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  1. There are plenty scenarios where you have to swap builds on the go. Classical scenario is when monsters get past the tank into the party or tank dies and you have to tank quick. You don't have time to reach over and press through 6 gear buttons and wait for all of them equip. By the time you do that, you can easily be overrun (and it takes your fingers off of your important buttons so you most likely can't even pot in the time). Similar situation, although not as urgent, is switching between gear sets on Sniper. Going from Sharp Shooting trash mobs to Double Strafing MVPs or other strong monsters can of course be done by swapping all your gears one by one, but it costs you important seconds. Especially when you do it every couple seconds to respond to alternating situations. The gear swap via one keystroke simply boosts efficiency there and it frees up hotkeys for things that simply have no room on your 4 bars otherwise, considering you already have 7 keys blocked by arrows. It's not super essential and we've played without it for many years before Iduna, but it does boost your efficiency and quality of life quite a bit when used properly.
  2. It's so much easier to switch builds with this feature. Swapping between DS and crit sets on Sniper, swapping between Devo gear and 99def gear on Paladin etc. It was such a hassle before, blocking like 8+ keys every time. Now it's one key press and the whole gear set changes while freeing up all those hotkey slots for the things that there was no room for before. Of course not all classes/builds benefit from it to the same degree, but it does have a lot of applications.
  3. January 12th, 4pm, please. Thanks
  4. Sinshine

    BG Costumes

    To me it's not the free time but simply the fact that I earned something that I can't use freely despite having worked hard for it. The thought of having to work towards the same thing half a dozen time to get access on all my actively used accounts is just discouraging from playing BG entirely because at that point it just feels like wasted time. It's a difference of 200 wins for a costume or 1400 wins to have access on each account I use. And that's all just for a single costume. It makes a game that should be fun turn into work.
  5. Sinshine

    BG Costumes

    I support this. Having to work my ass off 7x to get the same costume on all accounts isn't particularly motivating to play BG - actually I find it discouraging. If I could actually use my earned item on all my accounts, I might actually go back to BGing for a while at least.
  6. Sinshine

    GMC Schedule Change

    No matter what times you put a schedule at, a 2 hour time window 3 times a day will always be bad for a significant portion of the population. We're an international server and you can never accomodate everyone with those small windows. Wave Challenge works without a schedule, random ETs off of recruit work without a schedule, why would it be any different with GMC? Better than locking out a significant portion of the working population, wouldn't you say? And enabling more people to play would also allow people to have an easier time building parties as the player pool would increase.
  7. Sinshine

    GMC Schedule Change

    Have you seen the GMC lobby at schedule times? It's deserted most of the time, especially the 20:00 times but also the midnight ones a lot of the time. The people playing GMC regularly already organize on Discord within their own groups for the most part. I think having it available all day long helps people who can't be in game at the usual opening times, similar to how people run random party ETs through #recruit.
  8. Sinshine

    GMC Schedule Change

    I wouldn't want the schedule changed with the rest of the GMC system staying the same like that. Instead, I'd suggest an entire overhaul of the system. I understand that the current schedule system is a remainder of the way GMC started out and was tweaked along the way but I feel like the schedule system is not the best solution anymore. My suggestion would be to leave GMC open all day long like Wave Challenge and either have it change to a new challenge either at midnight server time or split the day into segments and have it change at certain times of the day (for example at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 and 18:00). This would make it much more accessible to working people and make it easier for more groups outside of the few established groups to go. As a side note, I also feel the need to use multiple accounts if you want to play daily is a hindrance primarily to new players who can't yet afford to keep outfitting multiple accounts with some characters and get them leveled. Especially in the current situation where people can't get seals access on new accounts. I'd suggest to also streamline and move to the same system as Wave Challenge and just reset the cooldown ever day at midnight. Additionally, I'd suggest to do the same to the new Nightmare Rift minigame. I know plenty of people who are interested in it but the schedule just makes it impossible for them to play. Making it open 24/7 with a cooldown until midnight should clear worries of potential abuse.
  9. You know very well that there's never a absolute 100% in anything and are just playing semantics there. However, just because people think it's getting worse for them doesn't mean it actually is. A more active server still benefits them, no matter how much they complain. Players win, people who don't play don't. But people who don't play aren't the audience that needs catering to. They're already not playing. Even if they come back every couple months to mess around for a bit (and then vanish again), they're not what keeps the server running. And really, the amount of people who would keep voting every day for months and months after they stop playing and then actually return for more than to cash in their points and log out again or return at all probably is very close to none. That said, if you had read and understood my post, my issue was with people acting entitled about getting free money for doing nothing. That's not condescending, that's common sense.
  10. You don't have to do it if you deem it not worth it. You still get to sell your side drops to people too lazy to do that. To me, it's just checking the NPC, taking things out of storage and giving it to the NPC. Doesn't take 1 minute to do it. Just because it's not for you doesn't mean the new system is a completely positive change over the old one.
  11. I just randomly came across this and I gotta say I'm disgusted with people complaining that they can't earn money in the game without playing the game anymore. Yes, voting was a convenient way of earning some side money. But that's all it was, free money for doing nothing that didn't benefit the server as a whole. Daily activities actually do help the server a lot. They bring in players, even if it's just for a 10 minute quest every day. People logging in for this are playing, however short, and part of them will actually stay online for longer and chat or actually play more, which all increases the player number and benefits actual players when trying to have a good time with other people. At the same time this gives value to items that were considered useless and worthless before, which gives the economy some boost. This change is a 100% positive thing for the population as well as the economy and if you can't play a few minutes a day to get the money, how is that the server's fault? They run a server for people to play on, not for people to get money by not playing. I have my issues with some things on the server, the vending system at the very top. Having to do something to get something certainly isn't part of it.
  12. August 26th, slot 2 (5:30 pm), please
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