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  1. HI hi I'd like to claim a Tier 3 Crate. IGN Sinshine, but ideally reach me here on forums or on Discord at @Sinshine#4562. Thanks!
  2. Please sign me up for May 14th, Slot 1 (3pm) as well
  3. April 20th, slot 2 (2pm) please
  4. April 13, slot 3 (4:30pm) please
  5. @GM Lance Were the beta tests moved from March 9th to March 10th? Or ist his an error?
  6. March 16 slot 2, please @GM LanceI believe you forgot to add Shannon's party to March 16th. If that was intentional, I'd like to take slot 3 instead.
  7. Landers'll take the 3pm slot, then
  8. Gonna take the same time slot as before, Slot 5, 4pm server time
  9. Slot 4, 4:30pm please Party: Project L
  10. @GM Lance I just noticed you forgot to add me in the 4pm slot. Please add :v
  11. Just to clarify. Does this scale by whether we go with 1 or 2 parties (e.g. 1 party easier = mode, 2 parties = harder mode) or will it generally change with amount of people (e.g. one party with 12 people will have an easier time than two parties with 8 people each for a total of 16 players and 2 parties of 12 each will have the hardest spawns)?
  12. If that's a problem, I think they can implement a check to allow only 2 characters per IP in or something, I guess
  13. Not everyone has all classes on all accounts. I've had people lacking classes I tried to put them on on their insignia account myself and we had to have the insignia moved to some wonky account that happened to have that class but nothing else. At this point, I think giving everyone enough access to make a maximum of classes available should be the focus so as many people and parties as possible can go at all.
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