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  1. bunnilu's art freebies

    aaa your name is so familiar.... do I know u from gaia 🤔🤔 WELCOME TO TALON! your art is so adorable aaaaaa. u should check out the forum event for the advent calendar. you can easily make at least 10 Tc! 😊 that's like 2-3 cute headgear 😍
  2. Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    @jassietea omg i love ink and watercolor; your entry is so cuuuute
  3. ohseok's art corner

    hold the phone DO I SPY A HANDSOME ZEN IN UR DISPLAY PIC 8D do u upload ur art anywhere? twitter/insta? and also ty ; u;
  4. ohseok's art corner

    welcome to the server omgggg your art is beyond good enough for this!!! especially since you offer such cool dynamic full bodies ; u;/ and only 30m omg
  5. closed

    the issue with auctions is typically people will try to bid last minute. bidding earlier just makes it more expensive :c it's very unfortunate, but i guess it makes sense ._ . people probably were interested, just greedy and waiting til last day to snipe the spot
  6. Requesting a guild emblem

    I think posting some info about what sort of emblem you want done will help get people to respond ; u;
  7. Recycling Monthly Box Costumes?

    I was wondering if there could be some sort of service that could be implemented to make lower tier costumes from the monthly boxes more worthwhile. For example, if we could trade in (just spitballing) 5 monthly box costumes in for another box. It just seems wasteful to have costumes that are going for ~1m. This would safeguard that they're at least worth about 3TC each (making them still affordable to newer players but not as painful to think about out of a 15TC box). I just don't see the need to have hundreds of these small costumes go unused. It's also incredibly demotivating to get a bunch of them and know they're probably not going to sell, at least not for a long time (I have a friend that will probably be peddling sea-otter hat costumes for the next lifetime). A possible way for it to work is an NPC to which you can trade them in to for tokens. You can buy boxes with x amount of tokens. Thanks for your consideration regardless!
  8. twitch

    I think you post in the following thread for the tRO twitch perks
  9. cyns art

    comm done for Orchestra c: aaaand my loading screen entry
  10. Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    ingame name: cynischism Monsters like to dress up and trick or treat, too! Kudos if you can identify all the monsters and their costumes! Loading Screen version (1280 x 960): Wishful thinking Login Screen version (1280 x 960): https://imgur.com/a/UVazn contains a larger version of each (1920 x 1440) - can provide larger/smaller if needed
  11. Chibi Discord Commission Zone

    aaaa these are so cute hope to see more converts
  12. cyns art

    okok gonna do Orchestra's comm then close this shop for a while so I can do RLC and work on the login/loading screen contest ; u; we got more than enough for an eleanor wig, so thanks again everyone for commissioning might just turn this into a place where i post my art as opposed to a shop p:
  13. Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

  14. Can I sell my photos here?

    well, it'd be easy to use your photos in a way to make them tRO related if you still wanted to pursue this avenue for zeny by selling forum signatures instead (a little bit more work, but easy with photoshop or similar program). ppl could choose which photo and then you would add their character sprite with white outline on top and their name (could offer a range of typefaces to choose from or something?) just a thought! and i dont think anyone is selling forum sigs atm so your competition is low