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  1. The places you're send to are for auto-vending. When you opened up your shop, you just type: @autotrade, You will be send offline, but your vend stays up for 8-12 hour. Can't vend normally on those places.
  2. Aardappel

    CH O/

    Ninja ET! Pretty sure we can come a long way, 1 sniper for the holy floors.
  3. Tested it ingame. Only counts as 1 attack.
  4. https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/4658/ Max HP & SP +4% (Obvious) Magical Damage +3% (Obvious) When using Magic 2% chance to recover 40 HP and 20 SP every 2 seconds for 8 seconds total. (What happens if I cast level 10 Fire Bolt, does I have 10x 2% chance or does this count as 1 Magic attack? (Same for Little Fatum card? :3 )) Anyone can clear this up for me please? :3
  5. Aardappel

    Stalker geffenia

    If only there was some kind of guide for this...🤔
  6. Price check > Rice Ball Hat [1]
  7. Aardappel


    S>White Vicious Aura Costume Leave offer
  8. I've made a quadruple TTTT spear once, bit i kept on missing on high end monster. So I've had to add a phreeoni in it to hit them.
  9. Aardappel


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