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  1. Changed Status to Pending
  2. I don't see why not to be honest, especially with the gravestone addition. I could put this on my agenda for the eden focused update later.
  3. Changed Status to Pending
  4. What I've noticed in a lot of these cases is that the headgear specifically is not very good by itself and could warrant an advanced/enhanced version via Reno. However for all these other parts of the set, you could simply add slotted versions to the slot enchanter instead with slightly altered stats in some of the cases where it would be too much. The combo sets will probably also be slightly altered so some of them do not get outrageously carried away, but they would still make great additions to the game when done properly. Will mark this as pending for now, as I'm actively working on a solution for this.
  5. Changed Status to Pending
  6. This is a great suggestion! While I can't guarantee that it will be "exactly" the same as you're suggesting since changes are bound to occur one way or another depending on the game design, I will plan some form of this idea for the Eden Update that I intend to introduce some time in the future after all previous content is done being ported over to the Iduna Engine. Will mark this as pending for now.
  7. GM Phoenix

    !reward command

    Changed Status to Implemented
  8. GM Phoenix

    !reward command

    This will be integrated into a new Bonus Bundle Icon for the next maintenance. Marking this as Implemented.
  9. Changed Status to Implemented
  10. Implemented for next maintenance.
  11. GM Phoenix

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    Changed Status to Implemented
  12. GM Phoenix

    Infinite Fly Wing

    Changed Status to Declined
  13. GM Phoenix

    Infinite Fly Wing

    This defeats the purpose of working for the item. It's limited this way because of how useful it is. If we were to open it up to everybody by just earning it on 1 character, it would become way too powerful with minimum work required.
  14. Changed Status to Implemented
  15. We already have this actually, technically speaking. Just use Contact Lenses [1].
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