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  1. 16:00 on August 28, please
  2. Lance, can you possibly squeeze me in at 4pm on the 22nd? If not, please 5pm on the 21st
  3. August 15, 4pm, please
  4. August 8th, 4pm, please edit: Oh I guess Migs was faster. Can you guys do 10th so I can stay on 8th? Saturdays work so much better for my group.
  5. Lol I've become someone else's entry XD
  6. Can I have a slot for Saturday (25th) at 17:00, please? If not, then please on Friday (24th)
  7. Hi Lance. Could I get a slot for the 18th at 4pm, please?
  8. 4pm on June 24, please :3
  9. Could we please have a slot on July 4th at 4pm? Thanks
  10. 4pm on the 18th, please
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