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  1. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    1 green salad = 20 min 3 green salad = 1 hour most ET ( Specially if solo sniper ) is finished within 2 hours To 2 hours and 30 min. so i putted 8 green salads for a max of 2 hours and 40 min. HOWEVER some snipers only brings like 2-3 green salads and only used them during high floors. You can do this too if you want ~~~ soo it's up to you if you want that +5 dex from the beginning or not... also... i can carry all of those without reaching 90% weight ( thought just a little more and my weight would already be 90%.. Soo just organize your item weight )
  2. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    This is the more faster way Fire / Silver = Go to payon city, Buy it in NPC then convert it to quiver. No need to hunt Zargon or stuff Shadow = If your leveling at odin, Collect as many as you can. I have like 1000+ rune darknes just by joining leveling party in Odin. In case you dont do odin. Buy it in vending instead ( shadow quiver or rune darkness ) For Crystal, Immaterial, Wind, Stone. I usually just farm 30 mins + buy in vending. It's much more faster than hunting items. But hey, If your bored and had nothing else to do. You can farm all those items instead of buying them
  3. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    For ET, This is what i usually bring 700 Grape Juice ( Don't rely on bio. Bring your own )20-30 Awakening potions ( you'll need this many )5 Leaf ( for emergency )50 Slim potions ( for emergency )8pcs Green Salad ( for +5 dex, more damage ) 10 Green potions7 Silver / Holy Arrow Quiver5 Shadow Arrow Quiver4 Crystal Arrow Quiver4 Immaterial Arrow Quiver3 Wind Arrow Quiver2 Stone Arrow Quiver2 Fire Arrow Quiver
  4. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    so many switching, so little weight
  5. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    thanks for the correction D:
  6. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    this is the reason why i used nightmare card ( anti silent ) and still needed to get 1 fly argo for anti stone. those lazy HP's ( not universal, I know some HP who are really good ) need spanking I remember we did 2 HP before..1 front hp and 1 back hp who's only purpose is to support me ( only 1 sniper ) but still couldn't
  7. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    Answer: The falcon can get the argo of the MVP / MVP's slave if it attacks.. That's why people tend to request the sniper to turn it off. However, If you don't have blitz and your bird Does't attack. Then its OK to have it Bow thimble is good in damage, But i would still recommend Celebration Ring and here' s why * Celeb will boost all your stats, Aside from dex and Luk. You will also get Agi ( for aspd and flee ), Str ( extra atk ), Int ( extra sp ), Vit ( extra hp ) + Universal * Once your on the point of upgrading to Bris [ Ifrit ]. Celeb is much more easier to sell * Celeb is universal, Which means you can use it in all character. There will be time when you will get bored of sniper and wanted to play other jobs. Its like Bow thimble = Pure Damage with Crit Celeb = Good Damage with Crit ( luk ) + Additional HP + Additional SP + Additional Aspd + Additional Flee + good in economy / marketing soo... for me... Celeb > Bow thimble
  8. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    Im glad that you liked the guide !! feel free to use them to your experiments or add some of them to your personal guide ~~~ <3 also i would like to say thank you for the question / opinion <3 Vit does reduce the probability of status ailment..... But why reduce when you can just use green potions? Yes int does makes SP recovery increase more. But still, Even if that's true, SP recovery is useless considering that you will be most likely 50% of weight all the time also, Personal opinion only, Reducing Dex / Agi for the sake of Int ( gj recovery ) isn't good if your planning on getting high damage. beside, Even if you have 20% GJ recovery, You wont pretty much feel it and it will feel the same as with 1 int. But still That all depends on the reader's build <3 <3 like i always said. Feel free to do experiments ~~ the fly help's makes the " Stone " go away for belzebub but for sleep, Sometimes it doesn't ( or maybe its just my sniper cause he's a lazy ass sleeper? ) and sometimes there always be this one player in a random ET who will kill your pet fly T_T soo better bring for preparation instead of sorry~~~ Well, This item is just optional ~~
  9. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    that " white box " is meant to protect the eyes of people ( Just joking !! I swear !! ) And yes. This is not a perfect guide, But feel free to use it for your experiment or add some of it to your own build guides ~~~
  10. Hi im L

    Solo sniper in endless tower

    i actually did this before.. but then i realize.. what other stats should i put it into? Str? . no need weight cause we have a trusted bio to carry our items. Int? . sniper dont use magic vit? . Well that's possible. But we already have our Max range and Flee to save us so i decided.... yea.... lemme get that 6 atk instead. lol but still yes, The dex multiple by 10 is still a good strategy specially if you are very careful with your stats and want to use them wisely and distribute then to all your needs equally
  11. Hi everyone, First of all. No, i'm not a pro sniper. There's a lot of stronger sniper out there who is better than me. Secondly, This post is composed of my personal opinion base on my personal experience so no hater's please Thirdly, I just wanted to share my build / opinion / strategy on how to become a solo sniper in a endless tower party Lastly, You can use this post to do some experiments or add it in your own tactics / strategy so feel free to comment down below Pro's of this post Cons of this post Firstly. Let's talk about gears.. And to become a good sniper you need to have +7 artemis.......... well..... Fuck that... In reality, Most of us are poor. So i recommend buying a +4 Artemis instead with Three (3) Turtle General Card ( Increase damage to all target by 20% ) Once you have your +4 Artemis [ TTT ] Enhance it with the following Bonus * +15% more damage to Double Strife * +15 Luk * +10% more damage to critical * + 15% Max HP Then once you have your artemis, Set your stat's to the following * 99 Dex * 99 Agi * 25 Luk * 1 Str * 1 Vit * 1 Int Note: Get +4 artemis AKAKAK also ( this is optional ) Now that you have your main weapon and stats ready. It's time to set the build, What build should you use to solo sniper in an endless tower party? The answer, Is both Critical and Double Strife ( all you have to do is switch items. Stats remain the same ). And here's why Why Double Strife? Why Critical ? Now that you know that you needed both crit and ds type to solo sniper in an ET party. What are the Equip items you need? For Double Strife: Head Top: +4 Lord Kaho horns Head Low: Vijra Or Bubble gum Head Mid: Agi [ Bloody Knight ] + Agi [ Nightmare ] Question: NANI ?!?!?! Why Nightmare card? Answer: It's anti sleep. In my case, I used nightmare card on belzebub as you will be immune to sleep ailment, Thus doing continuous damage. What's the point of having high damage if your continuously sleeping? and you can't expect the solo HP to recover you fast specially if your planning solo HP. In a large party where there's like 3-4 of us sniper. I always get MVP on belzebub ( even if im using a thor leech lvl 90 sniper ) cause the other sniper sleep while i damage. LOL Armor: +4 Sniping Suit [ Gloom ] Weapon: +4 Artemis [ TTT ] Manteau: +4 Seigar Mant [ Dragon Tail ] Shoe: +4 Shoe [ GEC ] Acceccory: Celeb Acceccory: Celeb For Critical Switch: Head Top: +4 Valk Helm [ Gryphoon ] ( Optional. Like i said. This post is budget friendly ) Head Mid: Agi [ Gryphoon ] Manteau: +9 Hood [ Chung E ] Things you should NOT buy Head Top: Valk helm [ BK ] Question: Nani ?!?!?! Why not? Answer: This item is good cause its hybrid Yes, It has Luk for crit and atk for DS... It's a hybrid item with 50% crit 50% damage. BUT WHY GO 50% WHEN YOU CAN GO 100% ???? ...... a Kaho gives more Atk than BK and a valk gryphoon gives more Crit than Valk BK. And it only need 1 push button on your keyboard to click Switch in your hotkeys. Other items To bring along with Supply Fire Armor [ Ktullanux ] For Ifrit 700 Gj ( dude.. if your not paying for bio, bring your own supply for low and mid floor.. I get irritated when its only like floor 10 and sniper start asking 300 ++ gj from bio. Bio's are not slave not unless they are dual's... But still... The supplies are not free. Those things still cost zeny ) 20-30 Aweakining potions ( you'll need it ) 5 Leaf ( for emergency ) 50 Slim potions ( for emergency ) 8pcs Green Salad ( for +5 dex, more damage ) 10 Green potions 7 Silver / Holy Arrow Quiver 5 Shadow Arrow Quiver 4 Crystal Arrow Quiver 4 Immaterial Arrow Quiver 3 Wind Arrow Quiver 2 Stone Arrow Quiver 2 Fire Arrow Quiver Optional Items for rich people: +7 Artemis TTT +7 Artemis AKAKAK +10 Artemis TTT / AKAKAK +4 Sniping Suit [ Porcellio ] +10 Dex food Sleipnir GEC Bris Ifrit Bris Osiris Bris Poring card ( just a joke ) Bris lunatic card ( just a joke ) etc Strategy in simple explanations Note: Sniper has a large potential in terms of damage dealing. IF a player is to lazy / could NOT release the sniper's FULL POTENTIAL. I Suggest you sell your artemis and make another job instead as all gears / the artemis itself would just be wasted <3 To majority of the players. This is basic knowledge I know and no hate, So i dedicate this post for our newbie's <3 <3 have fun !! With lots of love, From the Loner Sniper IGN Noto Rious Raider
  12. Hi im L

    Notorious X

  13. Hi im L

    Damage or Critical

    i recommend both.. DS and crit just switch D:
  14. Hi im L

    Notorious X

    6 man ET + 1 leech Sinx Finished in 2 hours and 35 Min ( We did a full 5 minutes break on floor 94, 99, and 101 ) Thanks for the party !!
  15. Hi im L

    Notorious X

    [ Update 2 of 2 ] ● New Schedule for NX Runsm » Monday 8pm GMC » Wednesday 9pm GMC » Saturday 2pm / 8pm ET RUN » Sunday Hidden Run ( Pro's / geared members only ) ● Change Guild titles from 3, To 2 only » * † « • MVP ™ • » † For geared and pro » * † « • NX ™ • » † For newly joined and ungeared ● Set discord as inactive ● Deleted NX forms ● Edited Guild log in announcement content