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  1. Wormi

    Wee Wee Jefferson's Commission Emporium

    Some very refreshing styles for this forum. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from your work. bet you're into d&d too 🖤
  2. We're still alive, dammit.
  3. Wormi

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    I'd like to see some more consistent non-frustrating ways to leisurely grind out the rewards that are account-bound and random chance. It's incredibly irritating putting time into minigames where you don't get anything unless you win, which is also random, or get so little progress towards something that isn't even guaranteed despite taking such active focus for hours. It just doesn't make sense for a game to feel so punishing, especially when the rewards are just fun cosmetics. I used to enjoy the vanilla dungeon as my way around not liking relying on the minigames at least, but it seems like each year the mobs get more insufferable. This year they move so fast and spam ranged attacks and multiple-hitting magic. It's a huge pain unlike anywhere else in the game. The ticket grind to me is just... So far, not fun at all this year to the degree I'm abstaining. Maybe if the maze opens up and I can do that consistently that'll be my savior. I did like that last year and it actually had a fair and satisfying reward, though nowadays it's hard for me to keep my hopes up it's stayed the same. I dig the town and the writing for the new npcs though.
  4. Wormi

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

  5. Wormi

    S> Spider's Nest DG duo leech *Hiatus*

    If you were the leech wearing the exp shoes it'd be even more. Keep that in mind, future customers.
  6. Wormi

    This server is dope

    I had the same experience. Still here 3 years later.
  7. Wormi

    Hligg's doing sketches [FULL]

    I'll take a slot for a full-body in color if possible and PM you the details once confirmed.
  8. Fee made them. Would have to ask her but she's always busy.
  9. Wormi

    NEW? Wat?

  10. Which anti-virus? Reinstalled the visual c++ packages and stuff? Like, all of them x86 and x64 or whatever is recommended I don't remember. Not only that, but disabled/whitelisted the talonro stuff with your anti-virus and then reinstalled? Or just checked the chest for the patcher? As far as I know It should have no problems running on a clean system with the basic requirements, so something is conflicting somewhere or your download is goofed up.
  11. Nenkaras is always recruiting.
  12. Wormi

    How to one shot necromancer?

    It's actually not inaccurate, you just have to know how SG really works. Refer to my old post (which says some things differently than I would now) about this topic, though. As for how SG really operates... This guy is on the road to understanding. I'll let you guys figure it out.
  13. Wormi

    Ari's Art Shop [CLOSED]

    So pleased to see a new style and some traditional media. I'll think of something... Stay calm, my zeny pouch.
  14. Wormi

    A newbie looking for a guild!

    https://panel.talonro.com/guild/view/56/ https://forum.talonro.com/topic/2603-nenkaras-non-woe-proudly-corrupting-minds-since-2011/ Yo dawg; Got you covered. I appreciate many of the things I can see from your profile so I'd be pleased to see you let us help you out. also i collect gypsies