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  1. So yesterday, my buds (a group of 5 altogether) and I were hitching a ride in the luxurious pimp mobile, and we just came back from eating at Mandarin (Asian all you can eat buffet), mind you we only went to eat here cause the place we originally wanted to go to eat was like pretty far, and it was pretty last minute, and the other nearby restaurants had some wait times, so Mandarin was the fall back plan. We went to go bowl after since it was right in the plaza, and then being the edge-lord, spontaneous, REBELLIOUS, UNCONTROLLABLE men we are, we had our bud sit in the back of the trunk cause we couldn't fit him, blasted some music and sped around, not knowing that there was literally a police car parked 2 spots away from our vehicle (yes, our driver didn't notice him cause of all of the chatter on the way to the car). So we leave the parking lot speeding, and the first thing we see behind the vehicle is the police lights flashing, and we get pulled over. Our designated driver only has his G2, we have 2+ pedestrians, a guy sitting in the trunk and one of us wasn't wearing his seat belt (cause he's like jammed in the middle in the back, pretty cozy, $240 ticket). So he asks us for our IDs, and our driver is slowly pooping his pants, cause he's already pretty broke at the moment and he's stock piling tickets (don't ask me why), but the police officer was actually really chill, and then he says, "I'm going to let you off with a warning, if you don't fail this breathalyzer test.". He passes, and we get off completely free, would've probably ruined the night too. TL;dr - Although police officers may get a lot of flak for the things that they do (disregard the power hungry, relentless ones), they are doing their job and there are still some pretty cool people working in the Task Force out there. Feel free to share your stories down below, just felt like getting this off my chest cause we got really lucky that night.
  2. BacklashBlade


    Already purchased the requested item, thanks for your interest though!
  3. Hey GMs, just a curious question. I was doing some snooping around and was wondering if these features are still in the process of being worked out? I nabbed it off of https://wiki.talonro.com/First_Ask_Me_Anything for future reference. So yeah, are you guys planning on working on those map releases? Would be a pretty awesome addition
  4. Time for some feel good themes. In need of some chilly vibes? I hope the swear words are permissible Party Time~ And I gotta fit some of my trap in there ehe.
  5. I'd like to keep my post as professional and straight to the point as possible, so I will just briefly address the issues that affect me indirectly or directly. I will only throw out my personal suggestions on how to improve the matter/feature at hand, but don't disregard this post as only disapproval and unhappiness with the current patch. There were some bonuses and add-ons that I really appreciate, but I'd rather keep the praise off hand to get this situation resolved ASAP. Features - Minigame Additions, Boosts, and Changes Poring Rally There is an unfair bug/situation with poring rally that allows players to consume buffed foods before entering, giving them increased ASPD before even entering the mini game itself. Suggestion: Add a dispel feature to remove all previous buffs including foods/increase agi. etc. when speaking to the Poring Rally Fan NPC. Monster Race As it currently sits, I don't believe the amount of races suffices for the rewards or time that some of the players invest into the minigames. Considering how the other games have gotten buffed, monster races could be sitting somewhere a bit more prettier. Since you've covered the situation where players can no longer dual client, I think it's only fair that the rewards should be increased, or increase the amount of races per hour. Suggestion: Increase the amount of races per hour, 6 each respectively, making 12 per hour. Rather than the current 6 per hour as it is, or.. Suggestion: Increase the CC reward. Single race will garner a 50 CC reward for winning, and Double Race will garner a 100 CC reward for winning. Reasoning: You have a 1/3 chance of winning either a single or double, the way it currently is, judging from the current CC output, the older system had a higher "potential" payout system than the current one implemented. I believe either suggestion should suffice for the race nerfs in general. Bingo Just like in BG, it's very quick to ruin the lobby when an AFK doesn't accept the queue, leaving the other 4 players in dismay, having to wait for another round or two before getting their turn again. Also, the current auto-teleport queue is interesting, but it could potentially lead to the auto-teleportation of AFKs as well. Suggestion: Give a 30 second kick time for an AFK (or for players to join the room in general), if they fail to enter the portal, remove the player from the Bingo signup list and auto-teleport a signed up player into the portal area. If this is not possible... Suggestion: Give a 30 second kick time for an AFK (or for players to join the room in general), if they fail to enter the portal, remove the player from the Bingo signup list, reiterate/refresh the lobby again by teleporting the 4 players on the blocks back into the portal room along with 1 new signed up player from the Bingo signup list. Suggestion: Give a 30 second kick time for an AFK (or for players to join the room in general), if they fail to enter the portal, remove the player from the Bingo signup list, and create a Bingo exclusive command called !remake. If the 30 seconds pass, and all 4 players enlist the command for !remake in a popup proc, then they can have 1 more player from the Bingo signup list join through the portal room. If all 4 players fail to enlist for the command, restart the Bingo lobby as a whole. Features - Tam Tam's Gift Regular Mob Drops As it currently stands, the CC drop rate is acceptable, but I think it shouldn't hurt to implement the following. Suggestion: A random 5 CC Reward Ticket on normal mobs. (At the previous rate that CCs on the old MOTW used to drop.) Champion Mob Drops Considering that Champion mobs are very difficult to kill, some more difficult than others, I believe that they should have a reward to suffice for the amount of effort that was given to vanquish these powerful creatures. Suggestion: A guaranteed 5 CC Reward Ticket on Champion mobs. As well as a small percentage of obtaining a 25 CC reward ticket. Gameplay Edits Defense Changes Rather than just addressing high defense builds in general, the whole Ragnarok class roster has amassed a rather tedious damage absorb problem. It's not only High Def Pallys/LKs that will be suffering from this change, but as well as HPs and any other tanking class. Example: The results were definitely evident when my party went to Thor, the HP who was decently geared was receiving much more dmg than anticipated. Side Note: I have not played a Mid-High Def build personally. Suggestion: Fix the defense changes to be targeted specifically at 90+ DEF builds, not just an all-around DEF nerf. I had some flak on this suggestion personally, cause apparently with the current math as it stands, even if you were to redirect the current DEF nerfs only to 90+ DEF builds, pallys would still have a very hard time tanking, so maybe fixing some numbers might address the issue or a whole new different approach might be more productive. again if I get a different idea/approach to improving the current DEF stance as it is, I'd gladly throw my 2 cents. Also I don't think this was what you've originally intended, but I believe with the DEF changes, MDEF was affected as well cause the Kasa fireballs were hitting for 3k on our geared HP, which was rather unusual and higher than previously before. Maybe it's something to look into. Thanks for taking your time to read this.
  6. Here goes~ IGN: BacklashBlade 1. 2. 3. 4.
  7. While I'm not farming mindlessly farming or chit-chatting with my fellow beautiful guild members, I'm usually spamming that solo-q up on the beloved game that everyone loves to hate Just decided to throw this out there, cause out of my surprise there isn't any LoL posts I've seen (maybe cause I'm a zombie already or I'm too tired to read on zZZzZzzZZ), so it's either out of fear or hatred of the game Feel free to hit me up on League if you're on the NA servers btw! And before you post it, LoL > doto2 hehe xd Server: NA IGN: BacklashBlade ELO: Gold feelsbadman How Long Have You Been Playing For? Just joined S5, so I'm hitting the 1 year mark :3 Role: Fill (I usually have a lane craving, sometimes Top/Mid, or Support.) Rant: Anyone else loving zed after the QSS nerfs? If he starts to snowball, ff20 rito y u do dis. Also, good thing Malzahar is auto-banned, dragon first clear and rift herald on second clear is totally balanced right?!!?!!11!
  8. Blade and Soul, or BnS for short is an MMO that's coming to NA and EU January 18, but it's already been out for a couple years now as it was originally released in Korea, and migrated over to other regions over time. Was just wondering if anyone else was excited to try it out on it's fresh new premiere~ And no, I'm not here to give you any biased assumptions/perspectives cause I haven't even played the game.
  9. Is it possible to get all the drops from a single mob, including it's card? Ex. For a Medusa to drop Animal Gore, Pearl, Turtle Shell, Necklace of Wisdom, Horrendous Hair, Red Flame Whip, Sea Witch's Foot and Medusa Card all in one sitting? And....is there like a GM command that allows you to see the foot-trafficking that happens on any map? Ex. For those Hide-And-Seek map events, when you're able to see if someone has finally arrived onto the same map that you've been hiding in. "Ah finally, people are starting to arrive, I'm not so lonely anymore~" Or something like that.
  10. Selling Spiked Scarf Quadruple Vital Knife [Fabre Fabre Fabre Fabre] Mad Dog Diablos Ring [Hell Poodle] x1 Spell Master's Bloody Angel Wing [Dark Illusion] +5 High Risk Orlean's Uniform [Tao Gunka] +4 Tidal Shoes of Doom [Dark Lord] PM or Mail me in-game through IGN: BacklashBlade Or....feel free to PM me through the boards. Thanks for the offer!
  11. Yeah I don't know what to believe cause after I did my one run, I just got out of there. It's not worth it to farm and the long hour wait is just plain ridiculous. It's not fun I can tell you that much.
  12. 1. House Music~ 2. More House Music~ 3. Unique Trap
  13. The quiz is mostly RO based knowledge, I actually googled the answers and we managed to finish with a minute to spare. I'll gladly update the questions as people post them.
  14. Map or <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=2dhf9l4" target="_blank"><img src="http://i68.tinypic.com/2dhf9l4.png" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> Important Notes 1. The NPCs are invisible, you need to find them by hovering your mouse over the area located on the map. And no, I don't mean hovering your mouse over your minimap, cause your minimap is invisible too. 2. In order for you to find the treasure boxes, evil mobs, etc. you need to activate them by going to their designated NPC on the map. Then the NPC will state a message saying, "a treasure box, evil cruiser is lurking around the map", etc. Not the same quote on quote message but you get the idea. 3. The Time Trials NPC sucks in 3 members according to first entry, first serve basis. Just because you're in a party doesn't mean you're going in as a party. Coordinate yourself with those around you. 4. Ignore the Frosty NPC without a number beside it on the map, that's outdated. This year, the Frosty NPC spawns randomly around the map. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. How To Play There are 5 Key Objectives you need to complete under 5 minutes. 1. Return the designated photo album to the correct NPC on the map. How this works is, first you need to activate the NPC by talking to it. This will release a treasure box in a random location around the map and it is your job to find it. Once you find it, break it open and a photo album will drop. You then return that photo album to the corresponding NPC. NOTE: If you try to look for a Treasure Box without actually talking to the NPC beforehand, you're wasting your time cause you didn't talk to the NPC, which "spawns" it into the map in the first place. In this case, you need to talk to NPC #1, NPC#2, NPC#3 and, NPC #4. 2. Kill the Evil mobs. (Evil Cruiser, Evil Myst Case) Note: They look exactly the same as the other Myst Cases and Cruiser mobs, you need to hover your mouse over them to find em. NOTE: If you try to look for an Evil Mob without actually talking to the NPC beforehand, you're wasting your time cause you didn't talk to the NPC, which "spawns" it into the map in the first place. In this case, you need to talk to NPC #5 and NPC #6. 3. Kill MvP (Antonio) Note: Make sure to designate a person who is properly geared to kill Antonio. Any ungeared, far ranged job classes may experience difficulty as Antonio can cast Storm Gust which will ruin your run, as well as his high mobility. NOTE: Again, like repeated in the previous notes, you need to talk to NPC#10 before Antonio begins to roam around the map. 4. Find Frosty, and click him 100 times, or until he is satisfied. (You'll know when it says Challenge #9 Cleared!) NOTE: You need to talk to NPC#9 or else Frosty won't be spawned into the map. Also, apparently there is a fake Frosty NPC, so be careful for this. I actually don't know how to differentiate between the fake and the real NPC so if someone can post down a key difference, that'd be very much appreciated. 5) Complete the Quizzes. These are NPC#7 and NPC#8. Hope this guide helped you on your aid onto obtaining Yellow Christmas Giftbox Pieces! Merry Christmas/Xmas you guys! NPC #7 Questions Which of the following mobs drops Small Ribbon[0]? Answer - Alice Which of these mobs is not like the other? Answer - Poporing How many horns are on Orc Lord's Helm? Answer - Three What is xmas_dun02's official name? Answer - Toy Monitoring Room Which GM appears as a Grand Peco in GMC? Answer - GM Shiris How many locations does Tao Gunka have as spawn points in tRO? Answer - Three What property to use against mavka? Answer - Fire What costume did the Nepal event provide? Answer - Lightning Rune Costume Which city has a casino? Answer - Comodo How much zeny needed for transcendence through official job change? Answer - 1,285,000 Zeny Which Armor can't be socketed?: Answer - Lucius' Fierce Armor of Volcano Which MvP Card is not customized by TalonRO? Answer - Phreeoni What symbol is on Garm's forehead? Answer - A crescent moon Which monster does not appear in mage change test? Answer - Andre What ingredient is "NOT" needed for camel dung quest? Answer - 6x Monster's Feed Where can you find the mini boss Angeling? Answer - Toy Factory What does MOTW stand for? Answer - All of the Above You speak to the Mini Game Girl NPC when you want to..? Answer - Bet on Monster Race Which monster won't aggresively attack you if you're level 99? Answer - Luciola Vespa Which class cannot use the skill "Heal"? Answer - Knight NPC #8 Questions Which town [among four choices] does not have a port? Answer - Aldebaran Which town hosted the Amazing Summer Race? Answer - Port Malaya What command is needed to teleport to a vend for "jellopy"? Answer - !shopjump jellopy TalonRO's Mascot is what kind of monster? Answer - Smokie Which city can you find the NPC to make Chef Hat? Answer - Lutie Which live GM event commonly features exploding Porings? Answer - Sink or Swim In which dungeon can the Watery Grave BGM be heard? Answer - Bibilan Dungeon Which of these dungeon has a secret floor accessible for a short while only after defeating the MVP? Answer - Ice Dungeon When doing the hunting board quest, what are the rewards? Answer - Bronze Coins and Experience points What is a "Counteragent"? Answer - An item used to make Dyestuffs Eddga drops the ingredient for which questable headgear? Answer - Boy's Cap How many Job classes (excluding baby classes) are there in TalonRO? Answer - 40
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