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  1. mendics

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    thanks dale lol you and your gifs XD
  2. mendics

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    This will be my last artsu for now. I probably won't be making anything soon. Thank you art corner for everything i've experienced so far here. This is a commission from dale about the art peeps :> You guys are the best! Oh i also wanted to submit this on the spring event before lol, but due to the detail and effort needed for it, I didnt.
  3. mendics

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    This will be my last post here, since im more a denizen of art corner rather than here. It's not about sensitivity, it's about playing the "game". People who say drama is a part of woe are dead wrong. Veterans who woe, don't care about those anymore, they're just there to play woe, nothing more nothing less. That's why i've always been more fond of bg than woe, no drama, no nonsense, just playing and focusing on what to do. I've never cared about guild pride, thats just stupid. If you're the type to enjoy the drama aspect of woe then i'm happy for you and please.. woe is dead. Is this what you consider a scene alive? Get out more, a woe having 2-3 guilds fight each other isn't called alive and it's getting less and less by the day. If you've ever been a guild leader, you would know that it's the members who are salty not the leaders (and if they do, then that leader isn't used to woe yet). Nobody has time for that. Also like tio said, Winter quit not because of getting triggered, they quit because it was about time they did. It's an old guild that played way too much already. They went and fought almost every woe format except NT, and they did that constantly too. Who wouldn't get burnt out doing that. As much as they would want to continue, real life takes priorities. It's just a game after all.
  4. mendics

    Winter Solstice, WoE: Vanilla SE guild

    wth is going on here? Why are you guys posting on a dead guild? No wonder woe is dead, drama keeps on happening even if there's nobody to receive it. winter stopped woe-ing in like what? 3-4 months already. Jesus christ.
  5. get used to it. So many HP mains here LOL Oh and welcome to art corner btw. You have really lovely works, can't wait to see them finish ;> Keep it up.
  6. mendics

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    For my friend nono
  7. mendics

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    Sorry for the delay kiz :>
  8. mendics

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    aw man.... whats happening.... why are people doing this... Anyways. Lovely entries so far guys :>
  9. mendics

    Arcelle + Mistreil's Art Shop Thing

    welcome to art corner, I love both of your styles. Keep up the good work :>
  10. mendics


    First of would you elaborate more when you say RP? Can you describe RP in your sense?
  11. mendics

    Amissa's Panda-monium Art Gallery

    Welcome to artcorner o/ You have lovely artworks~ I hope you enjoy your time here and meet the wolves :>
  12. mendics

    BnB Art shop (2 Slots Open!!! )

    Hello and welcome to art corner! o/ In terms of pricing, you can check around other people's threads to see how much they charge. Everyone is different because each don't have the same workflow and habit, but if you want a quick fix for that.... I guess the normal pricing would be 5-10 chibi, 10-15 bust, 15-20 fullbody, cheapest standards. That is ofc depends on how much time and effort you do in your piece, a chibi can reach up to 15-20 maybe even more depending on how much time you put into it. If you're not confident with pricing too high, you can try out a bunch of stuff to get things started, like maybe a freebie, just to check how many people are interested in your work. Some people also start with auctioning their works but if you're not confident with that I don't recommend it. Everyone have their different ways of pricing their stuff, you just have to learn what works for you, and don't forget to have fun in doing so, I think most artists here forget that kind of element. It's not all about getting money, it's also about making these people happy :> Also if youre interested in hanging out with other artists you can always join us in artsu hangouts where we group stream drawing, any artists is welcome in joining o7
  13. mendics

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    no worries, it should be fast XD its only one char
  14. mendics

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    LOL sorry I just woke up, @Kisuka* is first so I'll take his XD Send your ref kisuka, i shoulda said first to post refs XD oh well maybe next time.
  15. mendics

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    Okay, I'm opening 1 slot. I won't be accepting any couple for now. Maybe I'll do that for the next one.