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  1. Did you read any of the other posts?
  2. It already has a fixed delay of 1 at >186 aspd.
  3. Acid demonstration relies on INT. Cast time is secondary.
  4. Hi all! This is my Lif at level 62 now! I'd love her,but I'm getting a bit worried, since her Matk hasn't increased since level 52. Calculator shows all average...
  5. For me personally: I like the update in general. Fixing all kind off bugs and not correctly previous used coding. Kudos for that! It was time for a revamp in general! What I dislike are all the new icons. The icons above npc's, when clicking on walls or the HP bar at monsters. The icons all look kinda childish and make me think I am playing Maplestory.
  6. So Iduna is out for a few weeks now. What's your idea 'bout it? What do you like.. Or not like?
  7. Antonio card... Lets be honest. I cant even think why you would want it or how to use it...
  8. Say to him that I'm a nice guy who really deserves this...Didn't work out.🙄
  9. https://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill4/wiz.html
  10. Aardappel

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