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  1. Sinshine

    PvM | Project V

    beta slot 3, please ^^
  2. Sinshine

    PvM | Elysian Garden

    Gonna take the same time slot as before, Slot 5, 4pm server time
  3. Sinshine

    PvM | Project V

    Slot 4, 4:30pm please Party: Project L
  4. Sinshine

    PvM | Elysian Garden

    @GM Lance I just noticed you forgot to add me in the 4pm slot. Please add :v
  5. Sinshine

    PvM | Elysian Garden

    Just to clarify. Does this scale by whether we go with 1 or 2 parties (e.g. 1 party easier = mode, 2 parties = harder mode) or will it generally change with amount of people (e.g. one party with 12 people will have an easier time than two parties with 8 people each for a total of 16 players and 2 parties of 12 each will have the hardest spawns)?
  6. Sinshine

    PvM | Elysian Garden

    If that's a problem, I think they can implement a check to allow only 2 characters per IP in or something, I guess
  7. Sinshine

    PvM | Elysian Garden

    Not everyone has all classes on all accounts. I've had people lacking classes I tried to put them on on their insignia account myself and we had to have the insignia moved to some wonky account that happened to have that class but nothing else. At this point, I think giving everyone enough access to make a maximum of classes available should be the focus so as many people and parties as possible can go at all.
  8. Sinshine

    PvM | Elysian Garden

    Slot 5 (4pm) please :3 Am I understanding this right that we can request permanent Insignias for our other ingame accounts? Just making sure I understand right.
  9. Sinshine

    PvM | Snowdown: Battle Arena

    We'll take the December 9th, 1pm slot please
  10. Sinshine

    Thanksgiving Event 2018

  11. Sinshine

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    Call it what you want. It's there
  12. Sinshine

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    Sure, nothing was said about effort being connected to chance of winning. But it's kinda implied with this kind of contest. And even the "headgear resemblance" argument doesn't fly with me. Edwado's hat even had the tiny zigzag patterns around the edge of the hat. It's as close a resemblence of the ingame item as there can be. But then, some random selfie with a dog wins instead. By this logic, in the future we can just post a picture of an empty table saying this is a Blank Kaho. Or just post a picture of our cats saying that's Walking Black Cat Costume etc. This contest is just disappointing overall.
  13. Sinshine

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    I don't even understand how a dog is an "item". A dog is a living being so it shouldn't even qualify with the given rules.
  14. Sinshine

    Khrei's Tank Champion and Devo Paladin Guide

    I honestly didn't watch them. It seems like recordings from GMCs and stuff (omg Firefly Parade. Some random name can call up so many memories haha). But that way, you only see it being played, not why certain decisions are made at certain points. I feel like a guide should explain the basics in a way that are easily digestable for beginners. What does a certain piece of equipment do and why is it important to wear it at a specific monster? Am I wearing GTB only to reduce magic damage or does it dispell? Can I take it off randomly to get assumptio or do I have to watch and wait for Dispell? How do I stand and how? I don't think a beginner watching a video where you happen to face a firebreathing MVP away from the party will even realize you're doing that, for example. And I really don't want to be adversarial here. I randomly stumbled across the guide clicking it from the frontpage of the forums because it was my once in a month time that I randomly looked at the forums and it happened to be the newest post. I feel a guide should go more into detail. This is a good checklist for beginners but it would be nice if it was more fleshed out.
  15. Sinshine

    Khrei's Tank Champion and Devo Paladin Guide

    Sorry but how is this a guide? It's just a bland list of items and monsters. It doesn't explain ANYTHING about how to actually play the class, how to position and why, how to utilize the gear you brought and why or even how the listed MVPs behave.