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  1. I will be the first to admit that the Iduna Project was a lot of work and that there are still some issues that need to be resolved and looked at such as the Maya Card "change", the skill queuing issue (which is still very hard to pinpoint but I now have some leads), and a couple other issues that have not been resolved yet. Believe me when I say that's all going to get addressed in time. I'm also aware of some serious lacking potential in existing content that has been transfered from renewal such as items and areas, I plan to address this in time as well. But over all this switch has upgraded us to most recent software and technology, which allows us to introduce new ideas and content that will soon see the light of day starting with 2020 and post BG and SQIs rework. All in all it's kind words such as yours @Spankerman that keep me going forward in the grand scheme of things and reinforce to me why we do what we do here at TalonRO. Without satisfied and happy players we would essentially be nothing. We're only going to improve going forward, and also thank you to everybody else that has supported us and loves what we do here.
  2. Actually Red Orbs drop at all the difficulties! Nightmare just happens to be the most frequent one (for obvious reasons). There will be more stuff added next reboot.
  3. The intent with finding the secret was to essentially get a nice little bonus toward the things you make progress toward in the event anyways. However, I understand why you feel upset about this. I'll make sure to note that for Christmas this year and Halloween 2020. I'll improve that pool a bit for next time. I agree, there should be something really special there even if the chance is rare. Edit: Actually, I "will" extend Error's random freebies this year! It will be rare, but he's going to give you something significant that isn't the typical rewards. Stay tuned for next patch~
  4. Great work on discovering it! I had a lot of fun making the secret this year as it paid tribute to one of my favorite franchises of all time, Castlevania. Haha.
  5. Thanks again for the wonderful feedback! Will address a couple things. We can absolutely do this, will make sure that makes it for the next patch. It will be above where Sid Barrett is in the Locker Room. Thanks for the suggestion! 1) The booster logic is going to be changed for the next patch round so that it's no longer a global delay and instead is individually based cooldowns. This should make it more accessible to all racers so that this advantage doesn't happen like it currently does as you describe. 1st place also won't benefit from the booster as much as everybody else. Thanks for the suggestion! 2) I don't quite understand what you mean by the second point though. Could you elaborate a bit? 1st place already only gets the Ankle Snare power only from the item chest and will never get the Lightning Bolt or Warp. Do you mean to also include a similar mechanic for 2nd and 3rd as well? Thanks! 1) This won't change. This is already an improvement over last year's 2018 system after a lot of feedback where the entire dungeon was on rotation and only open for like an hour and had a vanilla/unres split which was historically unpopular. Now the dungeons are always open and ticket drops are available every time Black Jack is not open (basically every other game/hour) up until a certain point, which means tickets can't be over farmed so much that they overshadow every other game. But it also means that it's frequent enough unlike last year. Making it a lot more reasonable and fair. For points, this is why Nightmare mobs give more points than Easy and Intermediate. The map is a lot harder but in exchange the point progression is better than both difficulties under it. 2) The points thing was actually a typo, it actually currently is 1,000 points for Borg The Destroyer but Zarevok has a mistake where he claims it's 5,000. Will fix that for the next patch so it's accurate. Thanks for pointing that out! 3) Intermediate Dispell rate is currently a 5% chance at 60 seconds, which is rather infrequent. However I understand the frustration there especially for a mid-game player. As for Nightmare, it's way more frequent. In Nightmare this is intentional so that way it adds some more challenge to the map. So as a result, that won't change for Nightmare. However for Intermediate, what I'll do is add a cast time which makes it so you can interrupt it and more predictable so you have a chance to avoid it (via GTB swap or whatever else).
  6. Thank you for this insightful feedback. Really happy to hear that everybody is enjoying this new minigame, and I'm always looking to make improvements! Wouldn't mind adding more random traps if they aren't triggered enough. Should be pretty easy to do that. You're right about the Horong Boosters when it comes to 1st place. We could most likely just add a similar mechanic to that as we do for item box, where if you're in first place, you only get the ankle snare surprise and not the warp/lightning bolt. Will implement a solution for this on the monthly reboot potentially. As for the lightning bolt slowdown. It actually does already slow down the 1st place user more than everybody else. But if it needs to be reduced more, I'll test this myself my end and if applicable can make that change for the monthly reboot potentially. Also, great suggestion for the lightning bolt cancelling the speed boost! In hindsight that's actually a bit of an oversight and it should really cancel any speed boost. Will note that for changes!
  7. Thank you for the feedback! The boosters not spawning properly was a problem and should be fixed when the server is back up. Perhaps this will satisfy the walking speed request.
  8. I don't mind adding more things to Grandma Boxter's recycle options. Will add this to the agenda for the Eden Update later after more important updates are completed. Pending for now.
  9. Changed Status to Pending
  10. Will add these suggestions to my agenda for the incoming Eden Update later, after other important updates are completed. Thank you for the suggestions and they will be considered! Going to mark this as pending for now.
  11. GM Phoenix

    BG Spear(s)

    Changed Status to Pending
  12. GM Phoenix

    BG Spear(s)

    I have been discussing this with Blackstar as we take a second look at the BG Rewards actually. I'm going to mark this as pending for the time being until further notice.
  13. Wew! I love this! Thank you so much and great work. Thank you Evajun for the suggestion!
  14. Changed Status to Implemented
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