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  1. breakilusion

    Easter Egg Hunt - Day Eight

  2. breakilusion

    Rollback Homunculus

    So tell me why do we have a rollback character... if you want a net one just make another one and spend 2 days leveing it. same answer. Rollback character and unslotting items normally isn't a low rate server functionality and you still have that, don't you think so? btw... why declined so fast without open a real discussion about it? others suggestions (sometimes strange suggestions) stay open for days or weeks
  3. breakilusion

    Rollback Homunculus

    because they spent 6,19 days feeding it to evolve them. the sugestion is to create a service to rollback just the lvls keeping evolution and intimacy
  4. breakilusion

    Rollback Homunculus

    Here we go. Based on related comments on https://forum.talonro.com/forum/67-merchant/ a large portion of alche class that already have an homunculus with high level (and some times with bad stats) wants to create another homunculus, sometimes the same homunculus class just to improve that one but they are afraid to do that because it tooks many hours ( days or months ) to evolve their precious partner. Facts I takes 6,19 days non stop playing feeding homunculus between 11~24 and 7,7 days feeding between 25~75, spending the same time farming on a good spot (3M/h) can grant you 445M!! to have a desired class/sprite homunculus sometimes you can spend a million or more ( 70k every cheap embryo * 8 = 560k) With that in mind and with a gamma of custom services that TalonRO offers to the players ( https://wiki.talonro.com/Rewards_List#Services_.28read_.22Service_Notes.22_for_details.29 ), I think reset homunculus level should be a great addition to the game in the same way that the game propose the rollback of a character. Pros: Increase consuming of high end creators players of TC Open possibilities for alchemist to try again Decrease time spent on feeding Cons: Will probably decrease a little the selling of embryos More hard to code rollback homunculus than characters ( you need to evaluate the homu class and if it's evolved and re-generate the evolved bonuses) That's are my thoughts now guys, What do you think?
  5. breakilusion

    how to level up fast?

    If you want assassin... I think the best way to lvl fast is getting a infiltrator and going to rachel_dun01. farm blood runes and vanberk cards, also you get nice exp. to get the infiltrator lvl in toy factory killing myst cases. After you get enough money buy an Ice pick and go sleepers.
  6. breakilusion

    PVP with bets (2days/week) Vanilla PVP

    I think about that too but 1m is too much, for this 'bet' I think It should be less... like 100k for each player. If it's 5x5 than 500k. If the bet is too high people will be afraid of play this kind of challenge, to encourage that I think the losers should win a consolation prize, like 2 bronze coin os 2 copper coin... depending on how much zeny they spent. 100k -> 2 bronze or 2copper. 200k -> 5 bronze or 5 copper.
  7. breakilusion

    Virtual Trial Room - Test Your Dream Builds Without Spending Millions

    Can you just put like the rental items? 20min duration and... poof! disappear.
  8. breakilusion

    Let's show our Lifs!

    My Lif is pretty average, hope it get more int/agi in the next 19 lvls. btw do you guys have a good name for her?
  9. breakilusion

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Where Can I check the status after evolve? they always ask for evolution code... what is that? Edit: Found... is the difference between evolved and not evolved separated by comma. 1(HP),9(SP),4(STR),... and so on.
  10. breakilusion

    Guys what is the best Customized Lord Kaho?

    Taking advantage of this topic... What's the best top headgear that best match with Sigrun's Wings (the normal one, not the rainbow) ?
  11. breakilusion

    MVP Announce

    Hi all, I'm talking about MVP announce that we have when we buy the bundle... is it possible to add the server time that he dies? Like Amon Ra has just been defeated in moc_pryd06. 18:43 midgard time. XD If the intention is to track the mvps... sometimes the announces pass it buy and we don't know when it was killed... what do you think about it ?
  12. breakilusion

    Alcohol creation

    I got that... but What I'm trying to say is: I want to create 100 alcohols and I have 2 ways to do that... drop the items and combine or plant or drop the alcohol itself... which of this I will spend less time?
  13. breakilusion

    Bringing back RoFL+RoR (in one way or another)

    @GM Saen I didn't got the discussion on discord... can you give a small explain why, please?
  14. breakilusion

    Alcohol creation

    Hi guys... I was wondering... what's the best way to get some alcohol... (not buying in the bar hehe) Farm steam and spore and create it with alcohol creation book OR farm spore and spam mushrooms then CR them... (I think the drop rate is too low.... 1.5% )
  15. breakilusion

    RO won't open at all

    Fixed here. I've installed a Bank security program, that one installed a program named Warsaw... this one was blocking the launcher to start...