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  1. breakilusion

    how to level up fast?

    If you want assassin... I think the best way to lvl fast is getting a infiltrator and going to rachel_dun01. farm blood runes and vanberk cards, also you get nice exp. to get the infiltrator lvl in toy factory killing myst cases. After you get enough money buy an Ice pick and go sleepers.
  2. breakilusion

    Let's show our Lifs!

    My Lif is pretty average, hope it get more int/agi in the next 19 lvls. btw do you guys have a good name for her?
  3. breakilusion

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Where Can I check the status after evolve? they always ask for evolution code... what is that? Edit: Found... is the difference between evolved and not evolved separated by comma. 1(HP),9(SP),4(STR),... and so on.
  4. breakilusion

    Guys what is the best Customized Lord Kaho?

    Taking advantage of this topic... What's the best top headgear that best match with Sigrun's Wings (the normal one, not the rainbow) ?
  5. breakilusion

    Alcohol creation

    I got that... but What I'm trying to say is: I want to create 100 alcohols and I have 2 ways to do that... drop the items and combine or plant or drop the alcohol itself... which of this I will spend less time?
  6. breakilusion

    Alcohol creation

    Hi guys... I was wondering... what's the best way to get some alcohol... (not buying in the bar hehe) Farm steam and spore and create it with alcohol creation book OR farm spore and spam mushrooms then CR them... (I think the drop rate is too low.... 1.5% )
  7. breakilusion

    RO won't open at all

    Fixed here. I've installed a Bank security program, that one installed a program named Warsaw... this one was blocking the launcher to start...
  8. breakilusion

    RO won't open at all

    same thing here, how did you solve this?
  9. breakilusion

    The proposal on the Intimacy for Homunculus

    HAHAHAHA but, you have a point... an item that increase the intimacy would be awesome... normally (in the others RO that I've played the feed rate goes with the drop, 10x drop -> 10x feed) I think, if my calc is not wrong, we need 6,2 days non-stop playing feeding every 10min to raise the homu to loyal... with that much of hours spend we can farm a SQI with bonus... TWICE! hahaha
  10. breakilusion

    CD in mouth

    Thanks GM
  11. breakilusion


    Provavelmente você doou sim... vc pode entrar em contato com seu cartão de credito e pegar o numero da compra... com isso você pode mandar pra algum GM verificar aquela compra. Tem o @GM Zelda que é BR ( ou fala português) ele pode te ajudar na comunicação.
  12. breakilusion

    CD in mouth

    Hi guys... I was researching in IRo and found this item: http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/18666/ I also saw that we have it hear, cost 5 TC... but at the description dont say anything about the bonus that the item gives... did they modified it too? Or this bonus is just for renewal version?
  13. breakilusion

    StarGladiator Thor Guide

    Yeah... I realize that now @~Lozaki~.... I came from a ancient time when StarGladiator could do this: I miss that time :'(
  14. breakilusion

    Skill Suggestion for throw build kagerou

    This is a Pre-renewal server, we don't have Kagerou, just ninja. If you want to calculate your damage and status you can you this URL here ( https://calc.talonro.com/ ) this is the official TalonRO calculator.