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  1. Sylphid

    S>+10 Hood [Chung E]

    pm/mail me in game SylphidRay
  2. Sylphid

    TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest!

    Image is too big XD IGN: SylphidRay Edit: Dang, too many good entries, I don't even know how to edit pics XD
  3. Sylphid

    Level 9 Cooking Service

    Need STAT FOODS? Just mail me the amount and stat you want. Prices are negotiable. Thank you
  4. Sylphid

    S>+9 Agi Dish have many

    Still selling :>
  5. Sylphid

    Buying ROYAL JELLY

    I need lots of this jelly goodness pm me in Game SylphidRay
  6. Sylphid

    S>+9 Agi Dish have many

    Pm me in game SylphidRay :))
  7. Same problem. When I went to the left side of hugel my client crashed and can't log it in since.
  8. Sylphid

    ME H. Priest Help?

    Already have my Bathory, trying to buy Deviling and Trading my GEC for eddga. XD
  9. Sylphid

    ME H. Priest Help?

    What gears should I buy for Armor, Footgear, Lower Headgear and Garment? I already have Kaho, Divine Cross, Spiritual Ring, Sting Rosary Stats are 93 int 99 dex lvl 93 / 62
  10. Sylphid

    Dimensional Gorge Leech Lv64+ and 80+ !!

    Best leecher I have ever had in Talon.