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  1. IGN : Koi Jutsu "Galapago is mesmerized by the sunset"
  2. Oh my, raise the food duration by 50%.
  3. wait... its song about summer ahahaha oh maan, i should find some winter theme song
  4. IGN : Koi is Noob ok, here i will presenting some of story from the book of : Collection of Ragnarok Lore. Intro Story : Like us, humans who immersed in online world, the unseen do the same to spook us, and coz what they do, the folklore created between players in certain games and kind like mysteries that haunt the players include in Ragnarok online, ... some say its bug, some say its GM messing with player, some say its in game easter egg, some say its our friends messing with us. but for the person who experience it.. they know, that something is wrong. Story 1 : Brasilis Muse
  5. @IceDryst bro, its a great art, but u got wrong in ur illustration, orc archer have one horn in their helmed, and there some leather in their helmet, maybe its leather helmet instead
  6. IGN : Koi Fish 🌸GM Mizkie Challenge - Sleeping Bunnies ()🌸 🌸GM Seiren Challenge - Blossoming ()🌸 🌸GM Phoenix Challenge - Rank it up ()🌸 🌸GM Luna Challenge - Millennial ()🌸 "Planting Plant at Spring Time!" *im bit not sure I do GM Luna Challange Bright pastel color properly ahahaha*
  7. Love it! Pixel art never fail us 👍
  8. Nice art ! That first entry Will put pressure to the other contestan 😂
  9. Holly Molly, look at that meat 😮 .... im drolling
  10. another from me : Rocket Man - Elton John
  11. aw... baking... i even doesnt have oven at home...
  12. ok, i wanna this music for yule! DJ Okawari - Flower Dance - 2010 maybe only this...
  13. IGN : Koi Fish "PORING SNOW BALL FIGHT PARTY " GM Challange : GM Aqua Challenge: Include a snowball fight. + 2 GM Radius Challenge: Cone Job - Include an ice-cream cone, a carrot and a party hat. +2 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2
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