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  1. Sprite for lever action rifle

    sorry maybe its my selfishness ahaha but u know, the lever action rifle didnt have similiarity in sprite and the ilustration cee the image... why this rifle gun have the sprite of gatling gun !! its not cool for me.. and i think its not look cool! now cee the other rifle gun below : its have atleast matched the name sprite with ilustration... so GM... can u change the sprite in Lever action rifle like the one in another rifle gun *like dat syclone gun* TT_____TT
  2. pet carry weight !

    how about make some new pet which increase weight limit hehehe zerom seem good for this
  3. Draw The Character Above You!

    oh my, there so many great artist now can some one want to draw my stalker plz ! if no one want to... just pass it
  4. Draw The Character Above You!

    oh my, dat is awsome
  5. Draw The Character Above You!

    wew... its been a long time since i come here =3=) ... how is it now?
  6. TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest WINNERS!

    really? thanks for the info!
  7. TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest WINNERS!

    oh GM, \( TT3TT)/ where i can get my prize? why i didnt got my prize yet? im always look at my mail box all this time
  8. Aspiring LKs (new players)

    ah, im used to be zerk LK before :D, my sword is <incaSamurai,bapho>, some one just buy it last month after 2 month selling, maybe thanks to this posting too ahahaha yeah, its so much fun play as zerk LK, easy 190 aspd and have high damage im farming in juperos with it, and kill so many field boss,
  9. Get Rid Aura!

    /aura is not cover the rifefly :<
  10. Get Rid Aura!

    GM, i have the aura when reach lv99 really hate it, especialy trans class aura can u make the command for completly make it dissapear, (not just light below char, but the firefly aura too) and make it another player cant cee it too u can make it somthing like menu in reward guru which need TC or CC to completly erase the aura in present char or all char in dat ID
  11. Congratulatioooonss! Your oceanic hairband design is beautiful. It was my favourite too. :lol:

    1. agilazo


      thank you ~ thank you!  (TT_TT)
      thx for ur support! \(^_^)/

  12. TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest WINNERS!

    woohooo, im win joy joy joy, thanks T^T make another contest again!
  13. Access to abrasive or other +crit change consumables

    *kelen : i know what u feel broh, ahaha u need near high end to get good critical build in this server, especialy poor sinX, they originaly critical expert become dull here, and mostly i cee critical expert in this server owned by sniper (whuuut?! blame grypho for dat!) and recently i cee critical build Gunslinger too! they good!, they got elemental arrow/bullet, high ASPD, even some doesnt need critical card in their weapon. while sinX need so much sacrifice to maintain aspd, damage, and critical chance i have critical sinX too, but like u said, the damage is quite low for critical expert class, (since im using cheap gear) its hard maintain good fast aspd too, it happen so many time when hunting in party, while i move in front line, do some critical bam bam for some munite, and other member come with bam! and monster die in second ahaha, even tho other party member didnt say anything, i got some weight in my mind like, duh, what a trashy char i got! but i can make sure dat with "high end" equipment u can get a good and powerfull critical build
  14. Eden Group PvP Tournament Event

    Hi, how about we held some weekly or monthy PvP tournament event! and its not Vanilla-nonVanilla, but Eden Group PvP! i mean, the contestan only allowed using eden group equipment... U know, sometime even in vanilla PvP, there some gap in equipment they have.. so using only eden group equipment make it fair and friendly to New player. with this eq setting, PvP will based on player understanding of jobs and skill they use. not just depend on card or eq. The prize of course must be Grand! so there will be attract poeple to "WATCH" and participate ex : every win the battle, player will get 1 TC or if its too much, its like 30CC with eden badge, and the finalist/champion will get somthing like 5TC im suggest got prize every win battle, so people will not down before participate, since they got benefit even lose in mid tournament. and we can add somthing like "Halls of Fame" for champion! u know somthing like "we make a statue in middle prontera for the champion"
  15. PET atk!

    hi GM, ahahahaha its sure is dummy suggestion, but, can u make the pet attacking monster :3 so its kinda help the player, not dat complex system, just like alt+left click target then the pet atk-ing