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  1. 17 Apr 5.30pm ST Please Thank you
  2. IGN : V e m i n i s c e n t LVL : 99 CLASS : High Priest I TRIED TO MAKE FRIENDS ( Story is inspired by an actual event.. *cough* my first day on TRO.. ) SHORT STORY ORIGINAL SCREENSHOT
  3. Hi Lance 10 Apr 6pm ST please thank u
  4. Hi Lance , could we get a slot for 27 march 5.30 PM st
  5. Hi Lance 7 march 3pm ST please thank u :3
  6. Congrats to everyone. It is amazing to see everyone channelling their creative sides. Thank you to the GMs for giving us such an opportunity :3 P/S: @Ashadia I enjoy reading every bit of your story. It was so good ❤️
  7. 24 Jan 3PM st please thank u lance
  8. Heart Shaped Poring Cookies The story behind the Heart Shaped Poring Cookies The Recipe GM Challenge
  9. Hi lance, 3pm st 10 jan pls
  10. can we book 27 Dec 3pm ST Thank u :3
  11. Hi lance 20 Dec 2pm ST pls
  12. Whilst everyone is busy attacking and supporting Im just busy being cute in screenshot to the end :3 Party Keih Egg in a Basket ~Chiemi Rosianne Bellucci Clandestine Affair Island Spice Lahaira Caramel Tart ~* Edelweiss *~ ~Alessa Gillespie~ Annetomy
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