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    Eating Cookies, Organizing fun parties, Chess, Reading Books, Listening to classical musics, Playing violin and Drums, Cooking, Cleaning, Gardening

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  1. IGN: -Axis GM Zelda Challenge: Make it Epic (2x TC)Include at least 3 of the new SQI designs in your artwork GM Gowther Challenge: Professional Executer (2x TC)Include one character holding 2 SQI weapons; one on the left hand and one on the right hand Line Art Final: GATE OF STORAGE ( GATE OF BABYLON: From The Anime Fate:Zero )
  2. 2020 is almost over, finally

  3. Guess i'll farm..


    1. Zeiniru


      Hmmm the ninja and gunslinger is not invited.

  4. Psssssssshhhhhttttt

  5. Advance happy new year everyone

  6. merry christmas everyone

  7. have 3 incoming flights again. will be inactive for a few days. see you all soon !!

  8. NX has taken a new photo for its wall paper !! were soo bigg

  9. more cookies pls  :)

    1. Zeiniru


      cookie with pasas

  10. Happy Anniversary Notorious X Guild !!

  11. planning on what event to do for christmas in NX

  12. have more flights to come... i guess i won't be active again for a couple of days :<

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