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  1. GM Phoenix

    [BG] Ninja Medalion

    Changed Status to Implemented
  2. GM Phoenix

    [BG] Ninja Medalion

    Ninja can already wear the Thief Medalion just like Taekwon/Star Gladiator can with the Swordsman one. https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/2721/
  3. GM Phoenix

    Good Places to mob for hunter?

    Hello there, perhaps I could give you a suggestion. While it's clear to me that you seem to be having trouble at Galions based on what you said (correct me if I read that wrong) but Scaraba Hole, specifically the second floor, is a great leveling spot for Hunter/Sniper when using a Claymore Trap build and is very rewarding when it comes to experience. If you're really lucky, you may even get a Bone Plate [1]. I would actually argue that this is the fastest method for the Claymore Trap build and is definitely a better map to go to than Galions with that build. Scaraba Hole can be a challenging map, but it rewards people that put in a lot of practice, so don't give up! This spot does require that you obtain the Ring of the Wise King though through the New World Quest line, and I would also recommend bringing plenty of Fly Wings and/or a Creamy accessory in case you get trapped by Spider Web there while attempting to gather mobs. If you haven't considered it already in your build: something that will greatly make things easier with the Claymore Trap build is simply adding movement speed. Since you aren't a Sniper yet, equipment solutions can include Sleipnir or Moonlight Flower Card if you happen to have them. If you need a really affordable/consumable solution, then Authorative Badges would be your best bet. Stockpile a bunch of those before going to the map. If Scaraba Hole isn't your cup of tea, then Pinguiculas or even Dewata Volcano (the Leak map) can work for Claymore Trap. I hope this helps.
  4. GM Phoenix

    Do I need dople dople in ninja shurikat?

    Hello there, I'd be glad to answer your question. Yes Doppelganger card is very beneficial for this class and especially on this SQI since the Huuma weapon type is so slow, however, it really depends on what you're looking to do. It's primarily useful on their magic spells but it can also find use with a few of their other skills as well. It's especially beneficial for the following skills here: Throw Shuriken Shadow Slash (it will make the animation much faster, however, it doesn't necessarily improve the DPS) Lightning Spear of Ice Crimson Fire Blossom Lightning Crash North Wind Contrary to what you might think it actually will not help the Wind Blade skill, despite the fact that it helps Lightning Spear of Ice and Crimson Fire Blossom. It also will not help the Throw Kunai or the Throw Huuma Shuriken skills. For those two, I highly recommend using power cards instead such as Samurai, Turtle General, etc. Doppelganger will definitely find a lot of use on a Ninja that focuses on Magic or Throw Shuriken as a result.
  5. GM Phoenix

    Ninja Shadow Slash Help

    Interesting question! I'd be glad to answer. It used to be where Shadow Slash was always considered a melee attack. Therefore if you were to use Shadow Slash at any cell, no matter the distance, you could actually go through skills like Pneuma. Ever since Athena software however (at least that's when I remember the change occurring) this has no longer been the case and the skill is now always considered ranged damage. So with that history being said it’s easy to assume that Drosera would work with it. But unfortunately, it doesn’t, because if we take another look at the card's script. if (getiteminfo(getequipid(EQI_HAND_R),9) > 3) bonus bCritical,15; Basically what this is looking for is it’s checking for the weapon’s attacking range that is currently equipped. If the attacking range is greater than 3 cells, then the card considers it a ranged weapon, and therefore it will apply the +15 Crit bonus. This is why the card will immediately recognize both Bow and Gun type weapons. So since all available weapons to Ninjas are melee weapons and don’t have a cell attacking range of 4 or greater, sorry to say, it won’t work. If you want to improve the crit rate of Shadow Slash your best bet is to use +Crit cards like Alligator card or by using a weapon like Kitchen Knife. I hope this helps.
  6. GM Phoenix

    which is better. help me decide pls.

    Hello Itan88. It may vary from person to person, but I've had much more success when my Snipers have significant Attack Speed versus having HP > Attack Speed. This is especially true if you plan on running a power bow such as a +7 Turtle Elven Bow or a TTT Artemis Bow. While having a lot of HP is always nice, the reason behind Attack Speed taking priority is because it allows significantly more DPS. HP is important, but in this case the trade off of 2,000 HP for 2 Attack Speed is far more worth it in attempt to kill your target faster. Like you said, maybe 1 second faster, but that 1 second can actually make a huge difference in the end. This becomes even more significant when you start using a Sniping Suit and Bragi in the mix (assuming you run Sharp Shooting). In the end you should consider having just enough HP to where you can survive a plentiful amount of abuse without getting 1 shot frequently. As long as you have just enough HP, and the right armors to resist elemental/powerful attacks, you should be alright for the most part. Ultimately 15,000+ HP is a great minimum to start with and honestly anything beyond that point would be a luxury. Hope this helps!
  7. GM Phoenix


    Hello zero_espada. The cheapest investment is going to be a Kavach Icarus with Skin of Ventoss. It will be relatively cheap and it will get you an outstanding +30 Flee. Deviling on the other hand is superior assuming you can reach a minimum of 251+ Flee without the Kavach Icarus Skin of Ventoss. This is the range where you're going to notice you'll be taking far less hits from most enemies there (95% flee against Executioner, Succubus, Incubus, Mini Demon, Violy, and False Angel). I wouldn't recommend investing in a Skin of Ventoss with Deviling but rather a Diablos Manteau with a Deviling card. This will give you an extra 5% neutral resistance for a grand total of 55% resistance to neutral element. The fact of the matter is that as long as you can reach over 251 flee, that 10 flee the Skin of Ventoss gives you isn't really justified compared to extra resistance. So in the end it makes a lot more sense to invest into that extra 5% neutral resistance instead. One final note I would like to mention is that it would be very wise to invest into an Osiris accessory as a swap if you haven't already. This will give you access to Agi Up level 5, meaning more attack speed and more flee, which can ultimately help you achieve what you need there easier. I hope this helps and good luck at Geffenia.
  8. GM Phoenix

    I need some sniper assistance.

    Oh I apologize, I was mislead by your thread's title. Haha. Well either way, just stick with a Dex/Agi based build and take them on one by one, it's not that hard and still very profitable.
  9. GM Phoenix

    I need some sniper assistance.

    Hello Blackwolf7! Aside from Thors being one of the ideal places to take your Sniper, you can also try Niflheim Field 2 (aka the map full of Loli Ruris). This map also makes for a fantastic leveling spot, especially since you have a Gloom Under Night Sniping Suit to work with for there. Bring Double Strafing, Sharp Shooting, and plenty of Silver or Holy Arrows. Try making small mobs and simply use Sharp Shooting, use Double Strafing on any individual or leftover enemies. You'll find that it's very quick leveling if you're not up for Thors yet, as well as extremely profitable. You can find this map here, which is directly to the left of Niflheim City.
  10. Please make that happen! D: In other news... ^ This is probably going to be my new wallpaper.
  11. This is some fantastic work Lady L, extremely useful! However there's two things I would actually like to point out here: First of all, in the Wine Cup section, it looks like you accidentally misspelled "Mastela" and said "Manstela" instead. Second, you actually missed something. There's also a hat that exists called Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat which you can find here that actually gives you a Mastela Fruit drop chance. Just thought I would point that out. Anyways, keep up the amazing work!
  12. GM Phoenix

    What's a good rental item for a TK/TKM?

    Hello partygirl and Tom! Taekwon Kid doesn't exactly have the best rental options due to its weaponless nature. Therefore you're basically limited to rental armors as a result. Taekwon Master on the otherhand has two extremely viable options! You could choose one of the following: Giant Encyclopedia (called "Giant Encyclopedia Box" in-game): This weapon is likely your best bet. It's only 110 Bronze coins and it's going to give you the following stats: 1) 145 Attack. 2) 15% Matk, 3 Int, 2 Dex, and 20 Critical Rate. 3) Critical Bonus increases according to your Luck. 4) Gives 40% more damage versus all sizes. Refined Hardcover Book: Admittedly this option isn't as good as the option above, however, this rental option will only run you 60 Bronze coins, and it's going to give you the following stats: 1) 168 Attack. 2) 5 Str, 2 Dex, 20% Matk. I would personally pick the Giant Encyclopedia option as it gives far more benefits than the Refined Hardcover Book, but the choice is yours! I hope this helps!
  13. GM Phoenix

    Common Courtesy

    Hello joshporado! This thread seems more like a report, so I will redirect you to the general report section of the forums which can be found right here. If you want some more immediate assistance, Kahli gives the best solution to the issue:
  14. GM Phoenix

    Any advanced tips for HW?

    Hello there asgore! I can assist you with the MvP aspects of High Wizard, it seems the other participants in this thread have already answered your questions about WoE primarily. The absolute basics you're going to want for any High Wizard to get started are the following: Once you have all of that equipment you should be ready to take on several MvPs! Later you should consider upgrading your arsenal, which can include the following gears/items: Finally, the ultimate end game is going to be the Staff of Magi, which will obviously come much later! Personally speaking I find that Dex, Dex, Range Resist, and Amp Reduction are the best bonuses to pick for MvPing, coupled with 3 Doppelganger Cards. You may also be asking how you'll achieve some more Dex if you decide to give up some of your previous Dex gear. To answer your question, consider stocking up on a couple Green Salads which will give you +5 Dex for a limited time! You can also consider a Priest/HP partner or alt to give you Blessing in addition to this. As for MvPs, as Combo put it, Eddga is a fantastic choice because he's not only extremely weak to Water (making him amazing bait for Storm Gust) his drops are also in high demand, and will get you a good sum of money. Garm is also fantastic since he dies very quickly to your wind magic, and ultimately has very profitable drops. Other great choices can include but not limited to: Biotata (basically every single one of his drops are good for something), Orc Hero (also bait for Storm Gust), Atroce (highly competitive among players but has great drops), Gopinich (watch out for his Quagmire though!), RSX, Vesper, and Drake are all relatively popular choices for profitable MvPs on HW. Eventually you may want to expand into higher end territory! These MvPs can include but not limited to: Ifrit (this one can be relentless without a lot of Vit, so be careful!), Hardrock Mammoth, Thanatos (requires a party to get there though), Kraken (this one can be relentless without a lot of Vit, just like Ifrit, so be careful!), Kiel, and Gloom Under Night. As long as you keep your momentum during an MvP fight, and never forget to use Quagmire when necessary (also watch for openings to use Amplify Magic Power!), you should be well on your way to make some serious profit off MvPs. I hope this helps!