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  1. GM Phoenix

    The Eden Group

    Indeed there is! Just talk to Lime Evenor at the main desk and he will mention how many jobs you've completed.
  2. Congratulations on your promotion! /lv

    1. GM Phoenix

      GM Phoenix

      Thank you ser! :D

    2. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      H o t.

    3. GM Radius

      GM Radius


      Looking forward to see many great things from you. /no1

  3. GM Phoenix

    The Eden Group

    You're welcome! Always here to help.
  4. GM Phoenix

    The Eden Group

    Hello there! Are you sure that you referred to the below guide first? Our eden group is not the same as the official eden group. Kiren should be located at ein_fild09 72,342. It should be the top left of that particular map.
  5. GM Phoenix

    Enchant Crystals (eden) items

    Changed Status to Pending
  6. GM Phoenix

    Enchant Crystals (eden) items

    Great suggestion! We will consider this for a future addition to the stat enchanter. Putting this in pending for now.
  7. GM Phoenix

    Snake Head Hat [1] double attack lv5

    The idea of an upgraded Snake Head Hat through Reno's upgrading which adds additional stats wouldn't be a half bad idea actually as I could see new build potential through that with Thief/Rogue, or even Super Novice through the Soul Link, however I don't like the idea of increasing the Double Attack rate back to level 5. It's a slotted hat that anybody but Novice can wear, that means every class gains the benefit of Thief Double Attack + a free card slot. Granted it's 25% vs a max 50%, but it's still enough for it to be relevant vs just a chick hat or sidewinder card for example. Nonetheless, a different kind of upgrade could be a consideration for the future.
  8. GM Phoenix

    Necromancer card

    I wouldn't mind this personally, as many of these cards already flood our market and having it only applicable to 1 weapon, like it currently is, devalues it even further. Expanding to Daggers and Books could be a great starting point to expand the usefulness of this card. I also agree with updating the Gold Queen Scaraba Card on top of that.
  9. GM Phoenix

    Lessen BSThorn requirements for Personal Request

    Changed Status to Pending
  10. GM Phoenix

    Lessen BSThorn requirements for Personal Request

    I also agree with Seiren's suggestion. Would be a great alternate route to pursue. In addition, it's likely the enchanting cooldown will be reduced as well with that change. With that being said, it's safe to say this is no longer declined and we can now move this to pending~
  11. GM Phoenix

    Lessen BSThorn requirements for Personal Request

    Thank you for leaving your feedback. I understand your points, especially when it comes to alternatives you can buy for cheaper, and while I fully understand that 500k for a required enchanting item is expensive, in the long run it isn't us that decides how much the price of the item is, the players decide how expensive that item is. Even if we were to change what the ingredient(s) were, odds are, the new ingredient(s) will jump in price and be just as much as 500k on average or close to it unless we used more common items. If we were to remove the hammer of blacksmith as one of the required items, then that item would lose its value and market potential. Therefore if anything must change, more likely than not, it will be the cooldown being shorter than it currently is. Nonetheless, there is a chance that in the future this could see a change.
  12. GM Phoenix

    Lessen BSThorn requirements for Personal Request

    Changed Status to Declined
  13. GM Phoenix

    Lessen BSThorn requirements for Personal Request

    Thank you for submitting this suggestion! Unfortunately this is likely not to change, because while the stats are random as you say, and while the gears are not as useful as the items you listed. The Eden Gears were and always will be intended for the early game, and are not meant to compete with the items you can get later on in the game, so in a way yes, you could say they are meant to be overshadowed by the later items. The enchanting option is there as an extra incentive/optional upgrade to reward people that want to go the extra mile with their eden gear and is well worth the effort in its current form which is likely why the price is so high to begin with, which is a good thing, because this means more items are valuable in the market. While very random, it's possible to get a lot of stats such as up to 6 flee on each possible gear, a total of 18, not even including the flee you already get from the Eden Manteau II (which is 12, so 30 flee is possible), 4 Crit for each gear is also possible for a total of 12 Crit, which would be 24 on a katar. You also have an opportunity to get 4 Int for each valid eden gear, which is a great damage boost for AD Bio. Those are just some examples of whats possible. However I will not rule out the possibility of the cooldown being updated at some point in the future, but as it currently stands, this will have to be declined.
  14. GM Phoenix

    The Eden Group [Resource / Guide]

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention! It will be fixed at a later point when other things in this guide are updated.
  15. GM Phoenix

    Sprite for lever action rifle

    Changed Status to Pending