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  1. Hi there nox, nice seeing you again Id like to grab a single slot pleasu
  2. these sketches are nice i'd like to get a Slot too Please i'll pm you my details later
  3. Bumpies, we are still selling. Pm for pricing and scheduling ty
  4. hi

    I need SQI Seal quest.

    Could you help me?

  5. Best sensei ❤️

  6. Speedy 4 Seals run for @hitsugaya finished in 55mins from us and congratz thanks for buying fr
  7. Welcome to the art corner I'll just leave my trace here for now
  8. how much for all 4 seal

  9. Bump and SUUUUUUUPER Late update thanks for buying from us ~LK BeLLa26~ , Kodoku Signal, Shabban, *Aimer, **Mavis Vermillion**, lokheira, ADyDyka, Confusious, Death Shadow, Victor Par Jr. *Keough*, DeliciousGreenApple (Screenies are inside the spoiler) Congratz to all of you for the valhalla access just shoot me a pm here or my Discord: Mei Magnolia#7270 if you need seals
  10. Soo, i got this catterpillar rucksack costume from Trick or Treat box (the tot box came from an attempt to raffle). And since this costume is among of the costume list on the raffle, i went to the lutie machine to check if this costume is claimable for my other game accounts. And i found that i cant claim it for my other game accounts, then i think that costumes i got from tot box are probably tradable, so i tried to trade it to my chars from another game account and i found that the costume arent tradable either :s is this meant to be this way? Is it possible to make this claimable? And also, if i do another raffle, is it still possible to get the said costume again despite already having it from another method beside of the raffle??
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