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  11. Beginner Sniper Farming Spots

    a place to farm for Beginner Hunter/Sniper: -I recommend first to do HBQ everyday to get Bronze coins for the rental ballista,Rental Ballista is like an elven bow carded with (TG) Second if you save some money buy GEC first. -Farming Place well as a beginner with npc gears you can farm first is Toy Factory for earning some zeny for gjs pots undie pntie and voting will helps you alot lets say you earn some from Tf now you got some pantie undies gjs and rental ballista if your bored withh TF heres a choices: going to Sohee for cards,muffllers(patience and luck needed),going to Verit good place to farm too immortal hearts and cards,going to Bathory farming WSS and alot of cards there to get(whisper,joker,bathory),going to sting most hunter go there and farm(still need patience and luck) lets say you earned zeny already get GEC first so you can spam your skills without worrying about ur sp and you got some decent gears now GEC pantie undershirt rental ballista u can TRY now to farm in Anolians(brooch[1]) well you can survive here just mob then Sharpshoot run vice versa This places are Famous for beginners especially with sniper and even with fully geared snipers its the farming spot for them.If you got some decent gears now kaho gec ballista etc next stage is Odin2 for Earrings but kinda hard without decent gears. Those places you can do a rotation for those maps if you get bored faarming from one place Sniper/Hunter those are farming spot for them,I hope this will help you!!Goodluck