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  1. i need some volunteers *blink*

    hey there! i will drop my silly bunny ref here : https://sta.sh/012u987mn0k9
  2. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    i dont
  3. ʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ Bobbing Around [closed]

    28 https://sta.sh/021y67co0fb6 ty for holding a raffle
  4. Desert Dojo ~ [Social/PvM Guild]

    Everyone ish welcome \o/ we want moarrr! we want moarrr KERROTS ! i meant members fill in ur application here: http://thedojo.shivtr.com/
  5. Amissa's Lil' Art Shop [ Slots FILLED! ]

    may i have a slot
  6. TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    30 IGN: NovaLolly
  7. bunnilu's art freebies

    wao such pretteh artsu I would want one toooo if possible x) https://sta.sh/0odgmtdn7kg or https://sta.sh/0bnls6vb8xd senkies
  8. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Non existent photoshop skills IGN: NovaLolly
  9. ★ tenpoundpixel's pixel place ★ [SEASON 1 CLOSED]

    can I be added to waitlist too?
  10. I like your display picture. :ph34r: Gib artist! 

    1. Naght


      who is the artist Vivi? O.O

  11. I will pm you details once im home