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  1. CH (Not recruiting anymore o/)

    strange guild; guild master solos et and gmc everyday; 6.9/10 might recommend if drunk
  2. After death popup removal

    Having died thousands of times, there have been times when I went back to base by accident. This would be good to have if doable.
  3. 8MDEF Kris & Katars

  4. Donation Currency Conversion

    Something of a simple reference since I'll be referring to Steam in this post: https://www.crazyengineers.com/threads/steam-is-now-priced-in-inr-and-its-not-mere-usd-to-inr-conversion.85183/ Again as an example, I think The Witcher 3 costs about 25$ (might be lower, just an example) but through Steam I got it for about 400 Rupees (which converts to about ~8$). What I'm saying is while direct money conversions might be good for global trade or whatever, for things such as recreation, currency conversions might have to be re-done to fit the local economy. People from certain countries might not be willing to shell out the same money as others since their earnings are considerably lower than what others earn (probably even doing the same job, in the same scale, in the same standard). Maybe just put it somewhere on the back-burner. I'm not coming up with a concrete solution of how this could be done as I've no idea of how these conversions could happen or how you might be able to validate the user's country (good thing that there's already a donation approval system in place). I understand that we do not have the same scale of business as Steam but the possibility of increasing the amount of money people spend on tRO by implementing such a system might be considerable.
  5. Eversong Greaves

  6. Eversong Greaves

    Carded. Let me know which card o/
  7. 8MDEF Kris & Katars

  8. How to Make a Taekwon Ranker in 7 Days

    I've seen a ranked TK take down Dark Lord.
  9. How steal works for noobies =)

    The rolls occurring based on the drop table order is accurate. I was under the impression that the success/failure roll first occurs for lower drop rate items and if it fails it goes for the higher drop rate items but that doesn't seem to be the case (I believe that is how OCA/ MCA/ OBB etc work). Tried stealing tons of Porings with 100% stealsuccess -> 100% jellopy.
  10. 8MDEF Kris & Katars

  11. Mad's Guide for Gypsy and Clown

    Sad Dokebi Horn takes your money.
  12. 8MDEF Kris & Katars

  13. Hindi (Indian)

    Is it still up?
  14. 8MDEF Kris & Katars

  15. S>Costumes and more!!

    where went all the Greaaaves