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  1. Andrewnuts

    Talon RO wont Open

    same for me, it started on friday
  2. Andrewnuts

    Gurandokurosu's Abbey Leecher Guide - Vampire Paladin - My new set!

    Well i got my GTB the other day and replaced my hodremlin with it and so far the results have been very satisfying ( took down a Dark lord solo for the first time!) I appreciate the input and i'll probably go cast reduce , I'm thinking this build will be what i go to in the long run : https://calc.talonro.com/?caBbLbiadaba0bCbHabacaapjffVcMcMaag9eccaaaaaahkaawkfkuwiMcltpgwfjfmlYcrlYcreeeeankaakaafkkgafabkaaaaaaacMkaaahSaaaaHaaaaa It's still very dex heavy instead of VIT, but i feel its worth it, With bless .09sec cast time is practically IC but even the .15 without it is still very fast. I don't feel the need so far to invest heavily in VIT, if i get the DL/DI combo thats 26K+ HP , do i really need that much more? Also i'm curious, is there a better option for garment card than deviling? Or is that the best possible route to go? Somewhat interested in the lord of the dead card , or supplement my dex with a stem worm
  3. Andrewnuts

    Gurandokurosu's Abbey Leecher Guide - Vampire Paladin - My new set!

    I was taught this build in game by a very kind Talonian, and i've been working a modified version of it. Currently my Weapon is a +5elemental sword 2x snip and 1xkiel and its amazing, not to mention random bolt spells are sweeet but the stat boosts were what i really wanted out of it. +4 evil valk. currently have a hodremlin sacred mission but i'm going to replace it with GTB soon. still need to get a deviling, currently using angelic naght seiger. Kaho +BK str mid+gentleman's pipe. 2xbradium earring of bigmouth If/when i finally get slotted sleips i plan on putting a moonlight in it for the dex+hp boost. The build i was shown was focused on getting insta cast and had 3xSN 1xkiel. The dude tanked dark lord right next to me in seconds just using GC, no auto guard or any other skill used. Right now i have maxed int but i'm wondering if it would make the build more versatile to balance str and int. I'm curious because GC is based of ATK and MATK, so currently i can hit undead / shadow mobs for upwards of 17K per hit, but then you try any other mob and its a little over 1k plus, maybe 3k . Since the ATK portion is low because of the low str stats i'm curious if this would boost the dmg to non-shadow/undead property mobs? I would also like to get more dex enchanted gears , my cast time is already fast but even with bless , still not 'instant' , maybe switch the berzes for celebs and ultimately bris if i ever get that pro level. Thoughts? comments? rude remarks?
  4. Andrewnuts

    B>+7 Naght Seiger Twin Blade(R) [3]

    pm or post offer please!
  5. Andrewnuts

    Resetting My Account Goodies!

    is that +7 naght seiger twin blade red or blu and is it clean, no cards?
  6. Andrewnuts

    Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Don't suppose we could still donate and get those rewards?? lol
  7. Andrewnuts

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    I know! i think we have different schedules lol, but i'm on everyday almost! lol My work schedule rotates tho so right now im working late nights in my time which is when i think you're on. Dont worry we'll get there!
  8. Andrewnuts

    Luna Nocturnus > Social / PVM Guild

    Thanks for the add today! look forward to having lots of fun with y'all!!