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  1. Ah okay, so I can completely ditch doppels huh. Do I need other cards like Phreeoni though? or is it better to go full inca? Also will I get alot of damage reduction in SBK by killing large monsters with daggers?
  2. I completely forgot about vvs elemental weapons! thanks alot! I planned to reset my stats later too, so my main concern right now is the equips~
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to improve my gears as my small party got a little bored with Abbeys and we planned to level in other high-end dungeons (Odin, Thor, DG, etc) This is the current gears I use for Abbey and to farm in Geffenia(with ip) My main focus is to buy celebs and improve my weaps but I'm confused in which one should I buy first (I'm in low budget and had not alot of time to farm , so I don't want to regret my choice.) I also planned to buy either DSS mes or DDS mes, but I'm not quite sure which one should I aim first. Or if anyone had a better suggestion for my SBK build I would really appreciate it And also some questions : 1. Is aspd really necessary for SBK/MA spamming? 2. Do I need to use EDP? I'm quite sure my damage output will be lower compared to Snipers. Thank you for reading
  4. Thanks for the help everyone, but Do you still use Aspersio with those equips? Since I don't like using Aspersio because of its short duration and I think I better go with Excalibur instead in Geffenia. If I'm not planning to use IP or elemental daggers, what dagger should I use on my off-hand? Usually I kill with normal attacks and MAs
  5. Like the title said, I'm looking for high-end weapons that I can use for killing monsters casually like MotW, etc. I've searched through the forum and I see a lot of different opinions regarding weapons. Any build is fine. but preferably dual daggers (I already own Ice Pick) with their pros and cons. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Slot pls! IGN : Chevre Style : Non-Chibi Headgears : -Upper : Apple of Archer -Middle : Blush Personality : Sexy and alluring <3
  7. Can I get a slot too?
  8. Thanks for the replies, that really clears up my doubts
  9. Hello, I'm planning to make a SinX since I've never made one before and I usually play Stalkers in other servers and got bored by it. But, most people in here suggested me to go with Stalkers although I insisted to play SinX. Now if you can help me answer my questions : 1. Is SinX a worthy class to invest for farming instead of Stalkers? I don't really mind if SinX is more expensive to gear but will they be able to compete with Stalkers in term of farming? 2. What is your opinion to SinX in MvP and WoE? 3. Should I run a crit build or SB/Grimtooth build? 4. Which shoes should I take for SinX? GEC or Mystel? Thanks for the help!