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    I wish the !security will only be applied on every log in only and not every change of character Thank you hope for your kind consideration
  3. A very few people participating on Trans Woe SE on sunday and sometimes no one attack the castle! unlike trans WOE FE...only the people who got good gear can enjoy Trans woe SE on vanilla.... since some guild is not geared enough they will not participate cause they cant even brake baricades! and got 0 chance of getting the castle....many people go woe on NT vanilla on sunday! so the time is not factor why people dont attend trans vanilla SE woe on sundays..... please make sundays woe for trans more people thanks....FE is an open emp so you need to recruit more people to attack or deffend it... unlike woe SE you just select few elites player just to defend and chose only elite people to attack it... thats why woe SE got less people