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  1. Sinshine

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    Call it what you want. It's there
  2. Sinshine

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    Sure, nothing was said about effort being connected to chance of winning. But it's kinda implied with this kind of contest. And even the "headgear resemblance" argument doesn't fly with me. Edwado's hat even had the tiny zigzag patterns around the edge of the hat. It's as close a resemblence of the ingame item as there can be. But then, some random selfie with a dog wins instead. By this logic, in the future we can just post a picture of an empty table saying this is a Blank Kaho. Or just post a picture of our cats saying that's Walking Black Cat Costume etc. This contest is just disappointing overall.
  3. Sinshine

    Autumn Event TalonRO Headgear Contest Result

    I don't even understand how a dog is an "item". A dog is a living being so it shouldn't even qualify with the given rules.
  4. Sinshine

    Khrei's Tank Champion and Devo Paladin Guide

    I honestly didn't watch them. It seems like recordings from GMCs and stuff (omg Firefly Parade. Some random name can call up so many memories haha). But that way, you only see it being played, not why certain decisions are made at certain points. I feel like a guide should explain the basics in a way that are easily digestable for beginners. What does a certain piece of equipment do and why is it important to wear it at a specific monster? Am I wearing GTB only to reduce magic damage or does it dispell? Can I take it off randomly to get assumptio or do I have to watch and wait for Dispell? How do I stand and how? I don't think a beginner watching a video where you happen to face a firebreathing MVP away from the party will even realize you're doing that, for example. And I really don't want to be adversarial here. I randomly stumbled across the guide clicking it from the frontpage of the forums because it was my once in a month time that I randomly looked at the forums and it happened to be the newest post. I feel a guide should go more into detail. This is a good checklist for beginners but it would be nice if it was more fleshed out.
  5. Sinshine

    Khrei's Tank Champion and Devo Paladin Guide

    Sorry but how is this a guide? It's just a bland list of items and monsters. It doesn't explain ANYTHING about how to actually play the class, how to position and why, how to utilize the gear you brought and why or even how the listed MVPs behave.
  6. Sinshine

    PvM | Halloween Fright Fight

    It was fun. Thanks for this and I hope something like this will be done more often =D
  7. Sinshine

    PvM | Halloween Fright Fight

    @Kurai Shónin they typically broadcast something like "can the party of <person> please pm <GM>?"
  8. Sinshine

    TalonRO's Calculator Project

    When I click "delete saved data", it shows a list of "No Data" instead of the saved characters. Deleting a slot still deletes the build in that slot, though, so it's apparently just a display bug.
  9. Sinshine

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    Thanks for the quick reply. I am aware of the retry system for whole parties but I was more asking along the lines of someone running with multiple teams. In the first few Nightmare Rifts, people played with one team, then ran with the next one right away. We were told that this is fine as long as we switch to a different character. What I'm asking, essentially, is whether I can run with Spanky as usual and still be able to join Rana's party since it's my guild.
  10. Sinshine

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: The Crown

    I have a few questions: Are we allowed to play in multiple rifts again? I know it was allowed in the beginning, then in one rift we weren't allowed anymore, but nowadays there's nothing about it in the rules anymore so I'm assuming we can? What about across diffeerent days, since you're offering multiple dates? Also, how does that badge for Elysian Gardens access work? Is it an actual item given to the character we used for the rift? I'm assuming you cannot trade (but storage?) it so would we have to choose accounts strategically or would it be like a quest token that unlocks all of a person's accounts?
  11. Sinshine

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Tower of Entropy

    But there's only 6 slots XD
  12. Sinshine

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    I share critizism people given here and I can see the GMs' side and people being behind it and all. I mainly post because I find this highly unprofessional. "We made mistakes so just don't join if you're not happy with that" is the best way to discourage people from joining any further events. Or anything really, as this kind of response basically tells us that you don't care for player input. Regarding the actual event: I understand that things sometimes take time. But you're the ones announcing them. If something still takes time and isn't fleshed out yet, don't you think it would be more reasonable to not post it until everything's in place and everyone's in the picture? I do appreciate you guys hosting things like this, but also understand that announcing an event that needs a full and solid party just two days before the actual event puts everyone into stress mode. Suddenly you have to cancel things you've planned already, possibly tell beginners that were going to join your previously planned event that they can't come because it's going to be a tougher thing, find people who haven't made plans for the weekend yet to build a party. All under pressure of signing up before someone takes one of the limited party slots. At the same time, others will come online hours later just to find out that they missed out on signing up and/or getting a spot in their group's party simply because they were at work, sleeping or simply away from their computer for a few hours. Also, other parties will have people dropping out on short notice to instead go to the rift and they're left without some important classes as well. This simply doesn't make for a good player experience so people will start out frustrated. What confused me about last week's event was that we were told there were more parties than expected and I thought man there's gotta be a lot of parties and in the end it was only 6. And then there wasn't even a real prize structure in place. Like the first place got all the rewards and the 2nd and last place got the exact same items. I'm happy everyone got something for participating, but being in the 2nd place party, I didn't feel good when I found out that we got the exact same things. This problem obviously won't be coming up this week since there's only three slots, but I wanted to have brough it up. Because that's part of why it felt like it was rushed and not properly prepared. PS: The way prizes are listed here still is unclear to me: Each member of the winning party gets all the listed items?
  13. Sinshine

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Wow this is short notice. I'd like to go and all but this is at the common guild ET time o_o
  14. Sinshine

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    The real question to me is... Are those palette packs for your whole forum account or one specific game account? That's the breaking point for me between complete and utter disinterest or highly interested.
  15. Sinshine

    Talon wiki wrong

    Oh? That explains it XD When I tried a while ago there was no reset password thing right there and the "forgot your password?" link led to MediaWiki.org. Thanks, Boreas.