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  1. Woah! sho pretty I likey! ref link for ma hubby and i: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/c0zxqufgz9t3r9h/AABn4AcvkBavxc-SPY_kEgHOa
  2. Hello! Could i pick the number 18 pls... And Happy holidays to you too
  3. commissions

    slot for pair plss welcome back! still loving your artsu!
  4. I knew this question would pop, and yes I have been helping whenever I can. halloween map isnt just about the dungeon, there are other minigames that would require partying up... I want change too tbh, but no race concept pls
  5. If the interaction you meant is how people bombard !main with "Where can i find <insert npc name here>?" during the race, then no thanks. And also i like how Summer race is a RACE and is held annually Plus, i really enjoy the variety of mini games during the previous Halloween and Xmas events(with dungeons)
  6. The bonus is bound to the character and not the SQI. You can sell, change the SQI (different carding, refine level) and still get the benefit of the bonus.
  7. 208 pls
  8. Thank you both! @Kimchiii and @Ellie Valentine
  9. And this.....Summer Event Suit (i dont want any ) from basic summertime box too.
  10. hmm was asked to give 60 Cheese.....
  11. I got it last night, and I dont have 25 of those bananas xD maybe someone could confirm this pls?
  12. was asked to give only 1 tropical banana tho
  13. Race duration ish now 45 mins instead of 1 hour
  14. *special bump for Xavier* lets all help to update as the event goes ^^