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  1. Lustre

    Abracadabra - Sage Skill

    I think it takes 10 mins+ for a mvp and the best one's probably garm. Others are a hit or miss money wise.
  2. Lustre

    Abracadabra - Sage Skill

    It works but you cannot summon high tier mvps like Ifrit, Valk, Bee. Plus iirc you cannot completely nullify the gemstone requirement for abra, which makes it a bit expensive (~300k/mvp?)
  3. Lustre

    PVP Paladin

    s a c r i f i c e
  4. Lustre

    Will of the D ~ Recruiting closed

  5. Lustre


  6. Lustre

    Damage or Critical

    wat even i like those percentages. must have been hard mathematical calculations
  7. Lustre

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    Jane just resurrected, but she's busy I guess :/ kumaboshi kumaboshi kumaboshi
  8. Lustre

    Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    The WoE maps work because of the flags, but personally I feel Domination, Eye of the Storm and Bossnia (the same map I believe?) is too much walking and not that much of fighting. +1 for Body Relocation. ACD, fixed cast on asura or something else could work.
  9. Lustre


  10. Lustre

    Battlegrounds | Beta Feedback

    General suggestions: BG should empower people. With modes such as PvP and WoE, BG should be set apart by the ease of access to consumables. So probably, make BG only consumables available purchasable by silver coins (the BG tokens?). Would be great if all kindsa are available, +5 all stat foods, speed potions, resist potions, hp / sp stuff. Often times when I saw messages such as Croix or Guillame I was wondering which side I was on. Communication was also a bit of a hassle. If you could temporarily put the entire team in a guild, that would be great. When someone dies, they go to a place where they have to get through quite a bit of dialogue to access their storage / repair items. Sometimes we get warped before we do all that. So, why not have it as it was before and let us choose when we are ready to go back? And on click of the NPC, just provided us straight out with three options or better yet, auto repair our gear and give us options of getting back to battle, storage or even the BG shop accessible here would be good. If the user clicks go back and the timer hasn't expired yet, set a flag to warp them out when it expires, if not just let them stay there. And also if there's a way, auto-heal to max that goes through GTB. While all modes work when there're lots of people, some modes are boring when there are less people. If there's a way to bring modes in and out of rotation depending on the number of active players, that'd be cool. The ones with large maps are not much fun with less players. If not automated, something of a command where if enough people chime in, a particular mode would be skipped. In the same note as my first point, I think we should let Body Relocation stay and maybe find a way around it being OP (if it indeed is) . Why not let champs play with Body Relocation, tweak asura a bit, tweak the ACD a bit and see which works best? If class balancing is already in the works, we shouldn't just strike off Body Relocation.
  11. Lustre

    Diablos Robe

    PM price.
  12. Lustre

    Dengu's Shop

    smash that dengu mosquitoe
  13. Lustre

    S>Costumes and more!!

    #bringBack150mDRobe D: