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  1. This once happened to me on another server. I went a little further to see how they do it. *They started talking that they needed another GM and that they got an eye on me for a while. Since I was so social and helping other people. *Than he started to 'verify' my accounts by naming al my characters to proof that he he is a real GM, cause his access to such data. Till this day I never found out how he got them, must've been hacked or something. *Than he send me all kind of 'GM stuff' with rules and commands to make it even more real. Telling about the whole 'team' * Than he asked me for a donation by Western Union. The story went like this: Our top donator who wants to be a GM for a long time already donated $2600 in total. So when we make you GM, and you haven't donated a thing, we'll get a lot of hassle. So we want you to transfer money to us, that we will send back in a couple of days, only so that the registerlogs shows that you have donated as well and we can show this to other people to have proof. At that time I was really suspicious and I started asking for more questions. He was really into it. I didn't trust shit, was really suspicious how he got my data. So I Killswitched my PC and internet and never been back to that server. Lol
  2. Its shown in the first second..
  3. Look in reward guru for it. If no one sells, close to TC price.
  4. They've been talking about a SQI revamp for over 3 years now... Won't be likely to happen in the near future...
  5. Aardappel

    Lightning Bolt Card

    Thanks ! Saw it in the Talon Shop for 1000cash. So will try to farm it. Good to know there is a card!
  6. So... We got Imp card for Fire Bolt damage. We got Siroma card for Colt Bolt damage... And we got ... None for Lightning Bolt damage. Can this be implemented?
  7. Well... Hereby. Just wanted to point out. No matter how, its now impossible to convict a ks-er.
  8. I tried to ban people with Screenshots I made, but all I get is: you need multiple SS's of multiple moments with the ks-ers name visible... Any idea how hard that is? So I gave up.
  9. Cause they need like 15 warnings now for the system finally kicks in... So no... It doesnt work correctly.
  10. They should get muted for 5-10 minutes.
  11. I'm a Gunslinger that uses scouter. But that thing looks horrible. Like to have angel wing ears costumes. Maybe Evil wing ears too., , Must be easy cause sprites already there.
  12. @GM Seiren @GM Boreas I spoke with other evolved homunculus owners. They all got the skill, while it isn't loyal twice.
  13. Hi, it took me several months to feed my Homun to 910+ and... I finally just evolved it. But there is no ultimate skill. I try to vaporize it and call it again. Letting it die and ressurect again. Change maps, teleport, reset skills, feed it to awkward first... Any other ideas? And please don't say it has been changed with Iduna and it needs to be loyal again...
  14. I got 700 tassels, 713 little evil horns and 738 orcs fang Pm Streepter
  15. Did you read any of the other posts?
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