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  1. GM Phoenix

    1 Billion Zeny Limit

    The Iduna engine already has a new zeny limit of 2,147,483,647 compared to the existing 1 billion actually, not even including the new bank feature the new client introduces. That being said, please await the Iduna official release and this will be implemented~
  2. GM Phoenix

    Better Gramps map

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. GM Phoenix

    Better Gramps map

    Thank you for the suggestion~ After Iduna's launch I am planning some long needed updates to the Eden Group which I can't confirm a release month for just yet. I have recognized that many users such as yourself specifically commented on the Gazeti mission saying it takes too long. I will reevaluate the Gramps Missions to make sure that none of them take too long and that they're the best they can possibly be during that time and will likely replace problematic missions such as those with a different mission that's better and/or doesn't take nearly as much time. However, I personally feel that giving Gramps a special map takes away from going to specific existing areas in the game. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Will put this into pending for now.
  4. First of all, thank you for the suggestion~ The main idea behind including Bronze Coins as an item to recycle was so when a player no longer needed to use Bronze Coins for whatever reason, such as not needing the rental weapons anymore, you still have a reason to keep putting them toward something else that wasn't rental items (in this case Brownie Point shop). I understand your frustrations, and I will create a fix for this by adding a separate option specifically to recycle Bronze Coins close to what ValheruWolf is suggesting. While I can't promise this can be implemented before the Iduna release, I'll make sure this makes it in on the Iduna launch. For now I'll tag this as pending until it's officially implemented. Thank you again for sharing your concern and I personally apologize if you accidentally lost Bronze Coins that you didn't want to recycle.
  5. Interesting you mention this actually. I can confidently assure you that all 3 of those minigames have received much needed changes and updates in the Iduna engine. Please stay tuned.
  6. I actually remember seeing these after graduating college, was definitely a flashback hahaha. I appreciate that you shared these as it's always refreshing to see game design topics. It gives upcoming designers, developers, and curious minds something beneficial to learn from and discuss. As Boreas said, every change affects the server's population, and while it's clearly impossible to satisfy every last person: I believe good design, good balance, and listening to what players have to say are all very important things when it comes to shaping a great experience. With that being said, there's a lot to look forward to in the coming future post Iduna. A lot of exciting and mindful content will be on the way.
  7. Thank you all for the feedback! To those asking when to expect the Bragi changes, it will come with the new Iduna engine. So stay tuned and get hyped!
  8. I'm always thinking of these things behind the scenes, and while I can't announce anything right this moment, you can expect great things post Iduna. Hahahahaha, made my morning.
  9. We can't confirm or deny that, however, it's definitely a possibility.
  10. Welcome! The announcement when killing The Creature and/or Werewolf on the last hit isn't a bug. Unfortunately we are unable to actually keep track of the MvP Status in that script the same way the game source keeps track of the MvP status when killing a normal MvP. Sadly, there is not much we can do about that, for the time being. If there is a fix for it, I can assure you it will be implemented. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. What if I told you... That the regular mobs already drop the King's Soul Stone? If you find yourself an Evil Heart and figure out how to use it, that's another way to get it~
  12. The final boss in the Halloween Instance that you unlock after completing all of the main quest has a high chance at dropping another Pitch Dark Evil Druid Hat. That sounds like a very fun idea actually! As for the Evil Hearts, it is indeed a secret. Just be sure to explore Melodia and find and talk to as many NPCs that you can find.
  13. Thank you all so far for the great feedback! It's all influential for designing future events and updates to said events to bring you all the best and most refined experience. Definitely keep your thoughts coming. Oh? If possible, could you please elaborate on that crashing part a bit? Is it taking place in the Academy Dungeon? The Instance Dungeon? Both? Are you able to consistently reproduce the problem doing something or encountering something specific while inside these places? Is the crashing completely random otherwise? This would help us pinpoint the potential issue. Thanks!
  14. GM Phoenix

    [BG] Ninja Medalion

    Changed Status to Implemented
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