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  1. Prince Kay

    Prince Kay's Art Chambers~

    Ahaha, thank you <3 My work too x3 Okay so a knee-up for you~
  2. Prince Kay

    Prince Kay's Art Chambers~

    Hello everyone! I've joined some time ago but didn't have much time to play for most of the time D: Now I do! The problem is, Aimitis took all my zeny. But hey! Since I'm an artist I can sell my skill! And here I am offering commissions~ I can draw sfw or not, charactes, monsters, etc. No buildings, nor vehicles pls xD All the things RO - connected will be a pleasure and a nice break from my everyday work <3 Here are the examples and prices of my works: American shot (knee-up) - 40 m (here +5m for homunculus) Waist-up - 30m I can add a character/pet/background/something else for additional price set individually (Pixelation is caused by the upload method, I can send you the high-res picture any way you'd like. If you pay me REALLY lot I can refrain from making it ALL PINK. But seriously, i also love dark art dripping blood and stuff. Really! Why u no believe me?!?! ;3;) Slot List 1. Nefertina ♥
  3. Prince Kay

    Halloween Login Screen Contest!

    OMG OMG OMG I hope I'm not lateeee >.<'