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  1. Happy New Year 2014 and all the best for everyone! /kis
  2. Thank you GM team, once again! Headgears, more headgears! /rice
  3. Nice event and nice update, once again. Thank you, lovely GM's! /kis
  4. Nice event again but sadly it started right after my winter vacation so sadly can't really join it. But good luck to everyone! And thank you GM's. <3
  5. Uhum... 15 000 all together, 1500 to each.
  6. Nice one! Thank you GM team! <3 And ooooohhhh! Our emoticons are back!!! So lovely! <3
  7. Happy New Year 2013 to everyone! :-*
  8. This event is too hard for people, who has never thought about vanilla and non-vanilla playstyles. I can not kill anything and it's kinda hard to find a party for this. So, i pass, good luck for everyone else! :-*
  9. Really good idea! Well done, GM's! :-*
  10. Daim, it is so good because it gets stuck to my teeth when i eat it. :-* IGN: Taidoho
  11. Welcome welcome! I hope that there are now GM's from different time zones so all our players can enter the events held.
  12. Lovely summer event! More events like this, thank you. :-*
  13. I wonder if the old receipts still work? Like this: http://forum.talonro.com/index.php/topic,28560.msg368516.html#msg368516
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