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  1. Enchanting eden armor gears

    You can keep doing Blacksmith Thorn's enchantments on the same Eden Uniform IV, Eden Boots IV, and Eden Manteau II once every 23 hours. So if you don't get the enchantments you want the first time, just wait another 23 hours and do his quest again and he will roll new enchantments on that gear. Hope this helps.
  2. Adjustment to Eden Hunting for Melee Classes

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. Adjustment to Eden Hunting for Melee Classes

    Thank you for this feedback and your suggestions! We can consider upgrading the Eden Group Hat II to some extent, it's possible that we could not only open up the enchanting feature to this hat as well as the first one but also give it slightly more damage and/or hit rate as well. You make a great point about consumable rewards. We can consider adding new consumable rewards to the missions to suit these needs you mention, but we will never give you items just for starting the quest as that would simply be way too easy for no effort other than just accepting a quest. I'm sorry but I'm going to have to decline what you're suggesting in regard to endows. While it sounds great on paper to get free endows for participating in these missions, the eden weapons are not supposed to be set it and forget it and are simply starter gears to help you get something better later. Introducing endows of any kind to eden gear will also devalue VVS elemental weapons (as you mentioned), elemental converters, existing weapons with fixed elements, and the need for Sages. While it's perfectly possible to solo a lot of these missions and party play was a focus in Eden's development especially at the higher level missions. I completely understand your argument when it comes to hit rate and flee rate since melee classes in comparison to ranged attackers are naturally at a disadvantage and need a lot more stats to do their job. While you can get a significant amount of stats and flee from enchanting your Eden Group Armor IV, Eden Group Boots IV, and Eden Group Manteau II, I don't think it would hurt to give all the melee based eden weapons +10 Hit Rate, so perhaps that will be introduced in a later update. Beyond this, remember that as a Knight you have 3 skills that give you significantly more Hit Rate to make it slightly easier, that being Bash (50% more), Pierce (50% more), and Magnum Break (200% more). Thank you for the monster rotation suggestions! I'm positive at some point we're going to add new mob rotations to the boards, especially the suggested ones. I can't promise that will be soon however, and it would likely be at a later patch. This is because mobs added to these boards are carefully considered so that they will meet an average amount of exp per level range (so it doesn't give too little or too high in comparison to everything else in that board), have a workable item (for the item quests), and aren't a mob that have incredibly long cooldowns (such as Shinobis or Gold Acidus). I do understand your argument for melee friendly choices though and when the next mobs are chosen for new additions, I will be sure to keep that in mind. For the time being, Les is actually a possible choice when doing the Eden's Chef Bonus Bundle missions if you have the Bonus Bundle, it should be a level 26-55. That doesn't mean it won't be included in the regular board in the future, however. With that being said, for the time being I will put this suggestion as pending until the presented ideas are implemented in a later patch. Potentially the next one~ Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and suggestions.
  4. GM-Hosted Minigame Suggestion: The Colour Game

    Basically what Seiren said~ Then we would just need the recolored hats to make the event possible for the most part.
  5. Finally! The best update ever!

    You're very welcome! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the server.
  6. The Eden Group

    While I understand the need for extended classes to have more content for them, in this case, it simply wouldn't be fair to the base 2-1 and 2-2 classes if extended classes had access to the transcendent mission board as they have the same Base Exp requirement as the extended classes. So yea.
  7. The Eden Group [Resource / Guide]

    The Eden Group - Resource & Guide Table of Contents Secretary Lime Evenor Main Eden Quests Instructor Boya Administrator Michael Instructor Ur Blacksmith Thorn Weapons Expert BK Mission Boards Dieshin Corporation Gramps Bonus Bundle Missions Crystal Synthesis Crystal Synthesis Equipment Eden Gym Tutorial NPCs Tutorial Instructor Tutorial Goal Questline Captain Arquien Bounty Board Grandma Boxter Dally Quen Merry Badger & Barker Secretary Lime Evenor This is the first place people should find themselves at. Talk to him and he will get you set up at the Eden Group with the Eden Group Mark which you can then start doing the many Eden Features with. The Eden Group Mark itself will allow you to teleport back to the Eden Group instantly from anywhere in the world. It has a 15 minute cooldown and a 1 second startup animation when used. If you die during the startup animation, you will not be warped back! Secretary Lime Evenor will also find you after every 25 jobs you complete for the Eden Group and recommend you to the Eden Group Captain, Arquien. The applicable jobs that count toward this feature are the following: Mission Boards (only hunting, not item). Gramps. Dieshin Corporation Delivery Quests. Bounty Board. You can find more information about Captain Arquien and what she rewards you at the Captain Arquien Bonuses section. Main Eden Quests Instructor Boya You can start the main eden quests by first talking to Instructor Boya. In order to participate you must first be at least base level 12. If you aren’t, then you can always do the first Mission Board (1-11) and take on some of those missions until you are. If you are within level range she will recommend you a different mission depending on what level you are. These are as follows: Level 12+ Boya Missions Level 26+ Boya Missions Level 40+ Boya Missions / ! \ / ! \ Note / ! \ / ! \ Starting at a later level will get you the highest equipment for your level. This means, for example, if you start at level 60+, you will get the Weapon II, Uniform III, Boots III, Manteau I, and Hat I all in 1 go, skipping everything before that point. * Click the below spoiler for a list of possible Eden Group Weapons I & II based on class Administrator Michael Should you complete any of Boya’s Quests, you can visit Administrator Michael in the Eden Group Member exclusive area (behind the blue door). He will give you eden equipment according to the quest you completed. If you complete the third step of the training (the base level 40+ missions) he will also give you the ability to upgrade the Eden Hat with a stat enchantment. The Eden Hat can have the following enhancements: +2 Str +2 Agi +2 Vit +2 Int +2 Luk +1 Dex After you pick the enchantment you will not be able to change it later for this particular hat so pick wisely! You can only get this enchantment again if you recover a new Eden Group Hat I and previously unlocked this enchanting feature. Note : This service is only available for the Eden Group Hat I and not the Eden Group Hat II [1] you get later from Instructor Ur’s Missions! Eden Equipment Recovery I Should you lose your Eden Equipment earned from Instructor Boya either by NPCing it or getting rid of it by any other means, you can return to Administrator Michael and request replacement gears. He will be able to recover any of the following: Eden Group Weapon I ~ II Eden Group Uniform I ~ III Eden Group Boots I ~ III Eden Group Hat I Eden Group Manteau I Note : He will only recover equipment tiers that you already earned by completing enough of Instructor Boya’s Quests! You will not receive duplicates of Eden Equipment you already have in your inventory as well. Depending on how early or how late the requested eden equipment is normally obtained Administrator Michael will assign you a different hunting quest that you must complete before he can replace your gear. These are as follows: Rewarded Equipment Hunting Mission Hat I, Manteau I, Boots I, Uniform I Hunt 20 Zombies Boots II, Uniform II, Weapon I Hunt 20 Orc Zombies Boots III, Uniform III, Weapon II Hunt 20 Siromas Instructor Ur After you complete Boya’s third step of training you can start doing Instructor Ur’s training. In order to participate in his training you need to be base level 60 or above. Should you not be within this level range yet you can always use the Mission Boards to get to that point. Instructor Ur’s missions are similar to Boya’s missions in that you need to complete three steps of training. Like Boya’s missions you can also skip ahead to later missions should you be a high enough level to do so. The reward for completing Ur’s training is that you will gain a new set of Eden equipment that is far stronger than the original, which can also be enchanted later on by visiting Weapons Expert BK and Blacksmith Thorn respectively. Something that differs from Instructor Ur’s missions that aren’t present in Boya’s missions is that no matter what mission you complete you will only receive one set of equipment. Unlike before where you had multiple tiers of gear, it’s now about the amount of enchantments you can place in your Eden Group Weapon III instead. Each step of the training lets you place 1 more enchant into the weapon after initially getting the final tier of eden equipment, up to three total. Level 60+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 70+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 80+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 90+ Instructor Ur Mission Level 99 Instructor Ur Mission Blacksmith Thorn After completing any of Instructor Ur’s training missions for the first time he will direct you to Blacksmith Thorn which you can find in the same area as Administrator Michael. Blacksmith Thorn will give you a tier 3 Eden Group Weapon for your class, an Eden Group Uniform IV, Eden Group Boots IV, Eden Group Hat II [1], and Eden Group Manteau II. You may notice that this time around that some classes have new weapon choices (such as Huuma Shuriken for Ninja, Spear for Swordsmen classes, Instrument/Whip for Bard/Dancer, etc). After you receive the equipment, you can now do a mini repeatable quest for Blacksmith Thorn every 23 hours. He will ask you to collect a handful of materials which include the following: 1 Hammer of Blacksmith 20 Live Coal 20 Used Iron Plate Returning to him with the above items allows you to enchant the Eden Armor IV, Eden Manteau II, or the Eden Boots IV with 2 random enchantments. You can repeat this job every 23 hours. These two random enchantments can be any of the following: Available in both the 1st and 2nd enchantment: + 1~2 Stat (not including Dex) + 1~3 MDEF + 2 Flee Only available in the 2nd enchantment: + 4 MDEF + 3~4 Flee + 1~4 Crit + 1 Dex Click the below spoiler for a list of possible Eden Group Weapons I & II based on class Eden Equipment Recovery II Should you lose your Eden Equipment earned from Instructor Ur either by NPCing it or getting rid of it by any other means, you can return to Blacksmith Thorn and request replacement gears. He will be able to recover any of the following: Eden Group Weapon III Or I, if it's a special weapon like Huuma, Spear, Two-Handed Axe, Guitar/Whip, Katar, etc. Eden Group Boots IV Eden Group Uniform IV Eden Group Hat II Eden Group Manteau II Note : He will only recover equipment if you completed at least 1 of Instructor Ur’s quests and already received equipment from Blacksmith Thorn! You will not receive duplicates of Eden Equipment you already have in your inventory as well. Blacksmith Thorn always has the same hunting mission for you to complete. However you must complete it twice should you need both the weapon and the armor set as he can only do 1 at a time. Rewarded Equipment Hunting Mission Hat II, Manteau II, Boots IV, Uniform IV OR Weapon III Hunt 20 Snowiers Weapons Expert BK After you obtain your level 3 eden weapon and complete another one of Instructor Ur’s missions, you can visit Weapons Expert BK and you will receive one enchantment to your weapon. If you complete later missions earlier you can skip ahead and gain many enchants at the same time though. Note: Your level 3 eden weapon must be equipped before he can start enchanting! Choose your enchantments wisely, as you will not be able to reset them after you pick! If you are a Taekwon (not a Star Gladiator, as they get a Book) nothing happens at this NPC and you can simply ignore this entire section. Enchantment 1: The first enchantment is straightforward, pick 2% Atk or 2% Matk. The choice you make here will influence the second enchantment later. Enchantment 2: Depending on the choice you made earlier (Atk or Matk) he will offer you a Race damage boost. It’s the same effect as the Race% card such as with Goblin, Peco Peco Egg, Vadon, etc. If you picked Atk% he will give you a 10% Atk boost against any race of your choice. If you picked Matk% he will give you a 5% Matk boost against any race of your choice. Enchantment 3: This enchantment is pretty straight forward. You can choose to double the value of either enchantment 1 (Atk% or Matk%) or enchantment 2 (race% boost). Recovered Eden Weapon III Enchantments Should you receive a new Eden Weapon III from Blacksmith Thorn, you can return to Weapons Expert BK and request enchantments for the new Eden Weapon III you recieved. Note : He will only give you as many enchantments that are possible according to the amount of missions you completed for Instructor Ur! Weapons Expert BK always has the same mission for you to complete. Unlike the other recovery missions his is an item collection. For as many enchantments that you qualify for, he will request a specific amount of Solid Peaches from you before he starts the enchanting process. Rewarded Enchantments Item Mission 1 Enchantment Collect 30 Solid Peaches 2 Enchantments Collect 60 Solid Peaches 3 Enchantments Collect 90 Solid Peaches
  8. Advanced Safety Ring

    In this particular case I understand the concerns and feedback regarding the item mainly being too expensive to create, but also what the end result is. What I will end up doing is give the item a minor buff, and drastically reduce the required items in order to create the item. This change should be available in a later update I would imagine. That being said, thank you for the feedback. Changed Status to Implemented
  9. Advanced Safety Ring

    Thank you for this constructive criticism. I understand the concerns that were addressed here, and I thought I would briefly explain some of the thought process that went into this particular item. The existence of the Amon Ra card is why the rate is what it is. Advanced Safety Ring isn't supposed to replace the usefulness of that card. The renewal version was obviously way too powerful for its own good for pre-renewal, therefore it had to be powered down significantly. There are currently no slotted accessories that exist, other than the Brisingamen, that give any more than 1 Defense. Since this accessory gives Kyrie, the trade off is 0 physical defense on the accessory. By giving +1 to all stats on this accessory, it would have replaced any usefulness of the standard stat slotted accessories. There is a possibility that we could increase the rate of the Kyrie proc, and potentially give it 3 MDEF, and while it might be possible to also include +1 to all stats, it would devalue other accessories such as slotted glove, rosary, and ring, if that were to be added to this accessory. Finally, having any more than 0 physical defense won't happen.
  10. The Eden Group

    Nope. He only hands out the headgears and other equipment that he will craft for you after you have enough energy crystals. Refer to his catalog at the bottom of his main menu for more information on this.
  11. pick new Eden group weapon

    A solution to this is being worked on, as I saw enough feedback in-game regarding people accidently NPCing their Eden Gear, getting the wrong weapon on accident, etc. Changed Status to Implemented
  12. The Eden Group

    That GM would be me, if you must know, as said at the very bottom of the main post. Very happy to see that you are enjoying the update. Seeing happy players make it all that much more worth it!
  13. The Eden Group

    Yes it indeed took several months! Lots of coffees perished every morning, lots of bug testing occurred, several scripts were rewritten, adjusted, or created from the ground up. Eden had to go through various changes for it to be compatible and to make it quality for the pre-renewal settings, but eventually it got to a comfortable state.
  14. The Eden Group

    I'm very happy to see everybody enjoying the content, it makes it all that much more worth it! I hope you have fun everyone. Now to address some questions haha~ At some point we will create a dedicated section for this. No, this wasn't intended at all, but it can be looked into. For now, we just have to disable noks. A hint would be that he's located in the map where the most Porcellios are. Don't forget to use the questlog as well.
  15. GM Phoenix is it possible to put a Doctor and Blacksmith inside Eden Group ??? Just asking i think it would be nice for everyone :D ... And Thanks for Adding this Features, So Cool.

    1. GM Phoenix

      GM Phoenix

      Excellent suggestion! It will definitely be considered in the future. Thank you for the feedback. Also, you're very welcome! :)

    2. GeohoundNTA


      Also could you plz change the BGM too. i think the Morroc theme doesnt fit at all, it's so gloomy.