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  1. bunnilu's art freebies

    wao such pretteh artsu I would want one toooo if possible x) https://sta.sh/0odgmtdn7kg or https://sta.sh/0bnls6vb8xd senkies
  2. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Non existent photoshop skills IGN: NovaLolly
  3. ★ tenpoundpixel's pixel place ★ [SEASON 1 CLOSED]

    can I be added to waitlist too?
  4. I like your display picture. :ph34r: Gib artist! 

    1. Naght


      who is the artist Vivi? O.O

  5. I will pm you details once im home
  6. slot of couple colored chibi too pls :3c
  7. Little Art Freebies

    Woah! sho pretty I likey! ref link for ma hubby and i: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/c0zxqufgz9t3r9h/AABn4AcvkBavxc-SPY_kEgHOa
  8. Himitsu |

    Hello! Could i pick the number 18 pls... And Happy holidays to you too
  9. Doll Atelier ((CLOSED))

    slot for pair plss welcome back! still loving your artsu!
  10. Holloween event / christmas event

    I knew this question would pop, and yes I have been helping whenever I can. halloween map isnt just about the dungeon, there are other minigames that would require partying up... I want change too tbh, but no race concept pls
  11. Holloween event / christmas event

    If the interaction you meant is how people bombard !main with "Where can i find <insert npc name here>?" during the race, then no thanks. And also i like how Summer race is a RACE and is held annually Plus, i really enjoy the variety of mini games during the previous Halloween and Xmas events(with dungeons)