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  1. Comment About The Person Above You

    may the 4th be with u...
  2. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    for HP farming niff basic items would be...sigh i cant find my guide, anyway LKH mistress mid INT 1 Divine Cross DEX +1 or higher the better deviling carded garment ( i started muffler ) Eddga shoes +4 is enuf Sting ROSARY and SPIRITUAL RING RENTAL you can get it via bronze coins 60 BC only in rental master i forgot what level and job level you would hit Instant cast with your bless...
  3. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    1.a i started sleepers farming 2m/hr, before sleepers i farm niff using HP 1m/hr before HP i farm Wiz in GHC 200k/ hr (for 6 mos without knowing about voting, took me 1 year for my 1st kaho) last year i farmed like whole day or just 5 hours a day (became less when i got items i want) 1.b maybe level 95/65 sinx is enough, i did mine when i was level 89 but it is hard so i try to level to 94 then i leveled inside haha now im just 96 2. 250m that is the worst case scenario or 250 TC if u want to donate, purchase ice pick and excalibur using TC and upgrade it on ur own or u can contact me if u want me to do the enchanting in malangdo although it is easy, dont hesitate if u need help 3. fatigue? hmm depends, if you want something to achieve, you will going to strive for it, fatigue is irrelevant. but if you are going to donate, no fatigue, bec items/equipment come easily by no farming. PS: What do you want to do? your goal. me , i set my goal to have 2 Bris and thats it. Until now i dont even have 1 bris but 2 SQI hahahahha 4. boredom? I have a GUIDE for that, you might want to check that as well ( quick summary, make 4 different class full equipped by just using CORE items ) true Well, grind to your dreams and sooner or later you will feel the joy of fulfillment of having the items you want!!! PPS: no 2 bris for me but i have Suiken AKAKAK and SOM DDD #rip
  4. Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    +12 dex = RIP money Assassin Cross Guide in Geffenia V3.0 UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
  5. MVP Sound

    but i still play
  6. MVP Sound

    what i mean is, for example, i am in prontera, and an MVP died, it will make a sound or beep as notification that any mvp has died
  7. MVP Sound

    when MVP dies, those who have bonus bundle will hear a sound or a beep maybe. (in case of alt tab or semi afk or waiting / timing mvps )
  8. How to get rich without getting bored

    le crie
  9. How to get rich without getting bored

    true. We;;, i got banned for using global channels for misunderstanding for 1 month. so i stopped playing, and when the ban got lift up....i lost the fire to play anymore .... i dont help newbies either. yesterday i gave someone EBW and some garments and shoes
  10. Happy birthday GM Zan!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. How to get rich without getting bored

    ME TOO i stopped playing hahahha i just log in to afk or nothing more Sleepers all the way, that is how i got items. and then geffenia and the rest is history hahaha
  12. Comment About The Person Above You

    hi overcome
  13. they say time suppose to heal yaaa...

    1. Askein


      But I ain't done much healing? :unsure:

  14. halp mi pls

    what are raids? hahahaha @s4w here is your virtual hug (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ hahaha
  15. halp mi pls

    are biochemist the ones that has acid demonstration? full chemical protection?