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  1. Finished your fanart... ;>


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Munsoe


      Lol.. in a blink of eye, i read it as "finish your fart..."


      Pardon me..:P

    3. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      Had to think about the Frozen scene "We finish each others...." "... sandwiches!" 
      Which, with you here, just now filled in with "each others farts."
      Imagine that being the new #relationshipgoals.

    4. Munsoe


      Couples that farts together, stay together, longer.. lol

  2. Please do more of those. I love them all. And I totally see GM Howl saying that last panel - was that an actual quote perhaps?
    1. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      OH MY you posted on my profile even before I pm'ed you on discord ;o; <3 
      you cute thing, you /lv missed you around!

    2. Ring




      Jay says hi btw!

    3. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      Say hi back (again)! :>

  3. This is the reason I never wear my glasses. That, .... and because I lost them.
  4. *comes in late with a Starbucks* :> So, since it's the season of (late) fall, it's cold, rainy, and you just wanna wrap up in a blanket and watch netflix. That's at least what I wish I was doing. I find myself running from place to place - outside, in the cold. Just like my LK needs to do sometimes when I force her to go to Lutie to potato around. Well, but what more would you crave than a good, old Smooth Noodle to warm your insides up? I wouldn't know. I absolutely love soup. By the time you fight, collect, investigate, little adventurer - do you ever wonder how your h
  5. These are all absolutely amazing and so nice to read through pls moar
  6. :v I must defend the title from the Summer Cook-Off *actually just passed by Forums out of random reasons* *has 0 time and is actually on hiatus* *dies on the inside*
  7. *nibble*

    1. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      :< sorry, I'm kinda on a hiatus ... *dies* 
      University and business is catching up to me! hahaha, I hope to return soon so I can bother you again. :) Thanks for checking on me! Hope you're fine. 

    2. aintnojustice


      haha i think we are in the same boat :) didnt get the time to check until today! Be safe

  8. @B I O now it's your turn to win, Ser! :3 Gratz <3
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