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    Thank you! Also as for your storage password you should have your account linked to your forum I believe. If you do, you can go here: https://panel.talonro.com/management/#accounts If that link doesn't work, just go to the TalonRO website and select Account > Manage Account. You can then change your ingame password there! It'll assign you a new storage password but it'll also reset your ingame password in the progress, you can change the both of them though. If that doesn't work I think you'll just have to submit a ticket, but they'll be able to help you there. ^^ Also nice location name! It made me giggle.
  2. Loo

    Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    I meant to enter the one about two years ago but ended up canceling it. I'll show the WIP for it sometime! Here's the one I've completed this year, enjoy! I had fun with it. IGN: Loo Tran ✽ The GM Sonder Challenge: Ugly Sweater - +2 include a festive ugly sweater in the picture.
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    Ragnarok Online was one of my favorite games and TalonRo was one of my favorite servers back then. I used to play with a group of friends but then we one by one naturally fell out of the game for a while. This server always remained in the back of my head though! I never uninstalled the game at first but I ended up losing my storage password to my account, and I was too lazy to revive it. Today I figured I'd go ahead and attempt to get it back, but I actually managed to find my password! So now I wasted absolutely no time redownloading the game! It'll take me a little while as I relearn the game, but I know I'll be able to get the hang of it! I already remember my favorite places to farm! One of my favorite areas is the Glast Heim Underprison, I just have so many fond memories there with friends. Funny all this time I thought my storage password was long gone, and I just so happened to find it today in a place I presumed it would likely NOT be inside. I can't wait to get back into the game!