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  1. Notorious X

    You said DON'T EXPECT A 100% SUCCESS RUN BUT THEN WE FINISHED IT IN JUST 2 Hours and 12 Minutes And there are times that we even AFK / BRB on some floor WHICH IS FASTER THAN OUR SERIOUS RUN
  2. Notorious X

    Thanks for the great and fast run !! You guys did great
  3. Notorious X

    Welcome to the guild !!
  4. Notorious X

    Thanks for the awsome run ealier !! You guys did a great job as always
  5. Notorious X

    Hi !! please wait us at moscovia, Inviter will be on in a minute
  6. Notorious X

    Another great run. Finished in 2 hours and 19 minutes. Small party Thanks for joining !!
  7. Notorious X

    gimme zenny please
  8. Notorious X

    awesome run. Finished in 1 hour and 42 minutes. Thanks for joining !!
  9. Notorious X

    Thanks for joining
  10. Notorious X

    Thanks for joining !! awesome fast run and full drop loots
  11. Notorious X

  12. Notorious X

    Thanks for joining !!
  13. Notorious X

    Announcement.-Semi announcement -First of all, Im sorry that i was a bit inactive for the last few days. WIth that said. I'll organize a juperos raid later at 8:00pm - 9:30pm so everyone who wants to join come moscovia before 8pm -- Main announcement -- * The main reason for my inactiveness is that my i've been helping a new guild along with its newbies. * We will have a rotation for our Endless Tower guide for weekends only. The Saturday schedule will become from 10am to 2pm and the sunday schedule will become from 2pm to 10am. The rest of our runs wont change so rest assured * All NX Guild related topics will be full updated 2 days from now ( this includes event mails, ET mails, online and offline relateds ) Thank you for your continous support to the guild !!
  14. Notorious X

    Thanks for joining !! x10 exp rate
  15. Notorious X