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  1. agilazo

    Same Bank/Storage for all your accounts

    ahahaha , guess yeah you can do that too
  2. agilazo

    Consumable Holy Water

    just like cursed water, Can we make HolyWater consumable, so we can endow our weapon with holy property, if its affect the need of aspersio, u can make the endow from drinking holy water is only last around 10 second, so its like temporary endow for emergency where priest have their hand full in support and cant endow us
  3. agilazo

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    so dat WolfGang its you Don, awoooooo
  4. agilazo

    TK Ranker - Mysteltainn or LT?

    Mysteltainn mainly is used coz flee + 20 As matter of atk both is not dat good, mysteltain roughly +30 atk is not bad, And atk from lady Tanee is not dat good too, for max VIT, u Will get 12% atk, its good but TK doesnt use any weapon, itu Will good of u have menginjard equiped. So conclusion is, Mysteltainn used for flee survival And Tanee used for HP tanker survival For end game if u have menginjard, Tanee is better °_°)..... Meginjard... If.. u... Have... Meginjard....
  5. agilazo

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    its must be GC pally
  6. agilazo

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    GM, im just realize dat when u upload image in thread, the size become lower when you redownload it, image with size 1280 x 960 will become 1000 x 750 its still 4:3 but is dat ok?
  7. agilazo

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    IGN : CoffeeLatte Loading screen ahaha tam tam forgot the winter come and got frozen
  8. agilazo

    2018 Winter Login & Loading Contest

    is dat ur original artwork? @-Mad
  9. agilazo

    Investigate Geffenia

    with set glooming, kaho, quadrill rental, and other, i still need 2 hit investigare to kill succubus
  10. agilazo

    Thanksgiving Event 2018

  11. agilazo

    dont use gatcha prize too much

    i open this these suggestion coz a moment anger after got too many rubbish in haloween event, u know, example is like exchange for rafle but got ToT which when u open there only pumkin inside, i dont want to totaly change it, but more like if its ToT box, im fine got rubbish since u can exchange ticket with ToT box easily, but for some high exchange item like costume rafle, dont mix rubbish in it, how bout just give not so popular costume for worst result, atleast its give bit relief how about add crafting stuff, like winter scarf event, the player craft the special theme costume or other stuff, the ingredient is acquired from win the event game (like red ticket), so it will be worth with each player effort to acquire it. *sorry my english is bad*
  12. agilazo

    dont use gatcha prize too much

    i dont hate it but im not love gatcha system either, but easter and halloween event have gatcha element in their prize sytem, :< i spend so much to acquire ticket and even abandone some work scedule in real life for play it, but end up got rubbish too much. can u minimalize ur gatcha system in the future event, i know its only game, but not all player can accept it and end up have negative opinion impact in event.
  13. agilazo

    Increase rental boots' regeneration

    omg, i even never cee another section other than weapon in rental master
  14. agilazo

    Bonuses Negates SQI creation

    wait... what i know is SQI bonus is char bound right?
  15. agilazo

    Drum battlefield for dual weapon

    .... how this topic in archer side...