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  1. Phantasmagoria -- Our Escape, Our Adventure, Our Fantasy Guild leader: Harmony Rose Location: Archer Village (Right in front of Payon Dun) Guildmates Who Have Invite: Clementia Foerster, Marv the Yandere, Ophise Seraphine, turquoise owl, Tsukikai, Xyrx Nightsong Guild Specific Events: We often host events like Dead Branch parties, Dungeon runs for fun, and eventually we will participate in ET and MVP hunting parties MIRAGE GUILD PHOTOSHOOT - When will the next one be? Who knows. Meet up in: Archer Village (Payon Dungeon warp) Photoshoot will be taking place in various areas and locations around PAYON. Please wear greens/earthy colors on your character outfit and headgears (complimentary colors like white also work well) so the guild will look relatively uniform and match/compliment the scenery nicely! Hope to see many of you there! Odin/Abbey/Jupe/Etc Run times (Currently still deciding new time, will be cancelled in the meantime): First week of the month: Odin Second week: Abbey Third week: Jupe Fourth week: Guild choice/etc Requirements/Guidelines: = First and foremost, you must be able to get along with/respect others. This is a for-fun PvM social guild, and we don't want to spoil the fun for anyone else. = Any class or level is welcome in Mirage with open arms. You can be a new player or you can be a veteran - it doesn't matter. = English-speaking is a must (or at least a fair understanding of it). Communication is important, after all. = Don't beg for zeny/items, etc. Just because we're a friendly bunch does not mean we give things away freely. Don't just join if you think you are going to get free stuff. = While we do not participate as a guild in WoE or PVP, you are still free to PVP on your own if you would like. There's no rule about that - you're free to do as you wish, as long as you stay within the rules of the server. How Can I Join? If you would like to join Mirage, feel free to PM Harmony Rose or Tsukikai or anyone with invite rights in-game! You can also leave your name here, and we’ll try to contact you when we can (it would be helpful if you leave times that you're available so we can PM you during those times) or you can fill out an application. Thank you and we hope to see you with us! Our Guild Recruitment link
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