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  1. 30th october 13ST please, Thank You !
  2. After discussed with Yoyo we agreed on Saturday 16th at 13ST for third round. Thank you !
  3. Sunday 26th September at 07:00 ST please for Snowrinz and Stranger Team. Thank you.
  4. One Slot please Thank You
  5. Mystic tower 27th 15ST please, thank you
  6. Hello, 3th July 13ST please. Thank You !
  7. WoV at 13ST 5th June please, Thank You
  8. 21th May 15ST please, Thank you !
  9. 24th at 3pm WoV please, thankyou
  10. 17th april 13ST please, Thank you !
  11. March 27th 13ST please for WoV. Thank you
  12. Hello ! Saturday 20th 13:50ST (1:50PM) please, Thank You.
  13. 6th 14ST please, thank you
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