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  1. 18/03/2018

    nice logo
  2. Using foreign language text in game

    If you can use the keyboard shortcuts to change your language settings while having your client as the active window, you should be able to type another language in the client. Copying and pasting from outside the client will show up as you described, however, and trying to change it outside of the client only won't work. In my case, I hit alt alt+shift while in game which is the hotkey within Windows IME to switch my language to Japanese.
  3. That's no longer included with the client and shouldn't be necessary. I'm thinking this person just has a bad connection to the server and should try again later or from another connection.
  4. Script Errors All of a Sudden

    A setting in internet options, perhaps? Maybe something just not loading properly for now? Not sure. I have the issue, too, now that I look. I think something's up with the patcher or our connections to the site.
  5. Game won't start after Patch

    Try changing graphics devices in the rosetup. Also, maybe now your drivers are just too old. Some people were okay running older, but not the oldest drivers. You should still be able to change settings.
  6. Game won't start after Patch

    I've seen people with AMD cards have the problem after a driver update as well.
  7. Hide Mount option for LK & Paladins

    I love the idea, but not sure on what issues it could cause. In pvm, maybe not many.
  8. Vending Misclicks

    Right clicking the npc instead of left clicking prevents the occasional auto-walk for now and as Boreas said immediately sitting afterwards solves the other issue.
  9. Game won't start after hitting "start"

    Probably your antivirus deleting the patcher. Check that out, restore the file if so, and add the tro folder as an exception.
  10. cant lauch the game laucher just close...

    If you're using an over-protective anti-virus check that if it stopped your patcher from loading, disable the anti-virus and add an exclusion for tro, and restore or redownload the patcher. Usuually see this with Mcafee.
  11. Denis

    If you're using mcafee or some other overprotective anti-virus try to disable that/exclude talonro/uninstall it and restore the patcher/reinstall tro.