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  1. learn

    DG Sinx Crit type Farming/Leech

    http://irowiki.org/classic/NPC_BLOODDRAIN it's also physical damage, doesn't get reduced by deviling but the damage should be trivial enough to be easily recovered by kaahi Maybe you got lucky, the chance is only 1% afterall.
  2. learn

    DG Sinx Crit type Farming/Leech

    http://irowiki.org/classic/NPC_PULSESTRIKE It's physical damage, and also neutral element anyway, this is impossible for anything else beside champ and stalk will fail miserably because of dispell, nuff said.
  3. learn

    DG Sinx Crit type Farming/Leech

    interesting, how about this: https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibCbIaNazabadKbbaj0kaSehehaaadkaTehaQehkYfdwjfdwDtlhPtogwfjgdfLh6fLh6eeeeaikkffkfaabkkaaaaaaaabaaah5aabajacaaaaabaaaaaHbFaaa
  4. learn

    What to do with 10m - New player

    Idk if you have read this guide or not Choose one that you like. Whether which long run or short run investment depends on which farming place you choose.
  5. this event is awesome. @Whiners If you don't have the time or too lazy with the quest, then consider yourself didn't deserve the rewards. Besides : This quest is for everyone, but definitely not a freebie, you have to work it out and finish the quest to get the reward. Tons of people have completed the quest, in a relatively short time, and without guides. Why can't you? In the end, other than whining, have you guys ever appreciate our GM Team for their effort? Coming up with these stories and packing up a creative events like this isn't easy for most people you know? Stop whining and be grateful.
  6. https://wiki.talonro.com/Rest_Bonus
  7. learn

    About GTB and shield choice for champ.

    i see,, so in general, hodremlin is a bad choice for tanking purpose eh?
  8. learn

    The Dojo

  9. learn

    About GTB and shield choice for champ.

    does the perfect dodge realiable enough? i've been hesitating to buy a hodremlin because the pd proc is only 0.03%, which averages in like ... 1 proc every ~3k hits?
  10. learn

    Endure effect during WoE

    read http://irowiki.org/classic/War_of_Emperium#Mechanics its not cuztomized, it has always been like that, officially.
  11. learn

    Brewing Guide

  12. learn

    Coming from IRO to TalonRO

  13. learn

    Brewing Guide

    is it -10% base value or +/-5% variation for cwp? does sharp hawk eye also affect the guild leader? does the rank bonus applies retroactively?
  14. learn

    Farming Sleepers in a knight

    lol gusli build towards agi , its better than hybrid or pure vit