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  1. I'm glad you guys fixed the wiki but the Glitter Shell in-game is still showing as SQI Bonus Ingredient
  2. Name: Strawbering Sprite source Color: Default or slightly purple-r Drops: 2x 50 Strawberry Box - ID 20976 100% 2x Blue Herb Box - ID 13759 100% 1x Cute Strawberry-Choco - ID 596 50% 1x Dragon Breath Cocktail - ID 12080 30% 1x Special Strawberry In Mouth - ID 18716 20% Backstory: Strawbering is a cute poring that loves strawberries and sp related stuff (it says they taste minty) IGN: Fabio HP __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Cheering Sprite source Color: Default or slightly brighter Drops: 10x Firecracker - ID 12018 100% 10x Large Firecracker - ID 12326 100% 10x Love You Firecracker - ID 14546 100% 10x Rainbow Cake - ID 12124 100% 10x Gift Box - ID 644 100% 4x Old Blue Box - ID 603 50% 2x Old Purple Box - ID 617 50% 1x 25 Reward Ticket - ID 8959 30% 1x Old Card Album - ID 616 30% 1x TalonRO Cake - ID 20062 10% Backstory: This little guy loves parties! IGN: Fabio HP
  3. I mean an option to show all the topics from all the categories at once Edit: Or it could show all by default when you arrives at the page, and filter the results when you select one of the left options =D
  4. And the title gives an idea of what I'm suggesting here When you add something to the following gallery, in order to view it you must choose one category Who use to follow content regularly knows what I'm talking about - there are many of them! And so it's annoying to have to open them one at a time to see the 3 or 4 topics you are following Then I'm wondering why don't we have a "show all" tab? Peace
  5. What abuse you guys think that may come from a one-use item? Make it expensive to make then
  6. I just saw this: https://panel.talonro.com/itemdb/14529/ And thought that would be awesome if we could make it.
  7. FabioPanzarin

    bullet maker

    +1 to reduce ammo and cartridges weight, I have been playing a lot with my gunslinger lately and can confirm the bullets weight is a real issue, rapid shower eats up 5 bullets and is the main skill for me, if you use desperado it's 10 bullets per use, and since every experienced sniper will tell you not to carry quivers, but elemental stones instead, I don't think we need any more arguments.
  8. I think the title pretty much explains it all, how hard is it to move the quivers and cartridges to ammo tab rather than item tab @kafra?
  9. One thing that happens very often is some friend send me private messages while I'm using Berserk (Lord Knight skill) Of course I'm unable to answer since Berserk mutes the player, hence the suggestion of make a system auto message to inform someone whispering you about Berserk, pretty much like the auto vending message we already have.
  10. No and no First because those items would not be easy to make and short after the hype people would forget about them, you will not see people spending tons of zenys and time to flood places with porings, plus, they already do that with dead branches and no one notice (unless you are the one unfortunate to encounter some nice mob they left behind) And second, it's as easy as make poring cards worth same as sleeper and other farm mob's cards on Ancient Card Album NPC I really don't imagine players wasting their time and effort making thousands of poring summon items to farm poring cards ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Well, would be awesome to play around with a bunch of porings, everyone likes when i lure the whole map and "throw" somewhere and they fill up the place =D
  12. Here I'm coming up with a very random idea that I just thought about, and probably will be declined just because would be a pain to implement Alchemists would have a new "potion" recipe, to make a new item, like a plant bottle but would be used like dead branches to summon a poring upon usage The rules would be the same of those from dead branches, and the item would take something like jellopies to make (large jellopies maybe?) The success rate of the brewing could be low, and the porings passive just like the wild ones to avoid trouble.
  13. FabioPanzarin

    2 slots hotbar

    Ok, so this is the hotbar I'm referring to It's the one that cannot have hotkeys associated, and I personally use it to keep track of items from my storage, for example aspd potions and pet food. Now what I want to suggest here, is to allow other items to go in there, not only usable stuff. This way I can use it to keep track of quest items, or reagents, this kind of thing.
  14. Since we are working towards add more integration between in-game and control panel data, I want to suggest a new option to copy a character data to stats calculator, the character must be yours obviously, and since we have the script for it already because of signature creator, we are half way done. The data would include the character's class, level, stats, skills and equipped items at that moment, so it will be easier to check and change builds.
  15. It seems the site finally got fixed
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