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  1. Luntian

    Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    Wow, another loading screen contest! =D I just want to ask if the pet is account-bound or not...?
  2. Luntian

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    Oh okay, thanks for the additional info. =)
  3. Luntian

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    I just want to ask/clarify a few things: "All Entries must be TalonRO themed" -- does this mean its "anything goes" with the theme (as long as its tRO-related of course) and there's no particular subject that we should draw (e.g. Spring, unique tRO features, etc...?) How do you select the winning entries? What are your criteria for judging them? Thanks for your time.
  4. Luntian

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

    @Tenorii I see what you did there...
  5. Luntian

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

    I'll post mine here.. I might replace this with a higher resolution in a couple of days. IGN: WeckI (the last letter is a capital letter i) Edit: Slightly adjusted the the shade colors, the previous version has a reddish shade on it.
  6. Luntian

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

    Oh, looks like a lot of artists are working on their piece, nice work so far!
  7. Luntian

    Luntian's Art Thread

    Well time for me to update my stuff again /ok: ATypicalNala The shading and flat colors for the background are now done, finally! All I need to do is to adjust all the colors and do the final touches. kossploss Character colors and shading are finished as well. Time to go and make the other parts of the piece... Oh, and I'm still waiting for his reply as well... Hopefully by this weekend I can finish the lineart correction for Kisuka* and get started on kossploss' background. Oh well, time to work again~! =)
  8. Luntian

    Luntian's Art Thread

    I'll post here if I will open commission slots but for now, I need to finish all my commissions so I won't be opening slots anytime soon. Okay, here are some updates with the progress of my commissions: ATypicalNala The lineart are done, shadings are almost done, the background will be a tough one with lots of details, but I'll get over it. Here's what it looks like: kossploss The rough sketch is done, but there are still corrections that need to be fixed. Here's what it looks like so far: That's all for now. I'm always streaming at the Art Corner Hangouts, here's the link if you want to check it out: Art Corner Hangouts
  9. Luntian

    Luntian's Art Thread

    Wow, I haven't posted anything here for a month, sorry about that. Anyway, here's an update on my commissions: Arcadia I finally finished the commission for him/her, and I have to say, I need to get used to working with backgrounds so that I could do them faster. Here is what the final piece looks like: Kisuka* Here's what the roughs look like: She chose B, and I'll be working on the initial phase soon. ATypicalNala I have submitted a revision on the rough sketch and I'm waiting for his/her reply. kossploss - still waiting for his reply... - Marly - Haven't started yet -
  10. Luntian

    Name you wanted, name you ended with

    I've orginally wanted the name "Weckl" (as in Dave Weckl), but it was already taken and I have to go with "WeckI", changing the last letter with a capital letter i...
  11. Luntian

    Luntian's Art Thread

    Hi guys! I just want to give you guys an update on what I'm doing right now: Arcadia I'm still working on Arcadia's piece and its far from being finished (I'd say 35-45% done). Most of the lineart is laid out and is the subjects are good to be finalized: Progress with the others: ATypicalNala -- references/ideas have been sent to me, rough sketch is not complete kossploss -- still have to choose between 2 ideas, need to follow-up after a couple of days Kisuka* -- references/ideas have been sent to me, haven't started yet Marly -- discussed ideas in the hangouts
  12. Luntian

    Art Corner Hangouts!

    There were a lot of people who went on the last hangouts yesterday! Thanks for everyone who went there!
  13. Luntian

    Earliest Memories in Ragnarok

    Hmmm, the first memories of RO that I can remember is that I got a copy of the game in a crowded toy convention, back in 2003. The promotional video really got me interested that i tried downloading it online, which at that time, is painfully slow. (the AVI file is like 30 something MB, but dial up sucks) Playing it at an internet cafe near my school, this game got me hooked right away. The variety of great BGMs and it being very physically similar with Final Fantasy Tactics made me addicted. Those were simpler times: Comodo is not yet there, no monster skills, and some people even thought that LUK is a factor to get good drops. I suddenly remembered that personality test in the Novice Grounds. Back then, I really had no idea which class to pick so I followed the games's recommendation: Mage. Never chose another main class ever since....
  14. Hi guys! Thanks for having me. =) Oh, I'm WeckI by the way...
  15. Luntian

    Art Corner Hangouts!

    Drop by the Hangouts for those who are bored/got nothing to do: =) https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/event/cnduavaqkduthia410d10fd689g