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  1. tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    Usually, TamTam maps aren't really for farming just for coins, the coins you get on their own are really poor money per hour so if it's just that, better farm raw zeny in a normal farming spot. What TamTam maps are good for is turn bad and mediocre leveling spots into good alternatives to the usual places or when you're looking to farm certain items anyway and want to get a little extra out of it. For example when Mt. Mjolnir is TamTam region, I go farm Stainers for Rainbow Shells for Lightning Elemental Converters and cash in some extra coins. But I wouldn't ever just go there just for the 0.5-1.5 TC per hour.
  2. Yea they won't, unless they do Full Heal when idle. But I find it part of answering that question to mention that not all MVPs, not even all higher tier ones, have Heal in the first place. Note that they won't ever heal to full if allt hey do is regular Heal since they will stop once they are back over their appropriate percentage threshold.
  3. Question about Horn Card

    First of all, game descriptions should always be taken with a grain of salt. RO has proven to oftentimes just have very wrong or misleading descriptions and some things just can't be expressed 100% accurately within a small description box. Regarding the topic, I suggest you don't read it as "long range physical and long range magical attacks", but just as "long range attacks" and "magical attacks". As far as I'm aware, all magic damage is considered ranged. At least I don't know of anything that's close range, even if you're standing on the same cell as the source of the spell. It's just one of those inherent RO mechanical things that everything that reduces ranged damage also reduces spell damage but nothing that increases ranged damage will increase spell damage.
  4. They don't necessarily heal. There's two basic healing methods. Most higher grade MVPs start healing with a version of Heal when they're below a certain percentage of their maximum HP. Some also heal other monsters below a certain percentage (like the Valkyrie monsters, High Priest monsters, Enchanted Peach trees etc). Fallen Bishop Hibram for example is one of the higher range MVPs that don't have the Heal skill at all and neither do his slaves. And then there's the Full Heal skill that some cast under some circumstances. Some will just cast it when left alone for a bit (e.g. Nidhoggur's Shadow), some will cast it randomly even in battle (Hardrock Mammoth does this, for example) some will cast it when rudeattacked (attacked by something when they cannot attack something or reach the aggressor; an example would be Nacht Sieger) and some don't do it at all (quite a few actually. An example would be Ifrit) In the end, it all depends on the specific monster. There's no such thing as a general healing that all MVPs will do just because they're MVP.
  5. TalonRO curve - advice needed

    Playing what you enjoy should be the first priority. You can make money with any character, like others previously said, but the difference whether you enjoy it or not. And I'd rather take a bit longer than spend dozens of hours bored. Also, I don't know why (reasonable) people would turn down someone with a rental Ballista. It's a great weapon! I suggest finding a beginner friendly guild and just playing the game for your enjoyment. And with beginner friendly, I mean a guild that actually has enough beginners itself and parties up randomly and will support each other (be it with parties, advise or something else entirely) rather than a guild of people that will just tell you to go farm popular spot #526 and leave you with that.
  6. Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Of course it will. Any donation made before the end of the year (probably going by server time?) will get the rewards.
  7. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    The real question to me is... Are those palette packs for your whole forum account or one specific game account? That's the breaking point for me between complete and utter disinterest or highly interested.
  8. Talon wiki wrong

    Oh? That explains it XD When I tried a while ago there was no reset password thing right there and the "forgot your password?" link led to MediaWiki.org. Thanks, Boreas.
  9. Talon wiki wrong

    Yea I'm using a MediaWiki account. Even reset my password several times via MediaWiki's page and logging in at mediawiki.org it works fine. When I'm trying to log in to the server's wiki page it still tells me wrong password, though.
  10. Talon wiki wrong

    Oh so that's what it is? I tried to edit some GMC wiki entry a while back and couldn't log in even after resetting my password. I knew I had edited that page before so I thought something just was wrong on my end since the login page was still present.
  11. Talon wiki wrong

    It's a wiki. Fix it if you see an error
  12. party sharing (loots)

    From my experience only active characters get loot. So if you're moving you get loot but if you sit in a corner for a bit and don't move it stops giving you stuff.
  13. new beta control panel

    I believe he means the way you can open the vote pages. Like before, I'd go to the vote page and middle click all the pages and go vote one by one, now you actually have to click each individual link and it opens up the one specific vote page you clicked and you vote. And I believe there's some kind of delay, if that's till in place from earlier beta panel times. It slows voting down a little, but I don't think it's much of an issue and it's very understandable you want people to actually take the time to vote and not just pop everything open for the points. Also, I notice the vendor name search is back. Thanks a lot for that!
  14. new beta control panel

    I really like the new panel so far. As for the vendor name: Is it causing a lot of extra load or why is people checking their own vendor a bad thing? I understand that wasn't the purpose of it but it was a welcome ability. That said, just yesterday I had to manually walk to a store's coordinates to find a vendor's name so I could mail them with an offer on one of their items. The intended functionality sure is missing for me. And I totally get that this isn't the end of the world, just some convenience that's lost. How about at least showing the vendor name on the results page without letting people search for vendor names?
  15. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    These guys are superb folks. Definitely a recommendation.