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  1. Oh? That explains it XD When I tried a while ago there was no reset password thing right there and the "forgot your password?" link led to MediaWiki.org. Thanks, Boreas.
  2. Yea I'm using a MediaWiki account. Even reset my password several times via MediaWiki's page and logging in at mediawiki.org it works fine. When I'm trying to log in to the server's wiki page it still tells me wrong password, though.
  3. Oh so that's what it is? I tried to edit some GMC wiki entry a while back and couldn't log in even after resetting my password. I knew I had edited that page before so I thought something just was wrong on my end since the login page was still present.
  4. It's a wiki. Fix it if you see an error
  5. From my experience only active characters get loot. So if you're moving you get loot but if you sit in a corner for a bit and don't move it stops giving you stuff.
  6. I believe he means the way you can open the vote pages. Like before, I'd go to the vote page and middle click all the pages and go vote one by one, now you actually have to click each individual link and it opens up the one specific vote page you clicked and you vote. And I believe there's some kind of delay, if that's till in place from earlier beta panel times. It slows voting down a little, but I don't think it's much of an issue and it's very understandable you want people to actually take the time to vote and not just pop everything open for the points. Also, I notice the vendor name search is back. Thanks a lot for that!
  7. I really like the new panel so far. As for the vendor name: Is it causing a lot of extra load or why is people checking their own vendor a bad thing? I understand that wasn't the purpose of it but it was a welcome ability. That said, just yesterday I had to manually walk to a store's coordinates to find a vendor's name so I could mail them with an offer on one of their items. The intended functionality sure is missing for me. And I totally get that this isn't the end of the world, just some convenience that's lost. How about at least showing the vendor name on the results page without letting people search for vendor names?
  8. These guys are superb folks. Definitely a recommendation.
  9. Actually should be Nacht Sieger. That's German for "victor of the night". But for some reason they have like 4 different spellings across the game and none is entirely correct xD
  10. That moment when you try to scroll to the bottom of a quote but it keeps pushing it farther away as it loads a bazillion pictures xD
  11. Seems like you guys are doing well
  12. Welcome to the Dojo! Hope you like your stay :3
  13. No, please tell him to do so
  14. How much do those things go for?
  15. I have several items in all storages (arrows, CWP, GJ, Ygg Leaves, Green Pots, Gemstones, Spiderwebs etc.) and all kinds of equipments I use in my main account's storage as a central gear hub (except Sniper gears, those are in a different storage just because I use the Sniper on that account mainly and the account also has my bow Stalker). Usables and Etc. Items that aren't needed regularly or just kept for quest purposes go to my guild storage. I made a guild I put all my alts in for that. I just keep stuffing them into the storages they happen to be picked up on and when that's full, I log on a Bio and move it all together. If there's equipments, I usually overup them when cleaning out my storage and put everything that's left on a vendor for selling. The only things I ever NPC are equips that aren't vendable and NPC buyable items (And things I get so many of that they would never sell on vend, like Magma dungeon loots when playing Vampsmith for example). Everything else ends up being used or in guild storage for later on.