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  2. Thank you Nox!! I've seen your Jumin drawings too~ Hope to see more aaaa
  3. @Tsukikai awesome! Thank you for your answers~ *u* Do they ship internationally? I live in Japan and shipping might be a little high I'm afraid. We do have copic markers here but I rarely see a Moleskin sketchpad.... ;A;
  4. @*Jin* Hnnnng!! You're using it I'm so glad you liked it!! <3 It means a lot Q_Q And you're free to join as many times! I think this is my 5th or so lololol xD @Kishin Sagume Omg thank you for drawing my Sniper!! <3 Love the simplicity and contrast of it.
  5. I'll check and hunt for those!! Thank you~ I'm most active on my Instagram. And have been posting almost nothing but MysMe lololol http://instagram.com/himitsu_nk 💕
  6. I've been lurking around. Both of you have adorable art styles. Unfortunately, I am low on funds--- and cannot afford a slot. Hopefully, someday! I'm always hopeful. I love the colors both of you utilize. Mistreil's light and pastelish colors are so pleasant to the eyes. Goes well with the light-colored lineart too I also use a brown ink for my lineart but they never looked this pleasant! Arcelle's vivid and bright colors are cute and sweet~ I love how you color your chibis. They're such an eye-candy. More power to the both of you~ And since it's on the way I'd drop my ref for my character, it would be cool to be included in your project. One word... Uhh "gentle" ? Good luck to the both of you and looking forward to seeing more drawings.
  7. You're more than welcome~ Here you go!! I hope you'll like it. He's my first digital drawing after not touching my pentab for a while, a great warm-up too. It was fun drawing him~ *A* Here are my references for the next person (screenshots and an old doodle I did of him for more ref) Thank you!
  8. You're welcome!! And thank you too~ I haven't been active but I still lurk around-- stalking people. lolol jk It's great to see more new drawings! Makes me feel excited
  9. Thank you for your answer!! I have never tried a Moleskin sketchbook *A* They seem to be a bit pricey, but I guess they're worth it? Is it good with copic markers?
  10. Not at all! I think you drew him so well <3 And aa Yoosung. He's just precious. I would love to see your Jumin drawings cause I know you have some *wink wink* Maybe I better start my stalking game. Ahh thank you so much for your kind words too! I'm glad you liked them. I haven't been so active in here but I still lurk around. It's worth it.
  11. I'm obviously late but welcome to the Art Corner!! I adore your traditional arts and use of colors! *A* I'm looking forward to seeing more of your drawings. And yes I agree on art materials being expensive markers most especially. May I ask what kind of paper do you use for your marker drawings PS: those bouncing heads are adorable!
  12. Lovely art there!! *A* If no one's picked this cutie I would like to draw him! It's been a while since I last drew something RO-related I'll use your drawing for reference particularly for his hair and facial expression.
  13. The colors on your latest artwork is looking good~ Glad to see more art from you Mendii I'm excited to see that WIP one you showed me on FB
  14. Hello and welcome to the Art Corner!!! Such beautiful art. I got lured into your dA and --- Jumin on your gallery! I read that you're still workin on the others--- I'm quite excited to see them if ever you decide to continue. I also noticed we look up to the same people in the art community! And before this comment turn into a fangirling post I better end this here. I admire your use of colors and the way you paint the details (muscles in particular superb art there!!) Looking forward to see more of your drawings~
  15. Hello!! Welcome to the Art Corner!! *A* Your art is so adorable! I love those thick soft lines, been trying to work with them but I still need more practice. I'm looking forward to seeing more drawings from you and hopefully (in the future) afford one slot--when I have funds since I have none atm. I hope you enjoy your stay here~
  16. Hello!! Welcome to the Art Corner I see a Zen, I click. (Although my bias is Yoosung XD but y'know) Actually... I see anything MysMe--- I click. You have a nice art style!! I have no funds right now but in the future hopefully I could afford one slot from you. I hope you enjoy your stay here~ Will be dropping by to see more of your drawings.
  17. What beautiful art. I see MysMe and Jojo. Welcome back to RO!! I cannot join the auction but... I will stalk you, yes. Aaaaaaaaa *runs around*
  18. Hello and welcome to the server! (´・ω・`) Hope you're enjoying your stay so far~ There are a lot of seasonal events to look forward to. ^^ My ign is: -Himitsu- or -Hiroki- It would be great to see you in-game! Good luck!
  19. Welcome to the server!! It's good to know you're having your friends over~ I hope you'll all enjoy your stay! \o/ My ign is: -Himitsu- would be neat if I could catch you online.
  20. I agree with you Karen I also think it encourages people to team up with their friends or other people doing the same quest. I remember when my friends were still active, there wasn't a difficult quest because we worked together from farming items to killing monsters. It makes the quest more fun and quicker to finish. Right now it makes me miss the times when I had my friends hanging out ready to join me do the quest almost anytime. Yes, I can do the quests by myself now but it is still different when you do it with people you like. (I miss my friends aaa) I regret not being able to start the series of this quest from the first day, but better late than never. Even if I couldn't get the final prize, I could still get the other ones and I think it's more than enough. (I was inactive for almost a year but I cannot seem to quit and leave the server ) I do hope before we post complaints and whatnot, let's take a break and think about the people who worked hard to bring us events like this. From writing the mechanics to actually programming and making it work. We're presented new items, costumes and pets but it's a game after all and we should do some work to acquire them. Happy Holidays everyone. May your hearts and mind be enlightened \o/ And thanks to everyone in the GM Team who continues to make TalonRO an active and great place to stay.
  21. 132

    Himitsu |

    Thank you to everyone who dropped by. And here's the finished drawing for @Nheki Click for full view. Happy Holidays everyone. ^^
  22. large.Nheki.png

    For @Nheki <3 Thank you for joining my small art raffle. I hope you'll like it! /kis 

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      Just a little bit of sparklies! XD Hahaha <3 I'm glad you do!! /thx 

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      Holy mother of God! This is adorable /lv

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      Thank you Karen!! /kis 

  23. 132

    Himitsu |

    @Kisuka* @Orchestra @Joa @Yoshimi @~Lozaki~ @ATypicalNala Thank you for joining my raffle but the deadline for this one was yesterday (last night) at 23:59. By then I already drew a random number ;A; So I wasn't able to include your numbers. I am very sorry. But please feel free to join my future raffles!! Thank you and Happy Holidays! ---- So last night I drew a number and the winner is: @Nheki Congratulations!! I'll start working on your prize in a few minutes. I'll be streaming it so if you are free, please drop by and say hello!! Link: http://original.livestream.com/himitsu_no_koto
  24. 132

    Himitsu |

    Thank you to Yuren, Craille (Nheki) and Kez for keeping me company while I draw. And to anyone who dropped by Here's the complete piece for @Marly Sorry for the wait! I hope you'll like it~ ------ Hi Mefii! Please include the reference! Or else your entry won't be counted. ^^ Thank you! Number List: 1- 5- Nefertina 9- Jessu 13- 17- Liv 2- 6- Mefiliae 10- GM Raine 14-Fabianne Keira 18- Novalolly 3- Jay Tuzki 7- Yurneric 11- 15- 19- Sakura Miyu 4- 8- Yuren 12- Nheki 16- Code Eros 20- kyle skybridge
  25. 132

    Himitsu |

    Let's Draw (*´ω`*) I'll be up for a bit. Feel free to drop by. Working on @Marly's overdue prize. I am so sorry. http://original.livestream.com/himitsu_no_koto Also I'm thinking of giving away 1 free bust-illust for anyone interested. Simply drop your reference below plus a number from 1-20 (No late references please because I'll be picking 1 random winner by tonight December 29, 2016 at 23:59 GMT +9) Your post wont be counted if you don't have refs included. Thank you for your understanding~ Anyone is free to join. And Happy Holidays!
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