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  1. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    helloo hello, we are still active and accepting Seals Service / Scheduling you can look for us at aldebaran or pm me here or our discord also updating our gallery of successfull run PART 2 (after a long time *cough cough) imma just put this on spoilers cause there's too many of em Many Thanks to all you guys for buying from us, especially to our loyal/ comeback buyers we will always striving to be one of the most reliable seals service provider cheers~~~~ ***PART 3 coming soon (maybe )
  2. Amissa's Lil' Art Shop [ Slots FILLED! ]

    Me me o/
  3. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    BUMPIES We still active :3 feel free to pm or come to aldebaran if you need Seals also updating the screenies (PART 1) cause its been a while and too many sceenies piled up
  4. Pepe's Pandora [SLOT FULL]

    Slot pleasu :3 /
  5. Pneuma ArtShop [Close]

    Hi there, i want one also o/ For 1 char+bg
  6. bunnilu's art freebies

    Thats So adorable Nothing need to be changed i guess
  7. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    bumpie bumpie while posting the piled up screenies come come, we still active
  8. bunnilu's art freebies

    Me me https://ibb.co/iPxjck official RO art ref: https://ibb.co/cdieA5 In-game Sprite Ref: https://ibb.co/jriTMa extra: https://ibb.co/cvDS95 Oh, and welcome to the art corner
  9. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    Terima kasih Thank you
  10. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    There you go mr HOTTEST customer thanks for reminding me also posting moar screenie of runs we finished so far Thank you for buying from us and yes we are still OPEN and active, drop us a pm for inquiry/ scheduling
  11. Seals Service - From Aldebaran with Love <3 [OPEN]

    Its @Rayssss Btw Its on the 1st page Thank you for reviewing us lyd