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  1. agilazo

    Draw The Character Above You!

    its ok, its alweady 3 month
  2. agilazo

    Draw The Character Above You!

    but but... @mkf said going to make my char first btw, i cant cee the char pict u post
  3. agilazo

    Event | Design Your Own Treasure Poring

    Name: HomuncuRing Appearance: Poring which have core like vanilmirth inside its body, and have color like vanil Drops: Embryo Creation Guide (Item ID# 7419) Embryo (Item ID# 7142) Special Bonbon (Item ID# 20526) Anodyne (Item ID# 605) Karvodailnirol (Item ID# 972) Jellopy (Item ID# 909) Seed of Life (Item ID# 7140) Morning Dew of Yggdrasil (Item ID# 7141) Empty Bottle (Item ID# 713) Sticky Mucus (Item ID# 938) Story: In the past, there famous Alchemist who expert in Potion making and also very strong fighter, but she have 1 weakness, she is dumb in creating homunculus despite she really big fans of Vanilmirth type homunculus... she really wanna have some vanilmirth as partner and decided to make one, after bet all her fortune to buy the homunculus ingredient and some *random* ingredient, she finaly success... but the one who come out is vanilmirth with the shape of poring! and its weak like poring too! because of dat the alchemist really upset and despise the homunculus. The poor homunculus who got bad treatment from its master decided to run away and stole all the homunculus ingredient in his master storage, so there will be no other homunculus which got bad treatment like him. Till now the homunculus still wandering around the world coz the shape like poring, the people who witness it calling it Homuncuring, and every time the homunculus meet some one, its always says : " im vanilmirth, not poring, plz dont hit me master TT_TT " IGN : CoffeeLatte
  4. agilazo

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    interesting contest xD time to search garbage in my storageroom, hope find somthing usefull
  5. agilazo

    Geffenia Warp Choise?

  6. agilazo

    Force to not disable the !main

    somtime main chat is too wild in someone eye, do u intent to force sharing dat wilderness? ahahaha even in real life there option for personal interest mater
  7. agilazo

    Geffenia Warp Choise?

    i hope there warp location choise when enter Geffenia xD like where u are going to go, geffenia01,02,03 or 04
  8. agilazo

    some sign

    Masters, somtime when im using skill which give bad stat to enemy, im curious, is my debuff is working or not... for example is "head crush" or "joint beat" skill from LK, there no sign if the skill successfully give bad stat to enemy or not.. hmm, if its possible, can Masters add something like announchment icon if the bad buff successfull or not? thx
  9. agilazo

    Summer Loading Screen Contest - Winners!

    hooray! \(^o^)/ ~ thx! yay!
  10. agilazo

    Bow/Whip/Guitar element calculation

    wait.... in the past my stalker using rudra bow (holy element bow) but it does do holy damage even im using neutral element arrow! such as arrow, hunting arrow, elven and etc its change if im using other element arrow tho? so? what about it?
  11. agilazo

    Sad and glad in equal parts.

    yeah i agree in that part, its like different game tho ahaha , but its fun... its remindme of ragnarok 2 LoT, its good game if the name not include ragnarok in it, since its feels like completely different game
  12. agilazo

    Sad and glad in equal parts.

    its not dat bad actualy, its fun too , but since player in pre-renewal is mostly renewal hater, so its indeed bad muahahaha welcome
  13. agilazo

    Sad and glad in equal parts.

    wait.... talonRO is pre-renewal server there will be no shura, genetic and royal guard
  14. agilazo

    Any oldschool players?

    player in TRO mostly is oldschool player even its from other server ahahah i play RO first time when they announch the update "city of love" first time RO add wedding system and amatsu map
  15. agilazo

    Draw The Character Above You!

    dat is nice and fast drawing ... awsome