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  1. Finished your fanart... ;>


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    2. Munsoe


      Lol.. in a blink of eye, i read it as "finish your fart..."


      Pardon me..:P

    3. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      Had to think about the Frozen scene "We finish each others...." "... sandwiches!" 
      Which, with you here, just now filled in with "each others farts."
      Imagine that being the new #relationshipgoals.

    4. Munsoe


      Couples that farts together, stay together, longer.. lol

  2. Please do more of those. I love them all. And I totally see GM Howl saying that last panel - was that an actual quote perhaps?
  3. This is the reason I never wear my glasses. That, .... and because I lost them.
  4. You underestimate my time management
  5. *comes in late with a Starbucks* :> So, since it's the season of (late) fall, it's cold, rainy, and you just wanna wrap up in a blanket and watch netflix. That's at least what I wish I was doing. I find myself running from place to place - outside, in the cold. Just like my LK needs to do sometimes when I force her to go to Lutie to potato around. Well, but what more would you crave than a good, old Smooth Noodle to warm your insides up? I wouldn't know. I absolutely love soup. By the time you fight, collect, investigate, little adventurer - do you ever wonder how your health is holding up? Of course, I bet you wouldn't even be able to count the immense amounts you've spent using up your potions! So this time you come back to your hometown, I bet you'd want to heal up and strengthen your immunse system. Let's make some potions! Sadly I didn't have enough time on my own hands to make the pumpkin spice cookies I planned to do, but that's okay! Saving them up for another time~ Smooth Noodle and Healing Potions Recipe Pictures of Ingredients & some steps~ Final result~!
  6. These are all absolutely amazing and so nice to read through pls moar
  7. :v I must defend the title from the Summer Cook-Off *actually just passed by Forums out of random reasons* *has 0 time and is actually on hiatus* *dies on the inside*
  8. @B I O now it's your turn to win, Ser! :3 Gratz <3
  9. Oh please ser, your dishes were extraordinary! to all the other amazing winners and also participants!
  10. @Tainaka Ritsu I'm a little disappointed you didn't involve Kraken but then again all this chocolate heavens make up for it.. :3
  11. After thinking about this event for quite a time, I finally managed to find time to make the thing I wanted and even drag my sister along~ Thinking about Winter makes me think about the cold days that you want to spend wrapped up in a blanket and eat something really rich and good. COMFORT FOOD. and whilst that, thinking about being in a better, warmer place. Browsing and brainstorming wiht my sister finally ended up on Siromas & Tatachos. Here goes: Tropical Tatachos~ (Katie made the Siroma part.) RECIPE Ingredients for the batter: 1 cup butter 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 Tsp. vanilla extract 1/2 cup Milk 2 Tbsps. cream 1 cup of fruits of your choice to add to the batter (I chose mango, raspberry, plum, grape) Ingredients for the frosting: 1 cup mascarpone cream cheese 1/2 cup icing sugar zest of half a lemon juice of half a lemon Decorations: goggly eyes sugar.. thingies. Licorice (in Germany we have those black Haribo snails!) a dark grape for the Tatach Party Hat. sheet of waffer 2 cookie crisps INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE BATTER: (the same batter can be used for the Siromas - just leave out No. 7 and follow her instructions!) Make the batter! Start with smoothing out the butter first, mixing it on a high speed until it gets smooth and white-ish. That's about 5 minutes of mixing it. The help of a cat is very appreciated! Add the sugar, mix until it dissolves slightly, making the batter smoother. Add the eggs - one by one. Add one, Let it mix through. That way you prevent globs. Add in flour (you might wonder why I didn't list baking powder. I didn't use it since our mom has issues with digesting it - that's fine though! They will come out just as well. :3 they just won't raise as high!) Mix in the vanilla extract, the milk and the cream. Mix until smooth. Put the cupcake paper into the baking tray and then put the batter in those. Just like usual muffins, don't fill them all up as they will rise after all, you don't want them to spill (the usual rule is 3/4 of the baking tray). Add the fruit into the mixture. Just pop several fruit bits into the batter, you can mix the fruits into the batter before too if you want though~ Bake for 20-30 minutes by 190°C/374°F in a preheated oven. Take them out and let cool. that's important so the frosting doesn't melt from the heat when you decorate it. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE FROSTING: Smoothen out the mascarpone using you mixer. Add in the sugar and mix well until it dissolves. Scrape of the lemon zest and get some neat lemon juice in there. Mix until smooth - make sure not to stirr too much, after a time some globs will start to show up.Prevent that. Let cool along with the muffins, that should take about an hour. DECORATING: While waiting for it to cool, you can start preparing some of the decorations already. Since I used the Snail Licorice, I cut a bit off of it for the lips. I cut the edge smoother, so it looked more like lips. Cut out circles out of the waffle sheet to put underneath your Tatacho so you can move it around easier later. Take the muffins out of your baking form, getting rid of the paper along the way (you don't want to eat that~) Now, smear a bit of your frosting onto the waffle sheet. That's your "glue" between your muffin and the waffer, so it won't fall down when you move it. Before putting your muffin onto the waffer, cut it in half. Eat the other half, put the "bigger" piece onto the waffer. The picture will clear up what I mean, I guess. Put some more frosting on top of your muffin. That's the glue for your second layer. Then just bash another muffin ontop (gently), this time it should face the other way around though. Cut an edge diagonally from the form, this will be the face. Smear a thin layer of frosting on the entire form. That layer will make it easier for you to pipe the "fur" onto your Tatacho.~ We're almost done - let cool your form and frosting for roughly half an hour, that will make it easier to pipe too. AYE. Take a round tip for your piping bag and fill it up accordingly. start piping small tips onto the created form, starting from the bottom and slowly working up to the top. spare out the facial part with the tip technique though. Get some frosting on there and smoothe out with a knife. I added more pressure on the piping back when I arrived to the top of his head, making the fur longer there, reaching some streaks over his facial part too. Put the grape on top for his party hat, his two eyes in and his lips and do not forget his feet, putting the cookies into place! Et Voila - we're done~ Enjoy! Final Result! aaand bonus images:
  12. Damnit @Vlei Sancte you're fast D:
  13. tfw GMs start bully- I mean, suspect you for murder :<



    1. Gemini
    2. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      *throws Lana to the GMs*

    3. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      *is really scared* 
      *throws a bouquet to Gemini tho* :<

  14. Something showed up on my dash and I had to share!


    1. [Jaime]



  15. Alright alright I was thinking about a song request for a longer time now aaaand I decided to go with the song that reminds me most of good times. Not gonna lie, that's the song my folks and me used to play before or after we made something worthwile in the time we all graduated from high school (YES , I AM THAT YOUNG!) I still play it in my car. Oh, Nostalgia. here's to you, friends.
  16. Dalinar you prick I saw you online and you didn't pm me :< :< :< :< :< *sad* 

    *falls into deeeep depression*

    1. aintnojustice


      sowwie! :3
      I dont really have any excuses,i think i just forgot while trying to get an AK card
      *Makes you a chocolate torte* hope that helps!

      PS:failed that the AK card goal but got 2 succub,1 deviruchi and 1 khalitzburg..my luck as usual.Im not even sure if this means its good or bad D:

    2. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      well I'm a fan of the succu/incu combo :3 and Devi is good too <:

      you had bad luck because you didn't pm me. and now you want to sush me with cake D:<

  17. Will you consider this meal as good enough so you stop worrying about me? :<


  18. On how to survive in the library: just get snacks and water. then suffer through multiple hours of research and typing dat essay. Was the building permission granted according to prevailing law? Can it be cancelled or nah? I'm dying. Halp.


    1. My Wife for Hire
    2. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      is this what your brain looks like inside? :3

  19. LOOK ! I cooked this today. :3


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    2. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      yeah, chicken breast with mushrooms :>

      and broccoli in yoghurt. 

    3. Mikae


      I wish i was this good at cooking. :c

    4. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      Oh but you're always invited to join. :3

  20. *slaps hard* 

    Hey it's me.

    *offers tea and cookies* 

    Long time no see, Dalinar. u.u

    1. aintnojustice


      *munching on tea and cookies*

      By the way you are really pretty! :3

    2. Lana Winters

      Lana Winters

      do you like the cookies?
      I'm not the greatest baker. .-.

      and, uhm, well, thank you? Not that pretty, really. :c (and surely not as pretty as you)

    3. aintnojustice


      they were awesome :)  the little poring bits in it were nice!Pink fluffy cookies

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