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  1. By Kero

    B>Suiken TTT or Clean

    ok got one.
  2. By Kero

    B>Suiken TTT or Clean

    Clean or TTT pm with price nickname: Just Kero
  3. By Kero

    CHAMP SB Switchs

    I got both Celebs for IC, Have to buy SS GTB, i ll get Sleip GEC, Shadow armor better in Holy Robe ? I ll use Poodle for mobbing and when im tnking Changing to Celebs for IC cauze with Devo no need Poodles maybe some cwp for emeergency!
  4. By Kero

    CHAMP SB Switchs

    Im new with Champ SB and i want to know, in wich case i have to use D manteau LOD/D manteau Deviling ? I need more gears ? My gears -Kaho -STR MID Dark Illusion -PCB -FA RSX/ Odins Blessing bathory/ i ll Buy Wind armor RSX -Mace with 4Draculas -SB GTB/ SB Alice/ PLatinum shield -D manteau LOD/DEVI -Sleip DL/ Tidal EDDGA/GEC -2 D rings POODLE/1D ring HP
  5. By Kero


    D'accord. Merci!
  6. By Kero


    Bon voile je suis nouveaux su talonRo, et a la recher d'une guild française...