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  1. jsuo19

    B> Seal Service

    as title says, please leave a response here or message me on Discord UberNewb2 #7739
  2. jsuo19

    B> Int+3 Armor

    Looking for Int+3 armor, prefer lighter armor like Silk Robe, please leave price here or pm UberNewb2 or Evercore
  3. Message me or pm me ign: Jsuo19
  4. Leave offer or pm Jsuo19
  5. These guys are absolute pros and really nice to chat with too, all around great experience
  6. Pro leech, great service, super nice and efficient would definitely use her leeching services again
  7. jsuo19

    B> Hood[1]

    11K ea, please leave name here or pm Jsuo19 or Evercore in game
  8. jsuo19

    S> +9 Elven Bow[TG]

    Leave offers here or pm Jsuo19 or Evercore, also selling Tights[Porcellio]
  9. Hi interested in Seals services, IGN is Jsuo19
  10. Hi would love to buy leeching services for my priest, currently level 67 (NT) could we do a package to get him to 99 and then from 50-79 (T) only issue is time zone....I’m GMT -8 lol...
  11. Selling 2x Tight[1] with Pasana and Porcellio cards (4M) as well as a +5 Hunter Bow with Vadon Card (2.5M) or leave offers here or pm me in game at either: Jsuo19 or Evercore
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