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  1. unres with 3 guilds not bad! Glad you guys are getting some entertainment to the current scene, pvp folks deserve it.
  2. Yes people might abuse the repair in bg, but would people really stockpile their broken gears waiting for bg happy hour or when its active to just get a free repairs? I question the sanity of the person who will do that. Plus breaking gears is not that common, usually most who use that service are from the pvp community. I do think the last round should get more time, thats the part when theres a lot more of backtracking on the attacking, and less on the defending. Easy for them to regroup hard for the attacking. walking alone spends most of the time.
  3. The vanilla mode had: Rush conquest triple inferno team deathmatch capture the flag stone control Stuff missing from unres were: bossnia domination eye of the storm --- As for my 2 cents: -There was not enough pots per round. -Conquest had very little time for the attacking team. Even if you stream role all the gates, it would still be hard to capture the emp at that time. -This is an SE problem not an FE one. -Altho i think any team in the position of attacking will always be at a disadvantageous spot -I don't approve of paying for repairs when the ads are free. So many gears get broken per round.
  4. uhh in your front page you say vanilla pvm. :<
  5. its probably not true lol, just let it go. Its already 2018 XD
  6. A brief summary of the modes for people to use: A. triple inferno -3 teams fight it out to get the most skulls from killing enemy members and returning it back to base totem. Pvp Map B. team deathmatch -2 teams fight it out to get the most number of kills. Bg map 1 C. bossnia -2 teams try to kill 2 mvps in the map, each team have their own. the first to kill both first wins. You have to break middle flag first to damage mvp. Bg map 2 D. conquest -SE woe, one defending, one attacking. E. stone control -2 teams try to get the most points from getting the stones in the middle part of the map back to their base. Each can be stolen from which ever side. Bg map 1 F. domination -2 teams try to get the most points by capturing flags, north base, south base, middle camp. Standing on the area for a good amount of time renounces your aquisition of the flag. Bg map 2 G. rush -woe fe, starts with nobody earning the castle. H. capture the flag -2 teams try to get the most points by capturing the flag of the enemy and returning to base. Bg map 1 I. eye of the storm -2 teams try to get the most points by taking the flag in the middle camp back to the base to add more points. Bg map 2 J. free for all -free for all pvp, random spawn on map. Bg map 3 Feel free to correct me if i got some of these incorrect. Or a separate npc for it for easy clicking. I dont think that was intended lol, Also I got a bug when I was randomly spawned in the fountain area and got stuck. As for my comments on the content itself: B. Team deathmatch -the only problem i had with this is people camping the other spawn area of the enemy location, making it really hard to do a comeback. 1 vs 5 or more is rough. I guess you could say the same to triple inferno, but triple inferno has a lot more dynamic such as having 3 teams. Camping a side will make you vulnerable to the other. C. Bossnia -I really like this mode, could be more fun if the mvp was a bit more challenging. F. Domination -I think the mechanics here was a little confusing at the start. People didn't know how to get the flags. So just a little more explanation on that at the start would have been good. G. Rush -a bit chaotic at the start since everyone starts out at the same area. Idk how you would fix that. The others are fine for me for the modes. I do have one more concern. Its about potting. Will the final bg come out with a fix number of pots per player like the old one, or can people stock it up? I just worry it might be a battle for potting by rich players in bg. People can debate on this concern.
  7. thats a good suggestion, but we also gotta consider the fact that people might afk inside the lobby and abuse the safezone.
  8. winter, spring, summer and fall has come and gone. May we rest in peace.
  9. I don't really think you can say that this is a different game all together as comparing it to renewal to pre-ren. Yes, Re;Start, RevoClassic and RO zero is different from preren and renewal as they are a mix and rebalancing of both, but what were talking about is still renewal. It's still mechanically identical, it's just that kRO is like ahead in a couple of months or years, so atm yes, DA doesn't crit at iRO, but everything else is almost all the same, except maybe some missing content, or difference in cash shop items, event items. Like I said, iRO will eventually implement it in the server like they eventually do with official kRO updates. I'm just interested in the game development aspect from gravity, most people might not like renewal, but they're constantly reupdating it, the balancing is still huge, but you can see the work done as the Re:start and like servers were made in mind to bridge the gap of pre-ren crowd to renewal as the changes they made there was way too jarring. RO is a niche game right now, but it isn't dead. As to get back to the topic and end it, mechanically wise, this will never be implemented in pre-ren servers as it is a renewal mechanic. Renewal updates are all catered to balancing and improving content in their server, it's the very reason why they separated the crowds of vanilla/classic, renewal and creating the mix: Re;Start to try fixing the balancing issues that made the divide.
  10. ? it's kRO. The mother of RO. It's renewal, and it's official, more so than any other servers. It's not a different game. and I don't know the full details of it, I'm not korean I can't read everything 100% accurate with google translate. Even navigating their website is a challenge. But from what I see, if it's on kRO, it's official. Again, it's not on iRO. They might implement that later on like usual. It was apparently implemented dec 2016 onwards, if i'm reading things right. I'm not sure if iRO has excellion set yet. that's how delayed they are. If you want to look it up more, go look up the kRO website, or maybe even try playing it to see if it is real, I can't think of a reason why anyone would lie about the update. So to end it: "yes, crit on double attack exists on official renewal server:kRO"
  11. Its not on iRO, only on kRO. iRO has unique differences from kRO that they didn't implement. Some servers have unique differences with each other. jRO has content that other doesnt. iRO's RE:start, is completely different from pRO's uhm... forgot the name, but the server that has both renewal and preren mechanic rebalancing. There's a shit ton happening in the background on the development on RO. the spanish dude video, covers mostly kRO content. He's credible. http://ziu-ro.blogspot.com/ iRO doesn't have everything, in fact theyre a bit delayed and have features that have been changed ages ago in kRO.
  12. I'm 100% sure it's on renewal, but i'd have to dig it up, look up kRO updates and patches, but why would I do that just to prove a point that I know it was official, sounds like a bother. Gravity is known to do wacky stuff, even the upcoming updates have questionable changes that will make the game be totally different. Also The video posted above is from NovaRO, they copy kRO word for word, they're not Super high rate as well, infact theyre the same as tro low rate, but why would we want to talk about that, we never talk about other servers here, NEVER.
  13. no, its official. But its only on renewal. I think people forget that renewal has updates.
  14. 1-2 guilds having only 5-10 members fighting... yeah it's really sad.
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