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  1. art shop

    Oh wow, just about the time im going to throw myself to bed Woaw that's an amazing backgroud! Its fits perfectly to the chars perfectly!! Thanks @Arcelle and @Mistreil for finishing my+friend's request!! You both are really talented
  2. art shop

    @Arcelle yes its perfect
  3. how much is the seal quest package?


  4. art shop

    Alrite then @Mistreil, i will mail it soon when i log in And I shall come back again sometimes later for your stickers So tempting
  5. art shop

    Its all good You did it pretty fast Btw, regarding the payment. Where should i send to? I will mail it~
  6. art shop

    Yes definetely
  7. art shop

    Hehe thanks~~ Hmmmm is it possible to change the expression? I wanna see her smile~ Sorry i forgot to mention this >.< Apart from that, everything is ok
  8. art shop

    hahaha, its a pleasure for me ^^ you both has such gorgeous artsu i cant resist alrite so here we go~~ for @Arcelle it will be a double non-chibi waist up of my sniper and my Bestie's HW Any Pose is ok as long as they looks Interactive and include the weapons also pls and For @Mistreil, its a Waist-up Piece of my Beloved HP Feel Free to ask me when you need more details Happy 1 month Anniversary for you two. you both are amazing!! Sugoi! Good luck on the shop and commishes! cheers
  9. art shop

    Hello @Arcelle and @Mistreil, are u both still open for commish? I wanna get arcelle's non chibi (this is the request i talked with u in-game before :3 ) and and mistreil' half body
  10. art shop

    Yes, its all good I will send the payment to Espi via mail soon as i can log in Ty for finishing the request, cheers
  11. art shop

    oh and i'd also like to be in the part of the canvas! so here we go: and also pls include this char of my bestie's thank you!
  12. art shop

    Sorry for the late reply, its all good. And i'd like u to add the weapon. The image of the weapon are included on the ref. Its the SOM a.k.a staff of magi
  13. art shop

    Such a nice arts Welcome to the art corner! I want your art also I dont mind if u put me on the waiting list
  14. art shop

    @arcelle Sorry about that! Will just post the image links: Main reference (please follow the color palette of this one! Her coat is mostly off white and beige): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/301371196535078913/301376041279160320/unknown.png Clothing ref taken from official art: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/301371196535078913/308390695297744896/image.png Not updated drawn reference: http://m.imgur.com/Uc5pzNq Other references: (Most color accurate) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/301371196535078913/301380000589021184/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/301371196535078913/301372598925656066/4saxu79.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/301371196535078913/301377964006703105/unknown.png Staff of Magi ref: https://wiki.talonro.com/images/8/8c/Magi.gif
  15. Bump Bump witscreenies~~~~ Look for us at Aldebaran for seals~~~