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  1. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    @fumiddition aaa tytyty i thought i responded to this alreadydfgdfkg your art is so nice too like wao so detailed in the clothing -- finished a comm for Camille <3
  2. Ari's Art Shop [OPEN]

    welcome !!! your art is so nice aaaa. you should at least double, maybe triple your prices ; u;
  3. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    2/2 for Elixia completed! slots are back open!! -- @GM Zelda I raised my prices by 5m (these took a bit longer than I anticipated initially), so if you're comfortable with the price change, I can add you to the slots.
  4. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    finished 1/2 for GM Lance !
  5. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    finished the chibi for saen ; u;! really happy with how it turned out
  6. TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    i think i'll stick with drawing from now on tyyy yours looks so good. you set the bar quite high !!!
  7. TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    ign: cynischism Baked Pecopeco Tenders Challenges: GM Kuma Challenge: Bear with me - +2 Include honey in the dish. GM Mimi Challenge: Dip it! - +1 Add a dipping sauce of any kind. The GM Luna Challenge: Hawt - +2 Add some fire to your food by adding a hot sauce or chilli's. Recipes: Peco Tenders Sauces
  8. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    @Reira I have no idea fjdiwbd I'm just as confused
  9. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    first commission done! c: Orchestra's sinx
  10. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    @GM Saen aaah, yes! accepted! i have such a soft spot for ancient horns (fun fact, i unlocked them to be on the kaho list a few years ago) will add you to the slots and get started shortly!
  11. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    twitter tumblr insta hihi my bf rly wants an eleanor wig, so (buffer voice) iiiiit's tiiiiime to do some comms! (also p: hit us up if you wanna sell one) offering painted chibis like the one above, as well as sketch painted busts. chibi can be both genders, but busts are currently female only. submit a form first; this is not first come, first serve. i will tell you if i accept your comm, and i will react with "thanks" if i'm not interested. when i accept, i will work on the comm and then send a watermarked version when i'm done. do not send payment until i send you the watermarked version. once payment is received, i'll send the completed, unmarked version. price*: chibi 40m (includes a very simple 2 tone bg like above) +5m per pet bust 45m *if your character has heavily detailed headgear, +5m. form: ingame name: chibi or bust: references: eye color/details: short personality description: bg idea (chibi only): slots/status: 1. Cam - done 2. Zelda - flat colors 20% 3. Orchestra completed: 1. GM Saen 2. Orchestra 3. GM Lance (1/2; 2/2)
  12. Draw The Character Above You!

    WAO @SkyeReed you definitely nailed the vibe !!! love the spooky doll eyes, and the roses look so good too ; u; ty !! the process shot looks cool o: interesting to see how you block your colors in
  13. Draw The Character Above You!

    @SkyeReed aaaand i'm posting my new ME priestess p: eyes can be whatever looks good (id like spooky cute vibes) and if drawn, for the ribbon/bow around the waist to be black
  14. Draw The Character Above You!

    reserved skye
  15. BBerriee's Art Thread [OPEN]

    daaaang... ima try for a chibi one day