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  1. aw man.... whats happening.... why are people doing this... Anyways. Lovely entries so far guys :>
  2. Lovely! lovely!~ works guys! I'm happy to see so many good entries this year. I'm always happy to see more artists around here. :> Sadly... I dont think i can join this one :< (it hurts me so...) I was actually preparing to do one, but something came up, so i wasn't able to dedicate myself.. the entry was suppose to be something big again with tons of people, but i couldn't bring myself to just half ass it, so i dropped the idea for now. I wish you guys luck!! XD
  3. hmmmmmmmmmm...... HMMMMMMM scratches head* my deviling needs that companion *_*... but... im on hiatus LOL and and seasonal login entry.. hmmmm... wonder if i have enough drive for this
  4. Good luck everyonneeee!! :> Get out and see the sunshine you artists lol, get out of your hideouts! D:<
  5. For the lovely GM RAINE! Cant believe I was able to pull it off. IGN: Primaire
  6. IGN: Primaire Hot Christmas Bowl of Goodies!
  7. Ohhh nice deviation from the usual log-in screen art contests! I'm in. This is also a good way to showcase different kind of art from different artists! Nice idea! *thumbs up!*
  8. gasp I wasn't following you menducks -fixes that immediately- 

    hi! o/ 

    1. mendics


      LOL its fine, its not like i do a lot XD 

  9. Wow! This is amazing! I didn't really know who was gonna win or not, so many good entries! I thank everyone in artsu, and the good folks in art corner. I would have never done this without the push of the server. Even so to those who entered I love your works, It was really a tough choice i bet. Some of the ones i wanted to win didnt, but I still love all your works guys! Please don't let this stop you to talk to the people of artsu. We are always welcome to befriend you guys :> This was the biggest contest i've ever entered so be proud of yourselves. Note: oh this is embarassing.. XD my image is missing.. You guys can use this url: http://orig06.deviantart.net/027c/f/2015/202/d/b/summer_get_away_by_mendics-d92733i.png I updated my link, and when i did, the thread was already closed so i couldnt edit my post.
  10. Now i'm curious where this is from...
  11. OMYGAD! that looks very nice! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO NOW!!!?? D: <
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