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  1. My favorite town is Lutie! The Christmas atmosphere is so nice, also the background music is really soothing for me ❤️
  2. Hello! May I get a waitlist spot?
  3. Marly

    Nheki Draws

    A cute female pally with valk helm, it's Joa for sure.
  4. Marly

    Nheki Draws

    @Aryll you're wrong, I have 600k left @Sakura Miyu you're the new richest person in art corner now. And we all agree Joa is beautiful.
  5. Marly

    Nheki Draws

    I'm dying, thank you so much @Nheki!!!! This is just great, I'm so in love with the castle and the armored girls Marly is retiring, so you can have my zenies *throws zeny at Miyu's direction*. Pls, you have so many adorable arts as well, I cry
  6. Marly

    Expo's Art Expo

    Welcome Character reference:
  7. Thank you, Lana! I'm happy you're practicing with digital art now ♥ Keep it up!
  8. I love the YOI chibis ♥
  9. Yes, he is the gorgeous pally girl.
  10. Oh my goddddd, I'm going to cry :c Finally you're posting your amazing drawings, Lana! I'm so happy to see you here I'll leave those 2 refs here, if you feel like practicing with them! One of the characters belongs to Joa. Keep posting your drawings pls, they're great.
  11. You should post your references if you're interested in getting art, since the artist said in their first post they aren't accepting commissions this time.
  12. Ahhh, this is adorable ♥ Your pixels are also very cute too!! Good luck with your shop
  13. Welcome back! I'm super late but...
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