recommendations Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai is so good why are releases so slow :'(

    3. 132


      I do! I have it deactivated right now though. ;A; I'll reactivate it around next week probably. Trying to stay out of FB for the mean time. /heh IKR!! Yoneda Kou's other works are lovely... She already released the third volume of it! I think scanlators are just busy with so many stuff. *A* I wanna know what type of stories you like.

    4. kossploss


      honestly, I haven't yet figured out a particular type of story/plots that draw me in. I read everything from Toriko to Dr. Frost to Akame ga Kill.. it's mainly the drawing style that captivates me. I like it when the character lines are clean and anime-ish! that's why I really like korean manhwas like Witch Hunter, God of High School, Tower of God and so forth, their drawings are so brilliant! ^^ 

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