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  1. IGN - Kohina-Sama "Summer in Umbala" (cuz lockdown wont allow me to travel to the beach )
  2. Congrats to us all~! It was still fun in the end ヽ(・∀・)ノ
  3. IGN: Ji Bio A change from my melancholy Christmas. Date under the cherry blossom trees. Models are from my BF's SG and my Bio. Hope you guys like it~! GM Challenges: 🌸GM Haziel Challenge - Grind All Night Long ()🌸 Include MVP or Mini-Boss in your piece. (The Eclipse in the lower left) 🌸GM Mizkie Challenge - Sleeping Bunnies ()🌸 Include a sleeping Lop Rabbit. (Accompanying the Eclipse) 🌸GM Lance Challenge - Land of the Rising Sun ()🌸 Include Cherry Blossom petals. 🌸GM Phoenix Challenge - Rank it up ()🌸 Include Plant Cultivation usage. (I hope the herbs can be seen) 🌸GM Luna Challenge - Millennial ()🌸 Use only bright pastel colours. 🌸GM Creed Challenge - Praise the Sun ()🌸 Include a Star Gladiator. This is another submission. Just in case my first one wont make it.
  4. "Sigh... Guess I'm alone this year again..." IGN: Kohina-Sama Challenges GM Spica Challenge: Add a Christmas cake somewhere in your artwork. + 1 GM Seiren Challenge: Include a Christmas poem/rhyme in the artwork. +1 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Xing Challenge: Include cats with Christmas outfits. +2 GM Haru Challenge: Include a hot drink in your artwork. +1
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