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  1. qwertybunny

    B>Abysmal Knight Card

    Buying Abysmal Knight Card, leave your names and offers here.
  2. qwertybunny

    S> Cast Red Gears and Weapons

  3. qwertybunny

    S> Cast Red Gears and Weapons

    These are the items I'm currently selling; 1x Mailbreaker 1x Main Gauche [4] (With 4x Marina Card) 1x Infiltrator [1] (with Skeleton Worker Card) 1x Cold Heart 2x Sprint Rings Leave your IGN's here or PM me offers.
  4. qwertybunny

    B> Equipment and Cards!

    These are the items I currently need; 1x +10 Carga Mace 1x Noxious Card 1x Wool Scarf[1] 2x Zerom Card 1x Glove[1] 1x Morpheus's Braecelet. Leave your ingame name here or PM me your offers!
  5. qwertybunny


    I am looking for: Infiltrator[1] Cold Heart, Thief Ring, Thara Frog Card, Noxious Card, Wool Scarf Post offers here.
  6. qwertybunny

    B>Smokie Card

    buying smokie card, write down offers or pm me ingame "Philip Banks"