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  1. I checked my mail too, i dont cee the prize yet in it... but i found some love letter and bully threat letter in it.......
  2. ayee, thx GM! btw, GM, can u mail me the list of postcard which won?? thats really make me curious, since sometime i forgot and miss the tikibar, like last friday tikibar....
  3. agilazo

    buy vendor

    can we alocate all the buying vendor in one place? (autotrade mode one) like there some option in vending officer for open the selling vendor or buying vendor, when choose buying vendor we got moved to some place special for buying vendor (ehem... eden group ehm....), im happen always like seek some buying vendor if there some interesting price for me to farm the said stuff, its kinda like do some quest requested by player 😆 and it will help a lot if all the buying vendor placed in one place. sorry for the selfish request 😛
  4. actualy the one from RO is not excalibur, its excalipurr, that is why its not that special
  5. rest time for clown in the beach, music in moonless night! IGN : Koi Fish
  6. @lirith hmm... you got over sized one.. the size is 450 px wide by 300 px tall
  7. beware!, monsters can attack you in the water too! @Veha thx!, ur post card (rafting in ayotaya one) really teach and give me idea a lot about how to make some mirror image in water, and i like ur color pallete! IGN : Koi Fish
  8. agilazo

    First Aid

    hmm, i think its work in different way, like i said we can make the amount of first aid raising based by VIT, so first aid will be usefull for class with high vit, while heal from vitata more usefull for class with high INT, so it can work pretty well together and for make render some card less usefull, its same case like customize crocodile card overshadowed SoldierSkeleton card and still be aproved. and if somecase someone said it will make "meat" become useless, i can say its not, we all know we can spam meat while attacking in case being crowded, and spam first aid in the middle of battle will cancel ur auto atk, skill cast, etc, so like the name "first aid" it will be usefull when run out meat then tele using flywing but decided not back to city coz want to take revenge on monster.
  9. agilazo

    First Aid

    Hmmm, 🤔 im always forget about those thing, since im always go post the idea instantly after its pop out in my mind and find it Will make the server more unique than other servers around (from my view of course jajajjaja). If change directly on skill is big no, how about make some equipment/ item/ bundle/ custom card which have effect raise the the skill effect? If cant, let's delete this post, i feels ashamed always suggest something forbidden jajajjaja
  10. Dont put your watermelon near poring before the party start IGN : Koi Fish
  11. agilazo

    First Aid

    maan, this skill so usefull for early play with no gear, but its really useless after. so GM, for make this skill bit usefull like its name "First Aid" can we make some custom in it?? im suggesting raise the heal HP amount of this skill which "bit" usefull to high end player in dire time. if GM can make it more nice, we can raise the amount of HP can be healed by this skill from the number of VIT the player have, like how HP regeneration work! so LK, crusader, or other class with high vit will find this skill usefull, but other class with low vit cant think this skill usefull.
  12. i cee... with all comment up here, i realize no one want be my friends, since every names in my friends list never online again after meet and add to friendlist by me
  13. another submit.. btw.. dont we need include our IGN....?? now with ign IGN : Koi Fish
  14. Welcome to TalonRO! just ask people around if u need help!, some is willing help u... maybe... and regarding bank... how to get loan from bank without some warrant.. maan, i wanna start business but they keep ignore me since i dont have stable income yet! how i can get good income if i dont have money to start it 😧
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