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  1. Same. The time spent on breaking GN is less productive than using it to farm more GN. Just sell your GN at 3,700 ea, people will still buy them. Others will say, " but i break GNs on my free time or when I am not farming ", still, the time spent breaking it would be more useful if you farm for more GNs
  2. Hahahaha i think im saving since 3 months already hahaa. You can do that too!
  3. ehh someone suggested Bris sting and Celebs and a Dring osiris hahhaha
  4. I guess bris osiris and 1 celeb for me. I only play HW HP and a champ. Thank you so much
  5. So your vote is a bris sting + diablos osiris?
  6. I'll keep this short. Rank these 2 builds according to: 1. Convenience ( i hate switching accessories) 2. Effectivity (damage wise or usefulness) 3. Overall, which one will you use if this is your char and WHY? Please select Asura Strike skill and any mvp you like Build1: https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43Ci0EKwoMwFETCryQFD2BbRMOERRfChcKuw59Pw7LCjX4pwoLCpcOJw7FNw60lfMKzwpgHw4M4w64yw4gkGUHCpMOnUsO6DcKpCcK0R8OIVcOwTw7CosKVw4XDvCvCtcKLwovCj8OPOibCncKlw5PDgcOdwr4bwoQCwrPCmcKpwqEgw7Y/w6EXw6U6w4bDusOnHcOnYQc Build 2: https://calc.talonro.com/?_w43DicORCkBAEAXDkF/DssOmWSRlw4nCg8OyfGd3w4fDmsKRFMK1PsOfUMO+w4HCuU3Dt8OWWFRkaMKhA8KEwpVaw6TDmhvCkArCj8O6DcKuw4zCuxHCryDDuhE3wqV6wrVhOMO3OXHCpMKGDWPDq2zDqRXCosKIwrDCgAESfEjDj8O1w49qw7AfNw I'm torn between these 2 builds. Hoping to hear from you
  7. Coming back to the game made my depression worse 😫😭

  8. Is this comeback for me? I hope players will buy in my shop! ❤️ 

    1. DON IS HERE


      well come back

  9. Thank you. I almost shed a tear. I hope I'll not be a failure. Thabk you for your encouraging words ! I hope i can survive this game we call Life
  10. July 28, 2014 WOW I'll be 5 years in here now /kis

  11. Solved. My installer was corrupt. rdata cant be installed. Downloaded installer and patched.
  12. i have a new pc. freshly installed windows 7 x64 I installed the 2GB full installer and let it update.. after updating, after i click ' Start Game ' and then the patcher closed and the small blue box with a person in shades/glasses appeared and then it closes too. i cant play the game :(
  13. Ugh...not feeling well...

    1. DON IS HERE


      why der what happend


    2. Gvank


      Get well soon dear!


    3. Yumiko Yukio

      Yumiko Yukio

      Severr sore throat. And colds... sigh

  14. Maybe bec ur getting mobbed by deviruchis violys and others?
  15. Wow i didn't notice this post was 1 year old already hahaha March 20, 2017
  16. Damn who is your graphic artist? Hahaha nice pictures!!! Hahahahagahahaha she reacted
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