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  1. rags

    Summer Cook Off Winners!

    Ooooh my god! What an awesome notification to wake up to. :D! Thanks so much for choosing me, you guys made that 12+ hours cooking totally worth it! :3 It was an incredible event, lots of super delicious looking food made by everyone and I can't wait to participate in the next! Thanks again!
  2. rags

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    The cook book idea sounds wonderful! After seeing some of these recipes I'd love to try a tRO secret chef (like a secret santa) where all entrants draw names and they cook that person's dish. Would be a lot of fun to create these dishes from around the world. Also thank you very much! :]
  3. rags

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Getting Cyn to stop drawing and get cooking is no easy feat, Zelda. You should feel honored! It turned out great! Sooo proud of you! <3
  4. rags

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Thanks! Tried hard to make it as RO related as possible. Pretty happy with the turn out aside from the tin foil sticking to the top of the cake while waiting for it to cool. :<
  5. rags

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Thank you! Couple people messaged me saying they're having issues seeing the images, it seems that if refreshing isn't helping try using Firefox over Chrome. If it's an issue for many I'll just upload an album with all of the images or post a link to a google doc or something.
  6. rags

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    ingame name: asuraggle (After hearing a strange broadcast in the sky promising “special gifts”, two beautiful idiots, asuraggle and cynischism, went wandering into the dense forests of Geffen fields in search of Tamtam.) “Shouldn’t we wait for these summer event costumes to wear off first?” cyn wondered. “Yolo,” I replied. Cyn nodded knowingly. “Yolo.” (Walking slow as heck, the duo stumbled into a strange clearing in the woods after trying to escape from some oddly vicious orc babies. There were hundreds of tiny tracks in the soil, yet they couldn’t see any other signs of life for hundreds of cells in any direction. Suddenly, the two felt a sharp pain in the back of their heads, and everything went black.) (When asuraggle awoke, it was to a heavy headache, his gear gone and his wrists shackled in handcuffs. Beside him, he heard cyn trying to bargain for their freedom with free, dank art.) “Well, well. This story has gone on long enough, so let me get to the point and end this wall of text!” a high pitched, raspy voice mused from across the room. It was the Goblin Leader, sitting upon a throne of bloody branches. “These goblins are dreadful cooks, and the Orcs to the north are even worse! Cook me a feast fit for a king, and I’ll set you free.” I looked at cyn questioningly, which she responded to with a shrug. “Got nothin’ better to do.” I shot the Goblin Leader a pair of finger guns, which unfortunately went unseen due to the handcuffs, and then we followed one of the goblin henchmen to a makeshift kitchen. After 12 hours of sweat, tears, and a couple of energy drinks, I finally finished creating the goblin feast. The Goblin Feast! Comprised of Masked Potatoes, Immortal Gravy and Rice, Kabob Staves of Leader, and Red Velvet Cape Challenges: GM Zelda: Sweet Tooth (include a dessert) +2 GM Radius: Meatlover (Feature 3 or more types of meat) +2 GM Elixia: ‘That time of the month’ Cure (include nutella) +2 Warning: This feast takes a crap ton of time and ingredients. Proceed with caution. RECIPES I. Masked Potatoes II. Immortal Gravy and Rice Balls III. Kabob Staves of Leader IV. Red Velvet Cape Conclusion: The Goblin Leader marveled at the display of food. He waved his meaty hand, and a small goblin shuffled forward and dropped their stolen gear at their feet. “My cape! My mask! I love it. it’s almost… too good to eat...” The Goblin Leader pondered for a moment. “It is too good to eat! Make me something else!” By then, the costumes had long worn off. Why asuraggle and cynischism had stayed til the end instead of fighting their way out, they couldn’t explain. Without hesitating, they both scooped up their gear and teleported out to their home city of Gonryun. However, scorning the Goblin Leader could have unforeseen consequences… Concept art Honorable mentions: Challenges completed as well, but not counted: Taters, Hawt, Pretty Face, & Dip It! Shout out to GM Lance for putting up with me while the grill was hot. <3 Cyn for the free, dank art. ily
  7. rags

    cyns art

    I don't know who your boyfriend is but he sounds like a neat dude and I hope he gets that eleanor wig. :v Also your art is the bee's knees.
  8. rags

    Banner Competition 2013!

    /thread. Sorry to all other competitors, but there can only be one winner. Thanks to all who entered.
  9. rags

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #48

    Okay, now it's just kind of getting freaky. Just teleporting around randomly and then bam, out of the map right next to a Byorgue. Can move around this time. But once again I've... IGN: rags or asuraggle
  10. rags

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #47

    Life alert! Help! Pretty crazy random fly wing. I've never tele'd off map to a single open cell before. IGN: rags or asuraggle
  11. rags

    Biweekly Screenshot Event #47

    What's going over there? o.o Wow, what a turn out! IGN: rags or asuraggle
  12. rags

    The Yule Ball Encore - You're Invited!

    Random triple post so I figured I may as well just suggest more music that I was going to add to my original post anyway. :3