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  1. Reward Guru > 5 TC
  2. I gave random noobies at Orc Dungeon 3m each so they can get a little started. Not the one wearing kahos and stuff. But the ones only wearing katana or some sort.
  3. Please, dont make this server like any other. With God items and overpowered SQI' and all. We're a low rare server with some adjustments. Dont want a server where you only need one equipment set, cause the rest can never tip that.
  4. Prof...Dispell and Soul Burn. This was an easy one, got more questions?
  5. Whenever there is a Battleground active. People keep spamming recruit for Battleground. (See attached image) Normal people recruit for leveling parties or GMC/ET's can't even be found in the non-stop yelling of BG. So here is my suggestion. Make a recruiter in battleground, like example a Team Flavius recruiter. It's just a guy, which you can talk to and who shouts once a minute through out the server: Team Flavius recruiting you!!
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