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  1. Aardappel


    Pecopeco bumpy bump
  2. Aardappel


    Pecopeco bump
  3. Aardappel

    S> Germs

  4. Aardappel


    B>Aegis (any carding) pm me your price
  5. Aardappel


    You missed one at the market... Gone😅
  6. Aardappel

    Geffenia champ

    And be mindless like everyone else...
  7. Aardappel

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    Q: sir, just wanna ask...how to go mvp with ur ninja build? @Heroa A: Can you be more specific?
  8. Aardappel

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    It's either 150 dex or 100% reduction. But not like 135 dex and 10% reduction, it doesnt work like that.
  9. Aardappel

    CH (Coming Hsoon™ ;D)

    And Khimmy is ditching us for Crimson🤤
  10. Aardappel

    Feeding reduction time

  11. Aardappel

    Electric Guitar

    S> +4 Electric Guitar (Queen Scaraba 3x) 165m or leave offer.
  12. Aardappel

    How to have 190 aspd in dd assassin

    And this is the guide section. Try asking in the class discussion..
  13. Aardappel

    Mr Kim a rich Man

    ... You know it's an ensemble skill? Those work only paired with a dancer.
  14. Aardappel

    Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

    Good to see there are fellow Clown/Gypsy lovers...!! I main Clown, so it's nice to see people haven't giving up completely the class..! Equipment: Old Valkyrie Helm [Bloody Knight] Angel Wing Ears [Bloody Knight] Pussy Cat Bell Diablos Robe [Gloom] / Valkyrie Armor [Marc] Electric Guitar [3x Queen Scaraba] (Prefer too hit MVP's too) (+10 dex, +10 vit, +20% Long range, +35% Musical Strike) Creeper Bow [2x Doppelganger] (Letting MVP's teleport or locking monsters) Mystic Bow [Bow Guardian Card] (Using this with Wind Arrow to hit monsters out of SG) Valkyrie Shield [Hodremlin] / Guard [GTB] Diablos Manteau [Devilling] Sleipnir [GEC] 2x Brisingamen [Sting] Some notes: You do NOT need Cobwebs in combination with Creeper bow.... Gems for Dispell not sure... never tested it.
  15. Aardappel

    Ultimate Magic Ninja Guide

    @MoonSun&Stars Q: Bro, I iwanna ask u about ninja skill build since u didnt include in ur guide. Do u max the water and fire aoe or the wind ones? Realize not enough skill points for all. A: Nope you can't max them all sadla. It all depends on what you doing and where you farm. If MVP-ing, crimson fire formation is good esp. when they have slaves like Orc Lord, Mammoth or Tendrillion. For farming depends on the element of the monster.. have to see for yourself.