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  1. hi I couldn't get to you I'd like to follow up on a purchase


  2. They Call Me Yuki

    B>Stalker Gears

    Buying: Sherwood Bow TTTh Dragon Vest [+3% ASPD] PM Offer Thanks! ^^
  3. Yoki please.

    I know you kidnapped Mikan in yur closet /sob 

    1. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      ;A; yoki y u do diz

    2. They Call Me Yuki

      They Call Me Yuki

      Lais. She's not in my closet. She's in my pocket, wherever I go. /gg/gg 

  4. *logs on to TRO forum - saw Ritsu's post on wall*

    Ewwww. Ritsu please. /gg/gg 

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    2. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      B-b-butt... Hehehe... Butts...

    3. They Call Me Yuki

      They Call Me Yuki

      So what have you been up to? Still on TRO?

    4. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      Yeah am still active...ly afk-ing XD

  5. They call me Koss-chan.

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    2. They Call Me Yuki

      They Call Me Yuki

      In your heart! /lv 

    3. kossploss


      tsk I knew it you migrated to Indonesia /pif 

    4. They Call Me Yuki

      They Call Me Yuki

      /omg Why Indonesia? 

  6. Mikae please. 

    1. kossploss


      *draws summoning circle on the ground for Mikan*




    2. Mikae


      Weebs pls

  7. *throws stones* /gg 

    1. Mikae


      yoki ples where are you

  8. HOMAGAWD. I almost couldn't recognize this profile because you changed your forum name. D:

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    2. Kaye


      Yuki should rename himself to Boggart.

    3. Mikae


      OMGOMG my idol @Kaye replied on this thread. hnnnghh

    4. Kaye


      @Mikae Adorable dp Mikae :D

  9. They Call Me Yuki

    Ritsu Nab Shoppe (Deal Closed)

    And someone was saying that he was poor and all....
  10. They Call Me Yuki

    Selling +7 Nibelungen (Turt. General x 3) , and things XD

    Why didn't you bump my thread for me before? :<
  11. They Call Me Yuki

    B>This and That Weird Stuff

    Ritsu is getting so wealthy nowadays D: Can I be your butler?
  12. They Call Me Yuki

    Fresh meat are coming to town!

    Miss Yuki..... You're.... welcome.