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  1. Suggestion only XD maybe we can finish different all sqi bonus quest and choose only 4 [getting select option in Valhalla ] so we would not create multiple character with same classes just for 4 different sqi bonuses for same charater High Wizard [SOM] * 20% Chance to Curse Your Opponent When "Attacking" ,can you change this to "Magic Damage"
  2. i like shadow tag and racas forest and the new places very well done i dislike too bright Whisper's Blessing(it is like inifinite mini storm gust)
  3. ahm how about upgrade sqi is Dex+5 Dex+5 Dex+ 5 75% AMP cast redux or Dex+ 5 Dex+5 30% increase HP 75% AMP cast redux what is the better
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