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  1. agilazo

    wing costume!

    i don want that, i want animated succubi and incubi wing
  2. agilazo

    wing costume!

    GM, can you cut some succubus or incubus wing to make it become costume! i really want have that wing in my char back :3
  3. agilazo

    day and night cycle

    yeah, i hear some server do that too, but i never try that server ahahaha but i think the transition when SL buff us with spirit skill is best when everything become dark like night time
  4. agilazo

    day and night cycle

    can we make day and night cycle?? like every 3 hour there will be day and night, we can make night time like when linker do soul link to other job, we can add some small event in day and night time, like every night time, there will be hoarde of zombie appear, or make some monster species become stronger when night time include the double exp gain when kill it.
  5. agilazo


    really.... i never try that... ahahaha, thx
  6. agilazo


    can we add elemental shuriken in game? for raise some worth in shuriken build ninja! 😛
  7. i think in the first place its rachel territory
  8. agilazo

    GN breaking

    GM, as I see my surrounding, I feel that GN breaker player start decreasing, which make an impact in GN price is down little, to make the foundation of GN economy circle stay more solid, can u make some simplicity in GN downgrade process. I mean, downgrading process is easy but it will become so boring and tiring when u need repeat downgrading process for 3000 time 😧 so, we somehow can make an option to do downgrading 10 GN at one turn. or something similar which make the process easier and faster, of course, something like this gives some minus effect too, so for this more easy option, we can make new strictment, for example, is like we make new quest "advance downgrade quest" and for downgrading batch of GN at the same time, we need to add some other ingredient ( u need 1 opal each time for downgrading 100GN at once). that just an example 😛
  9. yeah @DeliciousGreenApple i wrote it in google doc, but when copy paste here, its become mess ahaha xD, why its not keep like in the google doc
  10. Agilazo!  

    I wholly enjoyed reading your Valentine's novel entry!  Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. agilazo


      thank you, I really appreciate that  :D
      Im always think that my story will Dull because im cutting like half of the story :<

    2. Ghaspar


      perhaps after the conclusion of the event you can post the whole of the story in Server Discussion or as a story to be read for StarGlads in StarGlad Section. /no1

    3. agilazo


      i cant 😂 
      already erasing the other part, im write that story not in google doc and copy it after in forum post, and not save it after /heh

  11. IGN : Mallin , Rogueboy word count : 2486 GM Challange : GM Seiren - Include a nemesis. GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. note: wew, when im done writing the story, its end up with 3891 word in total T-T so I end up cutting the story so much..... btw... how all of you writing so fine and neat here? 😮 can one of you share the knowledge of how neatly write in forum, since im not dat forum person
  12. @DeliciousGreenApple i like your story ahahaha xD hope there more participant in this contest
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