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  1. Leftovers Recruiting [PvM/Social]

  2. Garden Keeper pet

    Dear GMs, Im just wondering if its possible to change the picture of my garden keeper egg from poring to a garden keeper xD. And also add performance i think? would be really nice
  3. B> Whistle Costume

    B> Whistle Costume mail/PM Chevre
  4. Frage zum Download

    Hallo, ich habe vielmals gehoert, dass nicht alles in Deutschland herundergeladen werden kann, darum moechte ich fragen, ob es in Deutschland lega ist, um RO zu downloaden, oder nicht. Vielen Dank.
  5. Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    hey i'm back, had that dns prob last week sry. Let me know if u're up to leech.
  6. Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    Sorry i cant today because somehow my RO is error after i downloaded the new patch. I'll try to re download full talon. I'll contact you again. Thx
  7. Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    i'd like to leech (non trans, 96-99). how much does it cost? and can u set a schedule fore me? thx
  8. Dimensional Gorge/Odin 03/Thor 01 45+ (Closed)

    I'd like to leech (non-trans, 96-99). How much does it cost? Can you set a schedule for me? Thx
  9. Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    lvl 96 rogue would like to buy leech xD please reply this soon as you are available to leech again thx