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  1. Wormi

    Event Item Machine

    I wasn't even aware the machine could get "full". There isn't a way around this, aside from removing costumes from the list, so that we can continue to claim old costumes as more get added to the machine?
  2. Wormi

    Auto msg on map changes

    Huh, that's actually a good idea and compromise and I'm so used to tro my mind automatically tuned out the yellow text I never realized how much it could actually flood out. Very interesting.
  3. Wormi

    Please fix my Costume

    It sounds like it's just a result of the client running smoother and increasing your framerate.
  4. This would make both eden group and instances more enjoyable for me personally. I like it.
  5. Proposing we be allowed to warp to monster race from the carnival npc at any time as was the previous function of the minigame girl. Currently we have to both wait for specific timeframes and hop across an extra map and npc to wait outside the races that are in a sense always ongoing, which is kinda grating. It'd be nice to be able to get to your destination and get in the groove of watching announcements immediately. was also nice for having people able to come meet me at monster race if we were trading or something without having to interrupt the flow
  6. Wormi

    Merge talon cash

    Since we can effectively trade talon cash via talon coins now anyway, is it possible to have our talon cash reserves pooled across our game accounts to cut out going through that process between our own accounts? I think this would make for a cleaner experience as we gain bits of talon cash through a variety of activities across accounts and would make it easier to utilize.
  7. Wormi

    Costume Shop

    Eh, those costumes already come from things everyone can farm (gmc and boxes that cost tc) and are just random chance. They're also pretty damn hard to sell in my experience so I think it's better those more often go through the hands of players instead of just being bought outright. Costumes are one of the few rare things that people can hope to luck out getting since most loots are cheap nowadays. I think it should stay that way instead of just be another shop item.
  8. dirty gypsy


    come back

  9. Right clicking the npc instead of left clicking which is also used to walk will also prevent this.
  10. Often antivirus (usually mcafee) deleting the launcher. Disable it or make an exception, recover the file if it's quarantined/in a virus chest of some sort, try again.
  11. Even funnier is that part of the allure of gloves and other accessories is using them to make a bris and for a good while buying bris outright was cheaper than making them and might still be. Alternatively, I would say a lot of prices on tro are determined by undercutters and monopolies more than they are by demand. Plenty of people have more than enough zeny from all the raw zeny farming they do but refuse to spend it and plenty of people could raise prices easily but they constantly undercut each other.
  12. Should upload that in .png form since the .jpg has artifacting and it doesn't do the piece justice bb.
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