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  1. Yumiko Yukio

    Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: Knowing I'm at home and my stomach is fine Q: How do you handle insecurities from your colleagues reaching their dreams?
  2. Yumiko Yukio

    Card win announcement!

    just type /exall or /ex all? ahhaha
  3. Yumiko Yukio

    Little small wish

    Ohh dangg
  4. Yumiko Yukio

    Card win announcement!

    MVP card announcement is pretty cool though, across midgard
  5. Yumiko Yukio


    Donate and then wait the rates to be high so you could sell 1.18m atleast
  6. Yumiko Yukio

    Little small wish

    Wouldnt it be like the same as changing the floor color for winter, halloween, insert in update then poof! Like placing npc or any decorations in any place
  7. Yumiko Yukio

    Optionally re-colored kaho horns

    Haha that's why ppl want custom kaho. But maybe you can give it for 1 TC any color lel
  8. Avengers Infinity War is ♥ Daaang the ending!

  9. Yumiko Yukio

    What's a good card to put in Evangelist for FS HP?

    I vote for 3 Dracula
  10. Yumiko Yukio

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    Glad you guys appreciate it! Different builds different playing styles but we only have one goal, to earn the maximum zeny we can in 1 hour heheh. Goos luck to all of you! Much love
  11. Yumiko Yukio

    Easter | Golden Egg Hunt

    10 paint 10 ribbons 40 easter egg = 1 golden egg Why you guys are so lucky!!!! I got elunium twice!
  12. Yumiko Yukio

    Easter | Golden Egg Hunt

    i got elunium... :<
  13. Yumiko Yukio

    Activate Chat log(main recruit market guild)while in chatroom

    Now it is really implemented!!!
  14. I cried when i read this


    • The command "!noask" is now available to all players and is no longer part of the Bonus Bundle.
      • This command rejects all trades, invitations, and requests when applied. Simply use again to undo the command.
    • We've added in two new commands as well: !purchasejump / !pj -and- !petinfo.
      • !purchasejump / !pj allows you to jump to a specifically desired buying store.
        • This command works in an indentical fashion to the !shopjump command.
      • !petinfo allows you to view details on your pet's hunger and intimacy levels.
        • Note: this command is presently available only through the use of the Bonus Bundle.
    • All global chats now will work directly from chatboxes.
      • Global chats include !main, !market, !recruit, and !map.
      • This addition allows you to both send and read global chats now while in a chat room.
    • When equipping either arrows or bullets, your chatbox will now display which specific item is equipped.
      • Previously, this would just display as a general "Arrow has been equipped" message.
    • When marrying another character, you will now receive named rings!
      • Previously, normal wedding rings were received as marriage items.
  15. Yumiko Yukio

    Easter | Golden Egg Hunt