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  1. Oh gosh i never got notified of this! Adding you now! Thank you All slots are currently taken! Thank you guys so much! I will work hard to push these out so I can free up more slots! Thank you for your time!
  2. I added an update on pricing! If you ordered before the pricing change, don't worry! It won't be affecting you! Thank you guys!
  3. All slots taken! But 1 waiting list slot open!
  4. Alright slot has been added! 1 slot left plus waiting list!
  5. Smol Bump. The forum has been updated!
  6. Did you get a guild invite yet?
  7. I also wanna bump this thread back up! I wanna see all the improvement!! Thank you for helping clear the dust
  8. Hey everyone! IM BACK!! My Chibi Bouncing Heads are back open! Only 2 slots available for now! Thank you guys!
  9. Finished commission for @GM Cherri (I don't know why it's so blurry ;; ^ ;;)! And with this, my commissions will be closed for the next month or so! I'll be leaving for vacation and I also really want to change up and improve my art style! So hopefully I can come back with something good!
  10. Eeeep! I'm so happy to see everyone's hardwork ;; v ;; You guys are all amazing! You should feel soooooooOOOOOOOOOOO proud of your improvement throughout the years! Keep up the amazing work and please never stop drawing!
  11. Fixed a smol date error. Everything should be correct
  12. I always show up when I'm called. That's the only way I know I'm needed for something lolollool Okay, forum should be updated. Let me know if Im missing anything
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