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  1. I would love to come with my Ninjas in one of your runs :D

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    2. Aardappel


      Do you also take Clown/Gypsy essembles without you on runs? 

      Our guild is becoming dead, so looking for a new active guild that do several runs like ET/GMC.

    3. Sleepy o/

      Sleepy o/

      We take ensembles from time to time when there are willing people to do tha job. or dual them. The guild has adapted my dislike for bragi though. We almost never bring clown alone. Only ensembles. 

      We've been inactive for a while though. Mainly because I'm inactive 8D. I refuse to play till host switch. DCing inside gmc is not fun.

      You could have just asked in our discord though since you're there already

    4. Aardappel


      I've lost the link sadly...

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