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  1. hi

    I need SQI Seal quest.

    Could you help me?

  2. Best sensei ❤️

  3. how much for all 4 seal

  4. Soo, i got this catterpillar rucksack costume from Trick or Treat box (the tot box came from an attempt to raffle). And since this costume is among of the costume list on the raffle, i went to the lutie machine to check if this costume is claimable for my other game accounts. And i found that i cant claim it for my other game accounts, then i think that costumes i got from tot box are probably tradable, so i tried to trade it to my chars from another game account and i found that the costume arent tradable either :s is this meant to be this way? Is it possible to make this claimable? And also, if i do another raffle, is it still possible to get the said costume again despite already having it from another method beside of the raffle??
  5. Hello, i want to know how much is to do all 4 seals???

  6. Hello guys, I want to introduce and propose our seal service, Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 *TADAAAAA ~ * Art by @Chiyo what is seal service? why I'm going to need it? Short answer will be, because you need to be able to access the place (Valhalla) to make SQI, and SQI is best gear for one’s job. So if you aiming for end game item, you would likely need to have the access, in which to have that, you need to do a series of 4 pretty hard quests, named Seal. Each seals need to have 6 members (including you), to do the task needed. The 4 Seal Quest are Manuk Seal, Niffleheim Seal, Prontera Seal, an Yuno Seal. Why buying seal service? Because for some people, getting the member to do the run with you, is pretty hard, and even if able to gather the people, lack of coordinating / team work, makes the seal run sometimes hectic / fail. Seal Service, is basically hiring a team, to do it for you, (heck you can even sit and do nothing and you will still get it done! THO NO AFK!! Since you still need to click some and follow us on some part in order to pass the seal quest~ if you interested more about SQI, can try check this wiki link : https://wiki.talonro.com/Super_Quest_Items Do i have to be Geared/High Leveled? Do i Have to Help? The only Requirement that you have to meet is to be at minimum of Job level 40 to enter the Seal Quest, so its totally OK if you are not high levelled or geared. Our Team is highly Trained to finish all the job even without the buyer’s help, its totally ok if you just sit and watch or follow us!. But even so, if you wish to help and want to experience the Seal run, Feel Free to! We will give some briefing/ instructions during the run. How long does it take?? It will take approximately 1hr – 1hr and 20mins for all 4 Seals on average (this all includes time spent on gearing and preparing) For each seals it will be 5-10mins for Manuk Seal, 10-15mins for niffleheim Seal, 20-25 for prontera Seal, and 10-15mins for Yuno Seal. Please note that it could possibly took longer depends on some external factors like uncertainty of mob spawn and combinations. How to Contact us?? Feel free to find us at Aldebaran near the Clock Tower, look for any of these people (or their alt, though usually we have similar trait at char naming / guild) : * Mei Masshiro / Mei Windstrafe II @Mei Magnolia II Discord: @Mei Magnolia#7270 * Syarrr / Reishy Delphinium/ Reishy Cypress II @Rayssss II Discord: @TheyCallMeRays#4342 * -Vesper- / Fishmonger II @Cheron II Discord: @Fish#0016 You can also ask us question that burdening your mind, and we will try our best to make you understand Or SEND US MAIL! We will get back to you as fast as possible! We guaranteed 100% pass on every seal you bought from us. Meaning if you get any disconnection or failure attempt (tho we are very unlikely to fail) , we will redo it for you without additional charge!! Well I guess that’s all I can say, consider to pay us a visit before deciding which seal service provider you going to get See you~
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