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  1. Send me an offer, or leave your Discord information so I can contact you easily. Thanks.
  2. Welcome to the cool kids club. And, I'd like me one .. or two. Or several. PMing you the details later.
  3. Yaw, will send you infos in a bit. (:
  4. This went by quick. :/ How many are you taking in?
  5. Orchestra

    Nheki Draws

    I would like number six. .. lucky number one time *Fingers crossed*
  6. I want to get some, getting you the details in a bit. c:
  7. I might need to reconsider my choices and give her a scarf, this is preeeety awesome.
  8. I would also like to grab a slot. May or may not be for more than one character. Going to send everything once I wake up.
  9. Leave me a PM, I try to respond as soon as I can.
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